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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. dogears
    well deserved! congrats
  2. zeroduke
    Which are the differences between GL2 SE and GL2? Technical o just cosmetics? Thanks.
  3. barondla
    The GL2 & GL2SE are the same headphones except for cosmetics. The GL2SE have metal vs wood finish side panels. The GL2SE was only available to original Kickstarter supporters. They are very nice sounding headphones.

    Do you have a set of Mitchell & Johnson?
  4. zeroduke
    Thank you, barondla. 
    No, I haven't yet.  But today I put an order directly to M&J for a set of GL2 or GL2SE.  Don't know which will be sent yet.  I asked and I'm waiting for a reply now.  I read very nice comments about this headphone, so I look forward to test them.
  5. zeroduke
    About the GL2/GL2SE I've found there are at least four different versions:
    1. wood side panel with logo
    2. aluminium side panel with logo
    3. aluminium side panel with "mitchel & johnson"
    4. black grilled side panel with logo (this version in darker wood)
    barondla likes this.
  6. barondla
    Congratulations zeroduke. The GL2 are great headphones. Love the warmth and large airy soundstage. Just allow plenty of break in time.

    What headphones and source are you playing now?
  7. zeroduke
    Thank you, barondla.  I have many headphones by now.  Not because I am a collector but I think that different music/recording needs a different set.  This principle applies to speakers, but that's hard to achieve for two main reasons:  space and money.   Headphones do allow this.
    So to mention some, the list includes:  Beyer T1, Senn HD800/700/650, AKG Q701/KXX, Audeze LCD3 / EL8 open, Grado SR225i/e, Fostex T50rp III. Focal Spirit Professional, aiaiai TMA2.  And soon...  M&J GL2.
    Source can be alac files, SACD, CD or cassettes.  Cassettes are played with Nakamichi 1000ZXL.  Solid state amp is Accuphase and valve amps are WooAudio WA2 or PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated HP (because it is the only one from PrimaLuna with headphone jack).
    This diversity of options allows me to set an specific combination for some type of music or a chosen recording.  I'm looking forward to see where the M&J GL2 performs best...
  8. barondla
    Wow zeroduke. That is a fine collection of phones and electronics. At least you don't expect the GL2 to beat all those great headphones.

    The GL2 remind me of a high dollar single ended tube amp. Engaging. I love prog rock and vocals on them. Can't wait to see what you think.
  9. zeroduke
    Absolutely. I do not compare headphones in the traditional way.  I try to evaluate where it can perform better.  For instance, listening electronic music I prefer aiaiai TMA2, not the HD800. And I listen to pop, rock, jazz, electronic, classical... I am sure that GL2 will perform better than some of those expensive headphones in some areas.  I want to know which are these areas.  But everything is related to individual taste or preferences.   And I'll let you know my opinion.
  10. barondla
    The GL2 adjusts down smaller than the MJ2. This is helpful for smaller heads. I find the MJ2 sits lower over my ears. It compresses the tops of my ears some. Not uncomfortable, but it could be better. Pulling up on the headband solves this and centers the drivers with the ear canals. It makes a difference in the midrange sound signature.

    I am going to experiment with making the headband padding thicker. Anyone using a wrap around pad on their M&J? There seem to be a lot to chose from.:)
  11. hullubullu
    I must say, I am really happy with my MJ2. The sound is amazing. In my first impressions I saw them fit mostly for classical music. But even mid-emphasized music like Kyuss is so much more detailed, cleaner (Yes, I wondered myself, that it is important with Stoner Rock...) and enjoyable.
    The only flaw is in the earpads. The distance is too small, so that my ears hurt after listening to them. Has someone else already modded the earpads? Any suggestions?
    RockStar2005 likes this.
  12. barondla
    Hullubullu, glad you are enjoying the MJ2. They are excellent sounding headphones. Very natural & detaiiled.

    The ear pads aren't real thick. Thought you had added foam under the pads already? Did that not work?
    You might try contacting a dealer to see if they have any recommendations.

    @willsw in this thread works at http://www.urbanhifi.com. They have the Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz headphones.
    Also http://www.essenceelectrostatic.com is an US dealer.

    MassDrop often features generic pads that might fit the MJ2. Good luck.
    RockStar2005 and hullubullu like this.
  13. hullubullu
    Thank you barondla! 
    Yes, I added foam. But it wasn't that good, so I'm looking into alternatives.
  14. barondla

    What didn't work out with the added foam? Still lacking comfort? Foam didn't stay in place?

    Here are some generic pads. One might fit the MJ2.
  15. hullubullu
    I will post some pictures once I have more time, probably in two weeks. Until then I will stick with my current solution of added foam.
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