Micro iUSB3.0 Impressions Thread

  1. iFi audio
    And yes, it's a product alright :ksc75smile:

  2. chungjun
    I'm intrigued @iFi audio, when will these stock (Gemini 3.0 & Mecury 3.0) be available for order to implement with iUSB3.0? (unfortunately not able to attend RMAF)
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  3. Muataz
    Can I use 15V ipower with Nano iUSB3.0 ?
  4. iFi audio
    We'll give all information soon, once our crew is back from RMAF.
  5. GHoldridge
    The cable looks great. I’m glad you guys decided to make a short option. That was one thing that held me back from buying the original. Is the pictured cable .7m it appears shorter
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  6. chungjun
  7. iFi audio
    The version you see on the picture is VERY short and it's not officially available. Though if you're interested, please let your local iFi dealer know and we'll move from there.

  8. iFi audio
  9. hemtmaker
    My setup is PC -> Regen(powered by LH LPS) -> LH pulse X infinity -> ampsandsound mogwai -> he1000v2. Should i get Nano iusb3.0 or micro iusb3.0 for upgrade, or I will likely be ok already?
  10. iFi audio
    The best way to see what our products do for you, is to simply try them. Feel free to ask your local iFi representative about that, our return policy is generous to say the least.
  11. hemtmaker
    Thanks for letting me know. My other option is keeping the Regen but add a igalvanic 3.0, any thoughts?
  12. iFi audio
    Go for it. There's one thing to remember, though. iGalvanic3.0 should be used in the chain before Regen. The latter might not deliver enough current for iGalvanic3.0.
  13. lonerboy13
    Hi @iFi audio! Since its somewhat related to your response. I'm planning to get the iGalvanic on top of my iUSB 3.0 nano, should I put the iGalvanic right after my iMac or should it be right after the iUSB instead? TYIA.
  14. iFi audio
    iGalvanic3.0 comes in before nano iUSB3.0.
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  15. hemtmaker
    Thanks. I have another question: my pc interface is usb3.0 but my Dac is USB 2.0, if I am using both the iusb3.0 micro and igalvanic3.0, is it okay to use a usb2.0 cable for connecting between them?

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