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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. ngs428
    Are the original classic pads the ones being sold as standard or small here? https://mezeaudio.com/products/earpads?variant=30892475922

    Also, are they the pads that came with the 99 Noir on Drop? I am using the smaller pads on my 99 Noir.
  2. Lurk650
    FYI, Amazon has the pads as well on Prime and you don't have to pay the Meze shipping cost plus faster shipping
  3. Alkyno
    I just installed the YAXI stPad2 earpads on my Meze 99 Classics which are connected to my FiiO K3 using the balanced output and the balanced cable from Meze.
    The sound is pretty much perfect for me to be honest, the bass doesn't bleed into the midrange anymore.
    Really happy with them.
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  4. Bansaku
  5. Lurk650
    If they were more readily available I would try them out
  6. Alkyno
    I understand.
    Honestly i was a bit disappointed when I received the Meze, it was good, but the bass bleed was too much for me with the new pads.
    It cost me a bit to buy the Yaxi earpads (~40€) without knowing if they were going to be effective or not.
    It took 2 weeks to come from Japan to France and I am very satisfied with it.
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  7. ngs428
  8. Bansaku
    Looking at the pictures, yes, they are the original sized pads that come with the Noir. However...

    Are the Small pads offered here the same as the "original" 99 Classics pads from a few years ago?

    The small pads are similar to the "original" 99 Classics earpads with improved comfort.
    With this new pair will lower the bass and will increase the mids and the upper mids

    If you have questions left, don't hesitate in contacting us.
    I wish you a great day!

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  9. Mhog55
    Hmm, I think I recall some time ago in this thread, when it was discovered Meze was releasing a smaller pad, that these pads were actually a 4th installment? Well, actually a 5th I believe. Someone said they weren't the same as the originals, or the smaller set that comes with the Noir. Does anyone actually know, or have every pad to compare? I think the measurements were all slightly different between the original, Noir, and new small pads.
  10. ngs428
    So, is my math right here:

    Original 99 classic pads = extra set that came with Drop’s 99 Noir (not installed on them in the box) = pads being sold By Meze/Amazon as Small (https://www.amazon.com/Earpads-Meze-99-Classics-Neo/dp/B07RMXPG9F?th=1&psc=1)

    Small 61 mm height x 44 mm width x 21 mm depth: ±1mm
  11. Mhog55
    If the new Meze small pads are more comfortable than the original 99 Classics pads, they have to have a larger inner diameter. That was the main complaint that forced the change.
  12. Bansaku
    Or they simply use a different grade of memory foam. :thinking:
  13. Mhog55
    Which would still slightly alter the sound..... I think? Lol
  14. Mhog55
    At any rate, I need to purchase a pair. I'll be buried wearing these headphones with one of my Bon Scott T Shirts.
  15. Bansaku
    Yes, internal material matters.

    Seeing how they are only $20, I just might grab a pair.
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