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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. Richter Di
    Sorry but my MJ2 sounded not good at the beginning and there was a time when there was an incredible tonal difference betweeen left and right. Luckily this settled over time.
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  2. zeroduke
    GL2 SE is 80+ hours now. Nice and important changes: midrange is more forward and less bass. Impressive the way midrange has improved. Highs start to show up... clearer. Over all, better balance highs-midrange-bass. Strings sound better, not whistling so more natural. It is still a long journey to reach 200 hours but, so far, good news.
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  3. barondla
    Curious if anyone uses the included bag or case with their Mitchell & Johnson headphones? Or any case with any of your other headphones? I left the GL2SE bag and MJ2 case in their boxes. Nothing wrong with either. I just don't bother with cases.

    I do use cases and a tackle box for my IEMs. IEMs are fragile and this protects them. There are also many tips required for best fit. This helps keep them sorted.

    Listening to The Monkees Greatest Hits on the MJ2. This album has a very natural midrange that really shines on the Electrostatz! 24/192 and balanced Pono Player doesn't hurt either.
  4. barondla
    Interesting! My MJ2 sounded the same on both channels. They got a little warmer after burn in. Like most new drivers, they improved greatly in subtle details. Primarily in the decay of notes and ambiance. Kind of like going from cartoon to real life.
  5. zeroduke

    Me too, bag is kept in the box. I don't use headphones outdoors. Boxes are kept for storage, otherwise they stay in the headphone stands. I usually pick up three or four to keep at hand.

    GL2SE is 140 hours now. Soundstage improved a lot. It's 60 hours left for target burn-in time. Now, GL2SE is hardly recognisable from the one I listened to some days ago. Highs are better too, but subtle.
  6. barondla
    Glad they are working out for you zeroduke. There are so many people that laugh at the existance of burn in. Wish someone that is good at headphone measurements would review the GL2. If before and after measurements don't prove break in with the GL2, measurements are useless for this purpose. Tyll Hertsens would be a great one to tackle this.
  7. barondla
    If everything works out, I am headed to my first Head-Fi meet Saturday. Looking forward to hearing some of the headphones and amps. Taking the M&J headphones to try out some sources and amps. Not really looking for anything in particular.

    Having never attended one of these events, have no idea what to expect. Should be fun.
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  8. barondla
  9. kl884347
    Anyone try the GL1 yet? Curious how it compares to the GL2 since the GL2 is out of my budget. TIA.
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  10. barondla
    Sorry, haven't heard the GL1. On the other headphones there appear to be two different modules. One module has a clear woofer and electret mid/tweeter. The other module has a paper woofer instead. There could be differences in crossover parts also.

    Most likely the GL1 uses same modules and tuning as GL2. The MJ2 uses the paper woofer with less midbass tuning. No idea where the MJ1 fits in. If you read back a few pages one of the posters sells MJ line. He may be able to help.
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  11. kl884347
    Thanks for the info!

  12. dldude
    Just got my pair of GL2's. Out of the box they sound really bad to be honest. Sounds very compressed, especially in the midrange (Vocals sound like they are underwater). I'm not 100% a believe in 'burn-in' but I'll give it a shot.
  13. zeroduke
    I wasn’t a 100% believer in burn-in process until GL2. Like yours, mine reproduced a very compressed sound, non existent treble and booming bass. After 80 hours of burn-in started to tame the bass, revealing a soft and distant highs. Midrange improved but not good at this stage. Really, the headphones got their “final(?)” sound after 180 hours. Now, they have a very present bass, a little bit loud to my taste, but nice for vinyl and recordings with poor bass. The bass is never saturated. The midrange is very good specially voices. Strings sound natural. In the highs department, they are detailed, not brilliant, a little bit in the background. The overall sound is warm. Nice headphones for vinyls because they minimize clicks and pops.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
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  14. zeroduke
    Forgot to mention that to improve performance I replaced original cable for 10ft. Canare L-2B2AT. The change is not subtle but notorious. Better definition in highs, improved separation in midrange. Bass is more controlled.
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  15. barondla
    Welcome to the forum and Mitchell & Johnson headphones. The M&J will convert you into a break in believer. I was disappointed in the GL2 sound quality upon arrival. Thought they were high tech, but unfinished. After break in, they sounded so good, I bought the MJ2. I listen to both models more than any of my others.

    If you are impatient hook them to an ac powered source and throw them in a mostly closed sock drawer. Play at average to a little higher volume. I like to stop them every 24 hours to let them cool down a few hours. Then start again. You will be freaking amazed.
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