Micro iUSB3.0 Impressions Thread

  1. technobear
    Sounds like the absence of some noise and distortion that was there before.
  2. chungjun
    Hi all and @iFi audio

    With iUSB3.0 in my setup, I was looking at implementing iFi Gemini / Mecury cable. What is holding me back for now is that for the Mecury / Gemini USB cables, the description seems to suggest support for USB2.0 speed? Looks to me as if it I may be better off with a USB cable that can deal with USB3.0 topology?

    Any clarifications / inputs much appreciated. Thanks!
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  3. technobear
    Does your DAC run at USB3.0 speeds?
  4. chungjun
    Erm... let's assume it does. And that's besides the point, issue here is scalability / choice of product.
  5. technobear
    Let's not assume. Hopefully someone here will correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there are any DACs on the market that use USB3.0.
  6. GHoldridge
    The only thing that comes to mind is an audio interface the zoom uac
  7. iFi audio
    Dear chungjun

    Thank you for your query.

    We will be launching both Gemini3.0 and Mercury3.0 on the 3-4th of October ready for RMAF in Denver.

    We will also be posting all the relevant information on our website nearer the time. Please look out for it.

    Best wishes

    iFi audio Team
  8. GHoldridge
    I’ve been waiting for this I had the feeling it was around the corner. I held off on the mercury and Gemini cause I knew a usb 3.0 version would show up right after I bought them.
  9. chungjun

    Thank you for the clarifications. I'll be looking forward to the announcement.
  10. littlexx26
    will it be silver?
  11. GHoldridge
    Was this not released yet? I’ve been looking and haven’t found any other information
  12. chungjun

    Hi @iFi audio, noticed a photo from CanJam @ RMAF (photos by @joe ), that orange & beige USB cable (out from a iUSB)... is that available for purchase or an iFi in-house custom use only?
  13. technobear
    I hope not. That mings!

    However, there is a yawning gap in the market for something similar. The size is right. It just needs to look like and be built like the Gemini. They could call it Gemini nano :)
  14. theveterans
    Maybe the cable is too short to have the ferrite core installed or maybe it's an innovative cable sleeve that is coated with ferrites
  15. iFi audio
    Let's clear this matter, then :L3000:


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