Micro iUSB3.0 Impressions Thread

  1. iFi audio
    Yes, absolutely fine. Using a USB2.0 cable upstream of iUSB3.0 or iGalvanic3.0 simply drops the system back to USB2.0 and causes the USB3.0 subsystem to sut down.
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  2. hemtmaker
    Great. I received my IUSB3.0 micro today, just wondering if it comes with rubber feet? I couldn't fine mine.

  3. maro8
    Hi @iFi audio
    I really like iGalvanic3.0. I want to upgrade my set up again. Which is better to buy first iUSB3.0 or Gemini3.0 cable ? I can afford only one of those. Someday I'll get another. Gemini3.0 is new product. So I think Gemini is more effective, Its better to buy first.
    My set up :
    iMac > iDefender > "usb cable bandled to iGalvanic3.0" > iGalvanic3.0(with iPower) > "Zonotone usb cable(price 70USD)" > TEAC UD-503 > T12nd(Balanced) or HD800(Balanced)
  4. iFi audio
    Our micro iUSB3.0 paired with iGalvanic3.0 is our TOTL USB solution, there's nothing above in our portfolio as far as sound quality goes. Hence it's for the best to grab iUSB3.0 first and add Gemini3.0 along the road. That's what we suggest to our customers.
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  5. maro8
    Thank you for your clean‐cut explanation. I'll get micro iUSB3.0 first. I can have a good night's sleep tonight.
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  6. iFi audio
    Yup, you're welcome.

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