1. Meze Audio ADVAR

    Meze Audio ADVAR

    TECH SPECS Driver: 10.2mm Dynamic driver Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 30 kHz Impedance: 31 Ω SPL: 111dB/mW Distortion: <1% at 1kHz Stock cables: MMCX silver-plated cable ending in gold plated 3.5mm Upgrade cables (available separately): MMCX silver plated cable ending in 2.5 mm balanced MMCX silver...
  2. MezeTeam

    Meze Audio’s newest single-DD IEM - ADVAR

    Fresh from the oven: Meze Audio's ADVAR! We’re excited to share with you a few key points of the future IEM in Meze Audio’s lineup: ADVAR features a precisely tuned 10.2 mm single dynamic driver that creates a warm, dynamic presentation that stays true to Meze Audio’s already established...
  3. MezeTeam

    Meze Audio LIRIC - The portable isodynamic hybrid array headphone

    Boys and girls of Head-Fi, gather around for yet another exciting launch! We are so happy to announce the release of LIRIC, Meze Audio’s first high-end closed-back planar headphone that is re-engineered for portable use. “In our folklore, lyricism is found in the smallest of details, from odes...