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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. Magick Man
    Hope you like them as much as I do. :) Elevating the pads is important, IMO, I don't like it when my ears touch the baffles. Otherwise, they don't need anything else.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2017
  2. trellus
    Thanks for the tip! I've seen folks do really simple stuff to add more distance between pad and ear, like stuffing in rolled up paper towel along the inside edge of the pads, did you do something more elegant perhaps?
  3. Magick Man
    I cut 3mm thick circles out of craft foam sheets, using the pads as a kind of template, and tucked them under the pads. No big deal.
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  4. dadracer2
    Has anyone compared the HJ2s to the Meze 99s please and if so what were your thoughts?
  5. RockStar2005
    Has anyone compared these to the Meze 99 Classics? Or the Mr. Speakers AEON headphones?? Or even the Beyerdynamic T5P (1st Gen)?? I specifically would like to know about the level of clarity.

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  6. RockStar2005
    Hi Richter,

    Can you elaborate more on this? How is it that other headphones that provide more details and/or a wider soundstage be LESS enjoyable than the MJ2?

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  7. RockStar2005
    Hi Barondla,

    I've read a couple reviews (Headfonics & Headfonia) that indicated the soundstage was not all that wide, but you and others in this thread seem to feel the opposite is true. Can you talk more about why you felt the soundstage was rather on the MJ2s?

    Thank you.
  8. barondla
    The MJ2 have a wide soundstage for a closed back headphone. They don't have the widest of all headphones. With the right amp the HD600 might win that contest. From the few minutes I heard the HD800, they definetly win. However, the HD800 didn't seem to have the depth of the MJ2. The HD800 also doesn't have the full range from sub bass to ultra highs. This extra range adds to the realism of images in the soundstage. A performer sounds more 3 dimensional. Imho the others sound a little like cardboard cut outs on a wide stage. They also reproduce the bloom of the recording site. Imaging is only one part of sound quality. Learned years ago there are ways to manipulate the soundstage with speakers. This is probably also true of headphones.

    Also there are a few things at work here. Replaced the cable with one I built. It is now running in balanced mode. The cable is slightly warmer than the oem cable. I have this hooked to a PonoPlayer. The Pono is one of the best imaging components I have heard, without spending 1000's of dollars. No opamps, no negative feedback, minium ring digital filters, etc. Both the Pono and the MJ headphones have an organic purity. Stats have a purity that I doubt any dynamic driver will ever match.

    If you have never heard electrostats of any brand snag a listen. They effortlessly play midrange and highs.There is amazing detail. But that detail is never thrown at you. It is never strained sounding. The M&J do need break in to achieve this. Replace the stock cord.
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  9. dadracer2
    While I would disagree that the HD800s don't have a full range and lack sub bass you are of course entirely entitled to your opinion. I believe the HD800s are by many headphone standards quite neutral and so can sound lacking in bass in comparison with say Meze 99s. I cannot speak for the MJ2s but of the reviews I have seen I understood they are more like the 99s than 800s in their bass. But that's just my opinion and so like your own subject to many subjective preferences.
    I like the Meze 99s and the HD800s but for different listening situations but my interest in the MJ2s was if they presented a very similar sound to the 99s that their folding mechanism was the one downside of my using the 99s more often to use while travelling.
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  10. RockStar2005
    Ok so with those articles it's basically the same old "soundstage is nice but not AS nice as an open-back". It's like telling someone hey if you put a "raw" pizza in a hot oven it WILL get hot. NO SHEHT! lol It annoys me when reviewers do that. Even if not THE widest, as long as it's wide then that's a plus. I don't like small soundstages. If I wanted that I'd get an Audio-Technica M50x. lol

    And those 2 Senns are open-back. But for the MJ2 to have more depth is something to take notice of!

    Ok I'll take note to use a different cable, though I've done that before and never noticed a difference. Do you have a cable to suggest off Amazon? I should say that I have NO plans to buy these, as I JUST upgraded from the AKG K551 to the Meze 99 Classics, which I feel are the best headphones I've ever tried yet ($309, though never spent more than $400 on any headphones). The B&O H6 2nd Gen was probably equal to it, but they messed up by not making the earpads large enough (over-ear my foot! lol). Meze's 99Cs were the same but ppl complained and Meze WISELY listened and enlarged them several months ago. I had to come up with my own custom EQ (with a little help) to make the 99Cs hit their true potential, but it was worth it because they are spectacular now! I even wrote a review on them vs. the K551s and included my custom EQ (plus 2 other versions of it with more and less bass). You can see that here if you like.

