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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. Lurk650
    I only had the original 99 pads which I didn't like due to rubbing my ears, for quite a while I ran the Oval SS pads, I had swapped to Shure 1540 Alcantara pads noticed I gained some rumble from the subbass back. The Ovals did help with the midbass "bloat" though even though I never found it that obtrusive being a bass head. I currently now run the Yaxi Pads though I enjoy them.
  2. Mhog55
    What have people gravitated towards when moving up the ladder? Similar sound sig to the Classics, but with obvious sonic improvements. What phones would people who really dig these recommend in the 5-6 hundred dollar range?
  3. vodanhkhack
    You should move up the ladder much more to ..1 k range. Then I guest they are the ZMF Atticus for closed back and Klipsch HP 3 for semi openback. If you want to "upgrade" even to the "heaven", then it could be the Meze 99 's brother, the Empyrean!!! Not sure if the game is ended?:cold_sweat:
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  4. koover
    I pretty much agree with everything you stated. I own, have had for some time or owned all your listed headphones.

    I own the HP3 now and I've had them for quite a while and every time I slap them on, WOW, these are so addictive and FUN! They're going nowhere and they'll always be in my stall. They get somewhat bashed by the self proclaimed audiophile crowd (especially the HD 800S crowd) but you just can't compare these 2 headphones. The Senny is analytical while the Klipsch are just so much fun to listen to. They are a bit V shaped but as another head-fier stated, they're somewhat V shaped done excellently, probably the best I've ever heard for this type of sound signature. The bass is the star and they dig deep and are pretty tight. But like any headphone, depending on the track you're listening to, they can get a bit loose but so can anything else in all reality. The treble is extended but clean, crisp and spot on. Being V shaped, the mids are a "tad" recessed but not to the point where the vocals or anything else in more in the background. They're wonderful. You can get them for around $800 used here in the classifieds if you're interested in going that route. I would consider them the audiophile "fun" headphone. So many other things to say about them but thios post already is going to be a dissertation.

    The Empyrean is in a completely different class (had them on loan from Meze for about a month) and you'll have to fork out your hard earned cash for them. These are endgame to me, period, as they're the best headphone I've heard for my tastes. Even used in the classifieds, they can't be had for under 2 grand and that would be a smokin deal but worth it. If you're truly interested in these, read my review on this site where you can get all the meat on the bone details. There's a lot of reviews out there and they're exactly what everyone states.

    The Atticus is a great closed back with good soundstage for a closed back but are pretty mid bass emphasized but a great sounding headphone. It's been a while since I owned them so my memory isn't that spot on. I actually sold them to pick up the HP3. These are very fun, they slam hard, have excellent mids, good sub bass but they're somewhat masked by the mid bass. If mid bass were toned down a bit you'd hear just how low these dig into the bass abyss.

    When it's all said and done, I'd suggest the ZMF Aeolus over every and anything. I own them and absolutely love their SS which is an Atticus open back. They're so sublime, addictive and versatile. If you get a 2nd set of pads which they offer, it's incredible how the sound changes like a chameleon where it's like owning 2 separate pairs of headphones. To me they're endgame and for the money, you just can't get much better as they punch well above their prove/price point. Zach absolutely nailed it with these as they're a serious audiophile and casual listener headphone. They rock bro!

    If your budget is around $500, I'd just keep your classics and save some money for something around the $1K mark as @vodanhkhack suggested. There's a lot of different other options out there but from what I've heard, owned and would recommend in my most humble opinion is what we both just suggested. Good luck in your search.

    Edit" I meant to quote @Mhog55
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  5. vodanhkhack
    @koover could you please check if the Meze 99 cable can be used for Klipsch HP3? (They both use 2 x 3.5mm ts connectors to connect to the headphones..(hope you still keep the Meze cable to try on the HP 3:))
  6. koover
    Damn, I wish I could but my HP3's are hard wired. The guy I bought them off of, had an issue with the connectors and decided to hard wire them with a ZMF Atmos cable. I apologize as I would if I could man.
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  7. Mhog55
    Unfortunately, my wallet won't allow such things. It seems the more I spend on cans, the more I see diminishing returns. The cost vs performance doesn't seem to add up. I was thinking something like the Tr-x00 Ebony, th610, or E-mu Teak.
  8. bcaulf17
    Unfortunately Drop has discontinued the Fostex Ebony. I’m assuming they’re coming up with a new version. The Teak very rarely goes on sale on Drop, so both you would probably have to find used. Don’t know about the other Fostex.

    Maybe the Denon D-5200 or D-7200? I think they use the same Fostex driver. Neumann NDH 20 is worth a look too. I like the DT 177X from Drop right now. I do kind of get your point about diminishing returns. The jump from $150 to $300 is remarkable, but after that there isn’t really much headroom for major improvements. It’s mostly detail and imaging that change the most. Good frequency response can be applied to any headphone, but the more expensive ones present it more effortlessly. Example being DT177X and DT770, where the DT770 has a huge treble peak to make it appear to have “more” (artificial) detail. The 177X, while the details are more subtle, you’re not being attacked by anything fake or piercing.

    This is all assuming you’re looking for closed cans.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  9. vodanhkhack
    I think @koover is right. "If your budget is around $500, I'd just keep your classics and save some money for something around the $1K mark " The sound "improvement" is not that big! Unless you like to try other different sound signature like the new spakle treble Audeze LCD1 for example..
  10. Mhog55
    The LCD-1 is on the possibility list of future purchases. As good as the 99s are, they have room for improvement in certain areas. I don't think you need to spend a grand or better to see some level of improvement. Especially considering the used market.
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  11. Mhog55
    I've been curious about the 77x, but I still worry the treble may be a bit much for me.
  12. bcaulf17
    I actually find their treble to be fine; others say it’s the darkest and least fatiguing a Beyer out there. I find them to be slightly warm sounding. The treble can be slightly prominent on recordings that emphasize it but it doesn’t sound sharp or fatiguing. I actually find my H6 to sound brighter on certain music (though it’s a different kind of bright).

    I was surprised when I first put them on and found the treble non-fatiguing. Was expecting a lot more considering it’s a Beyer. FWIW, I couldn’t stand the 770.
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  13. vodanhkhack
    @koover you "urge" me to get the Klipsch Heritage HP 3!!! Yes, it is superior to the Meze 99C but I do not think HP 3 blows away the Meze 99C!

    Klipsch HP has lively sounds, more details, more airy treble and more "controlled" bass but the Meze 's vocal is so sweet and smooth. Specially if you EQ the Meze suggested in this review https://www.audiophile-heaven.com/2017/04/meze-99-classics.html?m=1

    Yes, Klipsch HP 3 has a V shape sound signature in a very good way but I love the mid of the Meze 99 classics too much! My Meze 99c is here to stay, I am happy with both Meze 99 and Klipsch HP 3!

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  14. Mhog55
    Classics are a keeper for sure
  15. vodanhkhack
    The Meze 99c just makes almost every song musical no matter it was well or poorly recorded! Meze 99c is very forgiving indeed ! I think the other higher end headphones like the Klipsch HP 3 sounds good with proper records.
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