iFi Audio Gemini3.0 & Mercury3.0 - The New Dynamic Duo

  1. iFi Audio Gemini3.0 & Mercury3.0
    The New Dynamic Duo

    With generic USB cables, the data and the power cables are normally compacted and do not conduct anywhere near as well as they should. They are not sufficiently shielded from each other. This has a negative impact on the USB signal and, therefore, on sound quality.

    Not so, our new and improved dynamic duo.



    The Gemini3.0 dual-headed cable carries audio and power in two separate cables. This separates the USB data signal from the USB power and limits interference. Furthermore, signal and ground have their own respective geometry for optimal conductivity.



    The Mercury3.0 single run cable has quadruple shielding to fully separate and protect the delicate USB data signal from the USB power and reduce noise contamination. It comes with the newest version of our custom-made RF noise silencers.

    Your audio - futureproofed

    The USB3.0 platform mandates better connectors and higher quality cables and both Gemini3.0 and Mercury3.0 meet these needs with ease.

    This much higher standard transmission platform means USB audio passes with the least disturbance. It enables faster, smoother and less-jittery audio and power transfer.

    As audio transmission standards improve, the Gemini3.0 with its USB ultra-speed bandwidth of 5.0Gbps, is also future-proofed.

    The retail price of the Gemini3.0 is:

    0.7 metres - US$379 (ex tax) or €419 / £379 (incl tax).

    1.5 metres - US$529 (ex tax) or €599 / £529 (incl tax).

    The retail price of the Mercury3.0 is:

    0.5 metres – US$209 (ex tax) or €239 / £209 (incl tax).

    1.0 metres – US$269 (ex tax) or €299 / £269 (incl tax).

    For full products specifications on both the Gemini3.0 and Mercury3.0, please consult ifi-audio.com.
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  2. glassmonkey
    Wallet ouchy, but given the effect I've had from my disreputable split USB cables (LH Labs), I'd not wager against them making a difference. I've been surprised to find differences with iFi's iUSB3.0 and iPurifier2, but I've not tried their cables. At a recent show, another cable maker told me he'd upgrade USB before anything else in digital audio chain, he even said that he'd recommend people do his cheapest USB to start out. Ones and zeros do matter, in my limited experience.
    doubled the price compared to last gen , i hope audio improvement justify that , is there any more converter in the box this time ?

    one thing i've found very strange with the gemini and mercury was the converter ifi provide , USB B Female to Male MINI USB , Serously I couldn't find even one dac with mini usb , so it was totaly useless

    it would be nice to see these converters or normal cable converter inside the box for both of them , this is very important matter , i know many people refuse to use mercury on mojo or hugo and other micro usb dac becouse can't find good quality converter with reasonable price and cable maker manufacturer charge 100 $+ for just a simple converter , and many of converter won't work for synchronising data

    it is nice to have pouch in both box ( like last gen ) but converter is much much more necessary and important

    USB B Female To Lightening male ( For the iphone User wants to use mercury alone , USB B Female To Lightening male + Mercury 3 + Double Side USB A Female = DAC )

    USB B Female To Micro USB ( for many range of dac specially mojo & hugo and many other dac )

    Double Side USB A Female ( for the people wants to use USB A Dac such as Dragonfly's )

    And The Last One , USB A Female To USB B Female , Like the converter provide with micro idsd

  4. iFi audio
    Noted, thanks.

    Yes, we know. We're getting there.:beerchug:
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  5. littlexx26
    still not seen in hong kong
  6. iFi audio
    It's been released two days ago, some resellers still might not have it. It's for the best to ask your local iFi dealer and ask.
  7. technobear
    The 1.5 metre version looks like a bargain for UK shoppers. Americans will be able to pay for their flight over and still save.
  8. Rob N Contributor
    That UK price for 1.5m must be a mistake
  9. iFi audio
    It in fact was a mistake, there was a small typo we've just addressed. Apologies for inconvenience and thanks for pointing this out. As for the prices, our USB3.0 cables are aimed mostly at DCS, AMR and alike gear. People still can use it on $500 DACs and if our iPurifier2 is added, then the USB transfer becomes active.
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  10. Matez
    Fancy cables, much better looking than previous generation. To have proprietary USB plug enclosures is a big + in my book.
  11. iFi audio
    Thanks, we do our best.
  12. Rob N Contributor
    Why is there no adaptor included to connect to the IDSD?
  13. technobear
    Why would there be? The iDSD is not a USB3.0 device.
  14. glassmonkey
    I'm actually with you here in principle, but not in exact practice. I don't think that these USB3.0 cables should come with a convertor for the iDSD, but I do think that they should be shipping iDSDs of all varieties with USB3.0 B female to USB3.0 A female adaptors.

    In order to use iDSD with the USB cables released just before it, you have to buy an adaptor. That strikes me as an oversight.
  15. maro8

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