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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. barondla
    A Picture of my Mitchell & Johnson GL2SE ( Kickstarter cosmetics) and MJ2. With Pono Player.
                                                                                                                 . IMGP7176MJGL2MJ2headphonesPono.jpg
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  2. ballard3

       How would you rate the MJ2 in relation to headphones I see in your inventory?
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  3. Richter Di
    Mainly the Sony MW-ZX2 Player. Pure enjoyment.
    My main system (Corda Daccord ff and Corda Classic ff) do actualy not add much for the MJ2.
  4. Richter Di
    Difficult question, especially sine I also have Beyerdyamic DT 1770 Pro which is not in the list so far. All in closed headphones in preparation for my Smyth A16.
    What I really like to find out is which of my closed headphones will give me the best 3D image.
    Until then, all my top headphones give me great ejoyment ad the MJ2 is for sure in the Top 5 leagues.
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  5. Jobbing

    No worries :blush:
  6. Richter Di
    Cool! Did you bring your MJ2 with you?
    Did you have a chance to compare HD 800 versus MJ2 on the A16?
  7. Jobbing

    The MJ2 was a loaner from M&J booth and paired with a custom made Brimar cable. The person who had booked the next time slot for a Realiser A16 did not show up so I agreed with Smyth to take the opportunity to have a PRIR taken with MJ2 as well after the Sennheiser can session. There wasn’t time to do an extensive A/B. In comparison – mind you the MJ2 are closed back headphones and this is from memory – difference was very little to none and extremely realistic imaging of the multichannel speaker setup. I remember talking to @Altan in the hallway when returning from my sessions telling him he would be in for a real treat at Smyth Realiser A16 and he would not regret using M&J with the unit. When I returned the MJ2 at M&J booth I remember stating that the A16+MJ2 experience was much more impressive and immersive than the HE1 session before that
  8. Richter Di
    Cool! Thanks a lot.
    Makes me very confident for my audiophile future.
    Brimar cable? Who did this for whom? Did Mitchell & Johnson commison the cable and where to get it?
    What was the HE1 session you are referring to.
  9. Jobbing

    Brimar for M&J, I believe it was a courtesy.

  10. barondla
    Just saw Mitchell & Johnson have started a photo contest for M&J headphone owners. We are to post our M&J headphone picture on their official Facebook page. Picture that receives the most likes and shares wins a free pair of M&J GL1 Electrostatz headphones. Charging camera battery now.

    Love to see M&J gaining momentum.
  11. barondla
    Mitchell & Johnson headphones are now available on Amazon in the US! Things are moving fast now.
  12. dogears
    I'm not getting updates/reply via messenger tho :/
  13. barondla
    @dogears, you aren't getting M&J Facebook updates via Messenger or do you refer to something else? I get Kickstarter email notifications of M&J updates. Don't remember ever getting anything via Messenger.
  14. dogears
    i just got an update. still waiting for my gl2 to be released from their side. i'm dealing w electrostatz btw.
  15. barondla
    dogears, that is great. Remember hearing about the Electrostatz store. The only thing they sell is Mitchell & Johnson headphones. That is dedication.

    Hope you get the GL2 soon. They sound excellent. Just give them plenty of time to break in. What are you hooking them up too?
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