Meze Audio’s newest single-DD IEM - ADVAR
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I'm very curious to hear more opinions/reviews on these. One thing is for sure, they look beautiful!
I just received last night.
Opened the box this morning during work.
It's definitely a beauty to look at.
Surprise to see Advar to be this small comparing to Sultan, Khan, 10C, Lynsoul Clayvoyance.

Not good as a review, just an opinion about this product only. Initial hearing this morning: reminds me of my old ie800, fitting was odd comparing to the Advar. I got rid of ie800 because I was not happy with the fitting.
Advar felt home the first fitting. I use Large Final Audio. Been on my ears since 6 am and still on writing this opinion.
Reviewers stated this iem has a Fun Factor rather clinical like ie800....
Meze got it Right, FUN FACTOR.....

Using with Phatlab + Ipod Touch, 1st gen
I think Advar prefers SS rather than tubes.
Bass is good
Subass is well defined, but overly controlled like ie800
Vocal is a tad recessed, some songs portrait vocal naturally
No sibilant among the high frequency

Will test out other DAPS at home= Sony 1Z, DX220MAX, DX300MAX SS / Ti and other amps = CDM, CV5,

I don't think you need to buy extra 4.4 mm cable......
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Copying over from my impressions in the Watercooler. Not so arrogant as to think this is a must-read impression.....but not a lot of reviews yet and wanted to add some praise in. Purchased as a blind-buy as a devotee of single DD's....

TL/DR: Dorado 2020 and Isabella get reasonably funky...though not necessarily better than either parent. A very appealing single DD with a modern tuning of today!....that will likely please the general horde of earholes. E-Z wearer. A strong recommendation for a single DD under $1K (or general IEM where you are looking for what a single DD generally brings)......but maybe not a must-buy if you already have and enjoy some of the less mainstream-tuned options (Zen Pro, etc.). Reeeeeaaaal good knock-around IEM if this is more relative "budget" category for you.

Not the at financial heights the many IEM's hit on here, and not as unique as the single DD's with the lacquered ashes of a Warring Kingdoms era samurai that get tossed about......but hey, this is what I can find on Musictek or Bloom Audio so here we go!

I just recently got acquainted with the Dorado 2020...and immediately on firing the Advar up I could hear a bit of that cavern-rumble echo effect as the music bounced around the stainless shells. More modest than the Dorado.....but a nice bit o' color from the build there. In fact, if I skip thoughts ahead, this may be the Dorado 2020 for folks that didn't like the Dorado 2020. The soundstage is between your ears.....this is not in any way one of the "wider than you'd expect.." adherents. But brothers and sisters....oh my the imaging. I won't even say "for under $1K".....because this impressive imaging (location of sound) period. While the stage may be modest, sounds shift left to right, back to front, up to down in impressive fashion.

The tuning is along the lines of the slightly dark, slightly warm, mild " side L" shape that seemingly is gaining traction. My new Atrium follows this (not saying timber is a match, but what is being served up FR-presentation wise). There's a slightly forward bass, energetic and clear mid that you'd peg as just set back a step or two but couldn't call outright recessed......and then the treble gives you a lot of clarity and definition on things like cymbal crashes while being very non-threating for the large cohort of TREBLE SENSITVE. Personally, I favor mile high electric sugar sparkle and cloud cutting upsweep through the upper-mids in terms of treble presentation......but if we're not going to bath in the radiant light of pure treble....I like this style of handling as opposed to just nuking this FR range as so many IEM's in the past.

Speed is fast....very fast. Not as quick as the Saber, but hangs right there with the Zen Pro. And plays slow to fast very well.....whatever speed the music is giving you seems "just right" at that don't get the sense of over-tightness in slow passages of getting muddy in fast segments. Tone/Timber announces this is a well-done single DD......strings (acoustic or electric), woodwind, and textured bass (decay and nuance on a drum or standing bass) are excellent. Vocal are OK....neither a strength or weakness (said very generally). Pianos a bit warm. Advar is basically a warm, linear presentation sonically compared to the rollicking note-to-note dynamics of something like the Zen Pro. Again, thinking on the Atrium here....the combo of the delivery + shell material/dampening/magical audio woo makes for a non-fatiguing sound that still has life.

Very musical. Have toes? They will tap. Don't have toes? Something on you will tap. This is not an IEM to win over worshipers of Our Lady of Balanced Armature. "So if I have the Jewel will I..." . No, you won't. "But I didn't even finish I was going to..." No, you won't. Technicals in terms of resolution, clarity are average for the $500-$1K price-point. Look....that's not what Advar is here to do. But if you like the DD approach......get on here.

If I'm comparing Advar to IEM's I know well.....and hopefully leaving something accessible for folks wondering about this IEM.....I would say this is a purchase-class rival to the Zen Pro. Where Zen Pro is W shaped, tight, neutral, rolling-dynamics...Focal like approach......Advar is warmer, more linear, appealing Dorado cavern magic, and well Meze like. It's an all-arounder.....rock/rhythm and blues/funk/guitar jazz......where it really brings some special heat. Electronic music pretty good with the swirling shell effects and bass + sharp imaging....just maybe a bit modest in stage to really be an EDM-main for EDM first junkies.