    That's cool about the Pono. I downloaded a ton of Hi-Res music from the PonoMusic.com quite often until it went under last Fall. Sux b/c I really liked it. 7digital is a close second b/c they are the only OTHER site to let you download individual tracks instead of only full albums (when allowed by the studio that is). Aside from them I often download from Acoustic Sounds and HD Tracks too. I then downsample the songs b/c I came to the realization a while back that it's not really the higher resolution that make 'em sound better, it's that they have better sounding masters. Doing so saves a TON of space on my phone and cloud storage. I play off the HTC 10, which is a proven audiophile phone. It even matched if not outdid my $299 Oppo HA-2, which was crazy! It's amp is also very strong too. And I use Poweramp as my main player app cuz it's the best IMO.

    I imagine then that the MJ2 would offer more detail than the 99C does, but that the 99Cs prob have a wider soundstage as they even beat out my K551s, which is NOT an easy thing to accomplish. I just like to keep a list of headphones out there I can suggest for people (and to keep myself "in the know" too). Also, like the MJ2s have wooden ear cups just like the 99Cs, which is a style I've become more and more interested in in the last several months since seeing the Denon ones (I have a Denon receiver in my living room for my surround sound). I've read that wood ear cups provide better acoustics that metal or plastic, so this further fueled my wanting to own one. I also like that they (like the 99Cs) don't have round ear pads as oval (or in this case, square) are less likely to let sound escape and so provide better sound isolation. Plus you don't have to put the volume up as high to compensate for the sound leakage of circular ear pads.

    Maybe one day I will try it out as the technology sounds interesting. It's really cool that you don't need strong amplification to make them sound good like you do with regular electrostatic headphones, and even planar magnetics. I wish like Best Buy's Magnolia dept near me would get these so I could try them out, but I doubt they will. Anyway, thanks so much for all the great info! Much appreciated!!
  11. RockStar2005
    That's a good thing that you think the MJ2s sound like the 99Cs, as I just bought the 99Cs! For a long time I thought I preferred neutral sounding headphones after having some bassier ones (Sony MDR-1A, Master & Dynamic MH40, B&W P7). But while I still love the AKG K55X series (the K550 changed me forever lol), I realize now after listening to the B&O H6 2nd Gen and ESP my now current 99Cs that I actually prefer headphones with a little "warmth" to them, just as long as they can contain the bass, which many can't. The 99Cs (after applying my own custom EQ) DO fortunately, which is one of the main reasons I kept them.

    Yeah the 99Cs are portable IMO thanks to the size being on the smaller side plus that sweet hard case they come with. The MJ2s definitely sound interesting so for the time being I will permanently include them on my on-going list of headphones to suggest to people who ask me for advice. The MJ2s seem portable enough though too I think. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
  12. RockStar2005
    Now what's the difference b/t the JP1 and the MJ2?? Besides the price and ear cup/ear pad shape??
  13. barondla
    Haven't heard the JP1. They are presented as a DJ headphone and have a different tuning. Would love to know if they use the clear dome dynamic bass driver of the GL2, the fiber cone/dome of the MJ2, or something else? Here is a JP1 review with very short comparison to MJ2. http://earphonia.com/headphones/mitchell-and-johnson-jp1-headphone-review/
    Earphonia has also reviewed the GL2 and MJ2.
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  14. RockStar2005
    DJ headphone? No thanks then. LOL I saw a review of both on one reviewer site, and they actually gave the MJ2 a slightly higher sound quality rating.

    YES! That's the site! lol The JP1 got an 8.6 for sound while the MJ2 got an 8.9. I guess pricier isn't always better. They even have a slight edge over the GL2 (8.8). So I guess MJ2 ftw. Thanks barondla!
  15. barondla
    Well M&J does say in all their lit that the JP1 are aimed at the specialized DJ market. Bet they are mucho better sounding than a lot of DJ stuff. Bass is so important in dance music I understand their more forceful tuning. The extra cost likely comes from the more complicated headband and swiveling earcups.
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