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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. cjc
    I'm really enjoying my new Meze 99 Noir. Has anyone ordered a second set of the "smaller" pads? Where from and how much?
  2. PopZeus
    Apparently Meze is selling both styles of 99 pads in their online store for $20 a pair. I love it when companies make these consumable parts easy to replace, and it's a big part of Meze's brand that they make it so simple. It's partly why I've grown so fond of the company in such a short time. Also, their headphones sound GREAT.

    The Noir is on sale right now. One of the best deals in audiophile-dom, imho. Even with the Aeolus in my collection, the 99 Noir still is a great semi-portable set.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  3. dmdm
    Having the 99s really makes me want their flagship.
  4. cjc
    Just ordered 2 more sets of pads and an extra cable (minus mic). Great product at a very reasonable price.
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  5. 1000ROUNDZ
    Just received a balanced 4.4mm cable from Amazon for my 99 Classics, damn they sound good from a Hiby R5. It adds oomph and punchiness to the sound.
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  6. iFi audio
    A solid advice.
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  7. cc chabba
    am a new member of the "Meze99" family and wanted to say hello :)
    got mine used for 160euro and I love this can ... its so damn engaging .. I am tapping along, singing along, almost jumping around in the underground when on the go (yes, I use them on the go every day) .. for that money it is unbeatable.

    running them of the LG V30, which I use as DAP only (cleaned up android, no background running apps) with UAPP - got the plugin parametric EQ - it´s almost ridiculous how well the driver responds to EQ. I would post some EQ settings but at the moment I am still just fooling around: different genres - different settings -- and yes, the LG v30 drives the Meze99 very well

    2 Questions: ( might have been discussed before, but could not find)
    - 1) cable:
    I like the stock, think its ok, but the microphone bothers me -- and I have another cable (has been posted here before, new fantasia- available at amazon) which has a too big metal! connector, using this on the go plugged in the player is risking damaging the plug of the player -- any experience with replacement cables? with soft or angled connectors?

    -2) DAPs
    the V30 uses an ESS DAC - so I am wondering which none-ESS DAC players people have tried to pair the Meze with? I think I have just owned too many ESS based systems, ( I mean home HiFi - I am fairly new to headphones), but ESS has a certain signature that I almost start to recognize in any device, whichever model used - so, I am just wondering

  8. Lurk650
    I use mine with the Meze balanced cable to my Radsone ES100 (AK DAC). The ES100 receiving LDAC has made DAPs irrelevant for me personally
  9. Mhog55
    Quite a few cables available on eBay from overseas - nice ones. What is the plug in EQ you're referring to?
  10. PaganDL

    Hi @cc chabba,

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your 99 Classics, they are special indeed.

    Where cables are concerned, I still run the stock cable, albeit the longer one as I don't like cables with built in microphone unless I have no choice & since mine was first version, there weren't many aftermarket at the time so I never bothered & while I like to play with other cables myself, I don't use the 99 Classics much at present or have any other headphones with dual 3.5 entry to warrant it though that may change in the future.
    Just a question, the used 99 Classics you have, didn't it come with the longer cable it's meant to?
    As realistically, it's not that hard to tuck or put under outer layers on clothes.
    Meze have their own replacement 'upgrade' cables for the 99 Classics though many aftermarket cable makers also make their own now so there are plenty of choices to pursue.

    As to DAPs, it will depend on what you want in features, not just sound though it sounds you're after no frills DAPs.
    From experience, I have found good synergy with Cowon Plenue D Series, Plenue R is also pretty good as are all iBasso so aside from DAC chip, it really depends.

    As a final note, I realise you're mostly on the go but I suggest grabbing a good affordable tube amp like Loxjie P20 & you won't be disappointed. I also believe a few places will be having a good sale on this amp this coming Black Friday so it wouldn't hurt to look.

    Hope you have a great day !
  11. Bansaku
    Anything by iFi is a perfect match for the 99 Classics! :metal::sunglasses:
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  12. magicalmouse
    I purchased a pair of (new) small ear pads and the difference between these and the larger ones is considerable (imo) the bass is less boomy, much tighter and intrudes less on the mids, altogether money well spent.

    btw i am happy with smaller pads as my ears are relatively small and i can fit e.g. oppo pm3 over my ears

  13. trevinthefionaapplefan
    Did you ever try the original earpads? If so, how do they sound compared to the new small ones?
  14. magicalmouse
    No, i bought the meze 99 s/h and they cam with the larger pads, apparently the new small ones are a more comfortable version of the orignal ones.

  15. blockchainhero
    I’m strongly considering picking up the 99s, and from what I can gather, the Noir is exactly the same as the Classics correct? In that case what made up that $100 difference (unless it was all just margin)?
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