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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. treebug
    Good move! The Empyrean is a great sounding headphone.
  2. mixman
    I am going to repeat what Teknorob told you, I doubt the cable is really your problem, ultimately you really are not fond of the Stellia, which is OK. Just return them and get something else. But saying I don't like the headphones because the cables stink is like saying I don't like this amazing car because I hate the tires.
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  3. GreenBow
    No. I do not, not like the Stellia.
  4. mixman
    Well then your solution is simple, buy any decent, but not necessarily costly cable and to see if that has microphonics. If that does work then you can always buy a better cable later. Heck you can even go to the Head Fi classifieds and buy a really good cable for less money too.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  5. betula
    Not long ago I had a conversation with a gentleman from Rinaro. I thought I just leave this part here, I think he doesn't mind.

    Me: "The only thing I would experiment with on the Empyrean is an ever so slightly decreased mid-bass and increased sub-bass. Making the bass response just a little bit more linear.
    I would only do this however, if I don't loose anything in bass dynamics and impact."

    Rinaro: "In 2020 there will be several new earpads released. One of them will do this."

    To me the emphasis here is on the word "several". :)
  6. Rowethren
    That is good news! After the amount of time it seems to be taking for development only 1 set of pads would have been a bit disappointing lol...
    betula likes this.
  7. treebug
    Just a little more room in the earpads, then they'd be perfect! Love how easy they are to swap.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  8. lentoviolento
    what pads do you guys prefer?
  9. betula
    If you search the thread you will find preference between the two pads is about 50-50%.
    I prefer the leather ones.
  10. lentoviolento
    How can i search the thread for this specific matter? I don't have time to read every page.
    However, what should be the differences between them on "paper"? I am stuck with suede, i find them more forgiving and sound best with metal
  11. ken6217
    Well it looks like you answered your own question.
  12. lentoviolento
    I just wanted to read some more opinions :)
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  13. CaptainFantastic
    Fair request. See from min 10:30 in this recent review about pad differences:
  14. ken6217
    How is that a mean reply? He’s asking for am opinion on something he own and formed his own opinion?

    The only opinion that counts is ones own. We all hear music differently, all have different cables and upstream equipment, and all have different tastes on what they want to hear. There are also people that own Utopias and a Hugo but also own Empyreans. I would bet in this case he or she would prefer the leather pads over the suede pads. So with that said, their opinion of pads might be counter to someone that doesn’t like a detailed analytical sound. There’s a good chance that the suede pads would be more to their liking.
  15. lentoviolento

    i just wanted to talk about the pads... see if other headfiers had the same experience that's all..
    thank you for the video, tonight i will watch it.
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