For me there's a ton to like about the Advar.....and from a general recommendation standpoint I think this is among the most highly musical, engaging, rock/metal playing little devils you will find under $1K. The tuning is like a PG-13 Dorado 2020.....eeeeaaaaaaasssee off that V shape, get that bass separated from the mids, a sensible dash of the shell acoustic effect. I get the praise out first so this doesn't sound like I'm down on the groove Advar is laying.....where this may not be a strong buy is if you are already happy in some dark, dank, audio-colored corner. I like the full out rumble-plate cave approach of the Dorado better......I loooooove the even more extreme cocaine fever dream that is the XE6 in that signature. I like the Isabella mids better. I like the Saber's upswept tuning better for Thrash and power metal. I prefer Zen Pro's see-saw dynamics. But key to note.....I'm pretty sure I'm on the farther, deviant edge of the audio spectrum and the Advar would turn on folks who maybe don't swing to the beat of those other IEM's. Working in it's favor least to my's small, light, and a totally easy fit. Sits shallow ala' Isabells.....but secure. Thick steel shells that can take many a bourbon-induced gravity-related incident.....or just fall asleep without worry. So while maybe just a touch PG-13 for my bacchanalia-fueled tastes....this still comes up to an appealing IEM I'll be hanging on to.
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Reviewer's footnotes....

Advar => Great build quality, very beautiful looking like a jewel, excellent fit comfortable and stress free
Sub bass extension suitable for everything, emphasized bass and mid bass, excellent technicalities, tight and controlled but not perfect, in classical music certain bass instruments sound out of tune and slightly boomy.
Clear mid range and upper bass but a touch of masking in lower bass.
Excellent dynamics and slam, visceral, full bodied
Fast with great timing
Mid range almost perfect, just a touch forward, resolving, articulated, full , wet - very organic and analogue texture, lifelike, coherent , voices and wind instruments sound sooo real.
Extended and resolving treble yet not fatiguing, easy sounding and smooth, good detail retrieval
Very natural timbre for the whole frequency spectrum.
Coherent, soundstage wide and spacious. Good imaging, 3 dimensional with average depth.
Not too intimate, not that far away.
Very natural decay.
Super enjoyable with all kinds of music, a real all rounder.
This is definitely Meze, it plays music and not sounds.
Just add a second cable for free and you got a real winner

IE600=>Bass is more neutral - reference, almost same sub bass extension, excellent technicalities and somewhat better than the Advar.
Much Thinner texture, not as visceral and full bodied, still great dynamics and slam.
Mid range is very similar with the Advar almost perfect.
Great timbre, organic and analogue slightly more dry and leaner.
Better treble extension and deeper detail retrieval but still very smooth and controlled.
Traces of sibilance.
More intimate soundstage , feels more closed and in the head and not as grand and imposing.
Very sharp imaging though.
Better clarity,
A touch more reference sounding from the Advar but still very enjoyable with all kinds of music.
Low range tonality is somewhat better when it comes to low pitched instruments.
The Advar sounds larger, grander and more organic - visceral.
Industrial looks, comfortable and stress free fit but people with larger ears may have some trouble and reach for larger size ear tips.

Rai Penta=>The Advar with much advanced technicalities, a touch more neutral bass, same house sound, slightly better tonality for acoustic instruments.
Very analogue and organic.
Larger soundstage, sharper imaging, greater depth layering, grander.
Enhanced clarity on the whole frequency range.
Excellent cohesion between the drivers.
A real Flagship, Advar is not a giant killer.

For more information stay tuned for the formal review.

Hey @Andykong does this count as a review? :smirk:

(Footnotes by Petros Laskis 2022)

Let's call this a Preview, a very attractive teaser, and we are now looking forward to your ADVAR review. :beerchug:
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I have collected all the Advar impressions and reviews on Post#2, please check it out if you want to browse through the impression quickly. I'll continually update this list for the next few weeks.
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Has anyone that have the Advar have the opportunity to test with a Sony WM1A Walkman? Since some reviews mention the slightly warm sound of the Advar I think for my case the IE 600 might be a better option since the WM1A is slightly warmer sound to.
May 7, 2022 at 7:07 PM Post #128 of 507

I have collected all the Advar impressions and reviews on Post#2, please check it out if you want to browse through the impression quickly. I'll continually update this list for the next few weeks.
Do I see it properly, smaller than Penta? It must be then really tiny.
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Do I see it properly, smaller than Penta? It must be then really tiny.
The Penta is quite big, wouldn't call the Advar tiny just because it's smaller than the penta.

Looks like the Advar is similarly sized as the Shure Se846
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Well, it doesn't seem a good pairing with my WM1A

The Sony WM1A has a sonic presentation that can be summarised as a gentle, V-shaped frequency response with a scooped-out midrange. As expected, the Sony WM1A deepens Advar’s already W-shaped frequency response.
This isn't good right?

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