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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. dldude
    I'll let them run for a while. I'm around 30hrs right now and I hear a little improvement but they're still noticeably 'muddier' than most headphones.
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  2. barondla

    30 hours is a drop in the bucket. Seriously. These headphones are going to change so much you will be amazed. But it takes time. Zeroduke isn't kidding. It takes at least 180 hours to gel into the music monsters they can be. It probably takes even longer. You don't have to listen the whole time. I sure didn't. Life is too short. Play them for 50 hours, take a quick listen. Play again. Rinse and repeat. I try to play different types of music. Everything from punk to classical to rock. Lots of different instruments.

    They are worth the effort. Don't panic, they will get there. Can't cook great bbq in 30 minutes.
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  3. barondla
    Richter Di, you mentioned a Smyth A16 months ago. Did you ever receive it. If so how is it working out?
  4. zeroduke
    That is correct. The "sound metamorphosis" these headphones suffer through the burn-in process is unbelievable. At first, I thought that I had made a mistake buying the GL2. But, as they mature they are getting better every day. After the 180 hours improvements are hardly noticed, but they are there, at a slower pace.
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  5. barondla
    Break in/burn in is SO important to these headphones. I added an update about it on the page 1 thread starting post. Now new owners won't have to read 10 pages to piece the info together. I fear many hear the M&J right out of the box, panic, and then return them. Many have never heard equipment of this sonic caliber. They know nothing of burn in. Hope this helps. Don't want a repeat of the ceiling tile story I was taught at university.

    If any M&J owners do reviews please help by mentioning the importance of burn in. Thanks.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
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  6. Richter Di
    The Smyth Realizer A16 was postponed from May 2017 to August 2017 and rumor says it will be September 2017.
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  7. barondla
    Thanks for the update. Explains why I haven't heard much lately. Hang in there. Interested to hear your thoughts when it arrives. Especially with the M&J headphones.
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  8. dldude
    Alright everyone, a little update here. I've got ~100-125hrs on my GL2's now:

    They sound terrible. All my music sounds like it's being played behind a blanket. It has improved marginally since I pulled it from the box, but it's still laughably bad. I can't imagine anyone listening to this headphone and thinking it sounds good (I even had some friends try it out). I've seen some people here say "Wait until 200hrs", but I've also seen "Wait until 80hrs". I keep waiting for that blanket to be pulled away and the sound to open up, but I just don't think it's going to. I might contact the company and see if possibly I just have a faulty pair of headphones, because I couldn't imagine even they would think these sound good.

    For reference, I compared the GL2s to 2 other headphones.
    1. Stax - I don't expect any headphone to sound as good as Stax, but it IS similar technology. To be honest I bought the GL2 to try to get as close to Stax as possible without needing a dedicated amplifier. If Stax is a 10/10 sound. GL2 is comparably a 3/10.
    2. Some off-brand, mid-tier dynamic heaphone - I've had these for a while, but they sound really good. When I swap between the GL2s and these dynamic headphones, there difference is so striking. Electrostatic technology is leagues above dynamix in the mid-to-high range, yet the GL2's again sound completely closed off and muffled compared to the dynamic headphones. How can that be?

    Maybe I'm not patient enough, but I have to make a decision before the return period is up. That decision is to return the GL2's. I just cant imagine anyone having to sit through 200+ (And at the are mine are improving, I'm guessing it's much more than 200hrs) of really really bad sound in the hopes of ending up with amazing headphones.
  9. Richter Di
    I am really sorry to hear this dldude. No idea, maybe they are just broken?
  10. zeroduke
    Considering that many users report this problem in GL2, thou the headphones improves after many hours, I think Mitchell & Johnson must seriously think in burning in (or any other procedure/check) in advance. Otherwise, it will compromise GL2 reputation. I must say that I never experienced this problem with any other headphones bought. Many of them improved, just a little, using them. But for this headphones is critical to spent too many hours burning in. That must be corrected.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2017
  11. dldude
    Richter, it;s possible they were faulty, however the sound was even across both left and right drivers. I don't have a ton of electrical knowledge, but I can't think of a flaw that would cause both drivers to have the same muffled sound. It does make me wonder if the top-tier M&J's have similar issues. I couldn't imagine putting down $600 and having that long of a breakin period.

    I agree with zeroduke as well, they need to pre-burn them. The best part of buying new equipment is plugging it in and feeling satisfied that the money you spent made a difference. I know electrostatic technology can have that effect (I have Acoustat speakers) and was really hoping these headphones would do the same for me.
  12. Richter Di
    My MJ2 sounded almost terrible at the beginning. Had a very different sound inbetween good (but each channel was different and I wanted almost cry) to now. But anyhow. I have moved on a the moment and listen to Audeze iSine 20 a lot.
  13. barondla
    Dldude sorry they didn't work out for you. Rather it is a mismatch with the source, a defective set of phones, a different tonal signature than you prefer, or something else, it doesn't really matter. They aren't making your feet tap. That isn't good. This is supposed to be fun!

    The GL2 have a warmer tonal balance than most electrostats. They also have more of a mid hall tonal balance. I also have Acoustats. In my medium small room the model 3 Medallion are warmer than most Acoustats. The M&J GL2 are warmer still.

    A closer match to the Acoustats would be the MJ2. These are more forward sounding. They also use a different dynamic bass driver tuned for tighter, lighter bass. They are more focused and resolve finer details. I switch back and forth between the the GL2 and MJ2. The GL2 make everything sound pretty. The MJ2 aren't as kind to older singers with worn vocal cords.

    The model I haven't heard is the MJ1. This is supposed to be the same as the older HP1. These are reported to have an even lighter tuning with less warmth and more emphasis on mids and treble. Perhaps an Acoustat 1+1 vs 2+2 or model 3. A relative has 1+1 and MJ1 and he seems happy.

    Some day you might consider giving the MJ1 or 2 a try. Most places will allow returns if they don't suit you. Break in is still required. Good luck on your musical journey. Hope you post your final headphone choice here.

    Good luck.
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  14. barondla
    Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz headphones have sky rocketed in the press lately. The reviews are very positive. We knew this would happen all along. They are excellent headphones.

    Here are some of the reviews:


    Great reads. Some even compare the sound of different M&J models!
  15. zeroduke

    I wonder how did they get that report on GL2 with just a 100 hours burn-in. Mine needed 180 hours to get that sound. Interesting indeed.
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