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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. bcaulf17
    I actually use a Magni 3 with the Senns, since I only really use my HD6XX at my bed anyway so it's stationary. Yes, the Fiio does not power the Senns well at all lol, I did try before. Even on high gain it still doesn't get loud enough on some of my music.
  2. Mhog55
    Check the power difference between the 3.5 and 2.5. You never know ...
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  3. jkpenrose
    I found that it pushed the Soundstage back a bit... More like row 20 than 2, which I prefer and that imaging increased in precision... I didn't do a true a/b but consistently noticed the same thing, especially when listening to Broadway soundtracks (yeah, I do)...

    I usually listen through radsone es100 and use the equalizer to back off the bass a bit, which seems to me to bleed into the lower midrange and muffle the Soundstage... But I love them with the eq - and hope the rumors are true about the new 'old' pads.

    I also listen through a schitt vali 2 - which is a little more 'vibrant' imo than the radsone (depending on tube)

    I also own the Hd6xx, but listen mostly to the 99's
  4. bcaulf17
    I like the sound of these with the new old pads a lot; I still find they can be rather bassy but I’m noticing it’s more of an issue on modern mastered music with a lot of bass (in some ways it’s fun, in others it is a bit much). I love just about everything else they do though. On music without much bass emphasis these give just enough to provide its warm presentation. Haven’t run into very many issues with jazz which is a good sign.

    I’m still hoping someone with both the Noirs and the original first pad Classics will chime in and provide some comparisons. Measurements between the originals and these new ones actually look quite different.
  5. Bansaku
    Wait until the pads have broken in. The bass will tame.
  6. bcaulf17
    Plus headphone burn in (which I AM a believer in :) ). But even if it doesn’t it’s fine. Even on stuff with a lot of deep bass like Get Lucky, while it sounds over-zealous it is guilty-pleasure fun!
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  7. chupacabra314
    Ok I figured out a way to combine the comfort of the "stock" pads with the more balanced sound of the "new original" pads. Figured if the "originals" are actually 1mm thicker than the "stocks", the foam in the former must be a little too soft.
    Since both pads are so easy to take apart, I took the stiff foam from the "stocks" and replaced the soft foam in the "originals". The foam rings are actually the same size so with a bit of fiddling it's not hard to do.
    To my hearing the sound sig stayed the same but now my ears don't get squished inside the pad. They still slightly touch the mesh but they also did it with the unmodded "stock" pads.
  8. iFi audio
    Due to sound, comfort or both?
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  9. jkpenrose
    I find I prefer the sound of the 99's... They are also slightly more comfortable, but that isn't much of an issue for me
  10. Badas
    How does the soundstage compare to the HD6xx?
    I also own the HD6xx. Actually my kids do as I couldn't get past the soundstage.
    Tone of the HD6xx was great. Soundstage meh! which killed them for me.
  11. totacelasi
    Can you test the new pads against the standard pads, please ?
  12. bcaulf17
    Hi! I do plan to soon, maybe this weekend. I’m still getting accustomed to the sound and I don’t have as much time during the work week lol. I believe a few others have shared comparisons though.
  13. Rozzko
    IMG_20190402_000926.jpg Screenshot_20190424-213439.png IMG_20190401_235325.jpg Hi.
    1) does anyone use cotton mod? When you put some cotton pads inside the cups?
    2) does second pair of pads that came with NOIR is actually same as original first pads in old meze 99 classics . Does it is or not?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  14. bcaulf17
    2. I think we’re still trying to figure that out. I haven’t seen any posts from anyone who may own both the original Classics and the Noir. I think their are slight differences in its construction but I don’t know how close they are in sound. Perhaps it’s not close because the Noir with the extra pads measures differently from the original Classics...
  15. PopZeus
    I would imagine that the construction between the Classics and the Noir are similar, if only because both headphones are supposed to share basically the same parts list, and any broken/worn parts can be replaced by the end user.
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