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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. chupacabra314
    I'd say they isolate better than average. It won't be IEM levels of isolation but I haven't tried better isolating cans.
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  2. koover
    I’ve never had 1 issue with these with sound in or out. I can never hear a thing no matter where I’m at. Also, no one can hear anything anywhere that I’ve worn them. I’ve had them on in hospitals, Dr offices, etc. I even ask people if they can hear my music (descent levels too) and nothing. These isolate both ways just fine and I’d say better then most.
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  3. Dramlin
    Thank you for the kind words. Agreed on the community, I don't think people realize how great of a resource this community is. :o2smile:

    There was a period a few months back where all of the reviews were glowing (from the initial review wave) and there was no mention on the type of bass that these headphones deliver now. Thanks to the criticisms raised in this thread others should now have a better picture of what these headphones would sound like to them. Still though, it's a bit hard to marry what is said in this thread to all of the other reviews online, as I think most individuals buying the 99C's will use the online reviews as their primary resource in deciding to purchase these headphones. For many these headphones, in the $200-$300 range, will be the best headphones they have ever heard, and even if they find the bass to be too much they probably won't want to immediately get rid of them. If they are like me, then they inevitably end up here asking for advice on what they can do to fix the bass issues to clean up what is otherwise a fantastic sound for a reasonable price.

    On that note, there was a discussion a few pages back about how those that are being negative should unsubscribe from this thread. Although constant negativity can be exhausting, I personally find negative constructive posts (not troll posts..) to be the most beneficial information you can get from this website. I think most of us feel obligated to talk about what is good about any given headphone, while avoiding being too negative as to not anger those that truly enjoy the product. Typically in these threads you find a lot of praise for headphones with some very minor negatives sprinkled in. When others stick around in a thread giving honest negative feedback (like some who have complained about the bass in this thread), it gives everyone a much more complete picture of what the headphone will sound like.
  4. bcaulf17
    I received my Noirs this morning (glad they came in the morning so I can spend the whole day with them :) )Very early first impressions...

    I immediately swapped out the pads that came on them with the extra set. They are comfortable to me. Actually I redact my first statement, I did briefly put them on my head with the stock pads just to see how they felt. They do look nice and smaller in person which is nice. And I like the way the headband adjusts automatically.

    Sound, through my Q1 Mk II...I think these really sound great, even after just an hour. I can tell these fit a little better into my sonic preferences, I think. The bass is a little bit strong I feel but it still sounds pretty well balanced to me. Only on the bassiest tracks it sounds like too much and muddy. I do also detect a bit of bleed into the mids but just a bit, and also a bit of subbass rolloff. I love the midrange though. Vocals, guitars, electric pianos and keyboards all sound fantastic. Now I can tell the H6 was lacking a bit there. Everything just sounds fuller which is a big plus. The treble also sounds very nice but I think I prefer the H6 treble as it has more air that I like; when I put the H6 on right after the Meze it feels like a veil has been removed. But then the H6 doesn't have the same body or thickness so there's that, and the treble can also sound a little more fatiguing on the H6. The Meze also sounds more intimate and closed in. So I guess to summarize I really like what I hear so far. Burn in will probably make things even better later on. More rich and full than the H6, better mids, more natural sound, but lacking a little more in extension both ways and soundstage. I guess the H6 might have more detail in the treble than the Meze but I haven't really been able to tell as the Meze still brings out details well. I will try to compare more throughout the week, but the Meze 99 Noir sounds great. I will have to experiment with the larger pads at some point because I am curious to hear what they sound like.

    My biggest complaint though, and honestly I feel like this could be a deal breaker. I don't like the way these look on my head, like at all; the metal headband is tall and wide and the ear cups stick out too much too. The idea is for these to be my work companion but honestly I think I'd feel a little self conscious wearing these at work :frowning2: But we'll see. Maybe I'll need to grow the confidence to not care what others think lol. Because I really like these.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  5. kumar402
    Anyone compared them against PSB M4u1, they are in same price range.
    Going by impression PSB may be little brighter and heavier. But anyone owning both can pitch in
  6. kumar402
    I had similar issue with my red color PSB M4 U1, used to get very self conscious while wearing them in office and later stopped taking them with me.
  7. chupacabra314
    I felt the same way regarding how they look on me. I do have a small head so every over-ear headphone I've tried besides the H6 has looked funny on my head. However I don't think anyone in my office cares really, and I definitely don't. Particularly the all black of the Noir doesn't look too crazy. I wouldn't take them on the subway though.
  8. bcaulf17
    I do kind of feel the same way but I always have a self conscious feeling. I felt weird every time I wore my DT770’s when I had them because they’re so big. And there are plenty of weirdos where I work lol but hey I don’t care what anyone does and I don’t think most would. They sound too good not to use for a whole work day :)

    By the way, this might be a stupid question; the small hole earpads each have one little divot on it. Like a little line on the inside. Is this supposed to be lined up on the top or bottom of the earcup? Doesn’t matter I’m assuming; just wondering if there’s a “correct” way. I also probably didn’t explain that very well either lol.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  9. koover
    If everyone is so worried about the way you look and/or what other people think of you over a pair of headphones you’re wearing,
    then buy some Beats. Who cares guys! You shouldn’t!
    No one should care what others think. Life is way way too short. I say to heck with anyone who would actually dog you for wearing something that will blow away the beats any day of the week. What’s more important is the question you should ask yourself........style or substance?
    Just my little ol opinion that doesn’t mean a whole heckofa lot. :smile_phones:
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  10. bcaulf17
    Very nice response lol. Thank you that sure helps :)
  11. koover
    No disrespect at all @bcaulf17. Seriously not my intent. I’m literally just trying to say who cares what anyone thinks man. It’s all about the sound and if someone has a problem with what one has on their head, it’s their problem, not yours. Just enjoy the sounds and forget about all these fools who would judge you. :) Peace!
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  12. bcaulf17
    Oh I hope you didn't take my response as sarcasm or snark. I was being sincere, and I took no offense :)
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  13. Bansaku
    Believe me, I see a lot of ugly and gaunt headphones out in the wild, and their wearers couldn't give a flip what people think. I assume they are too drawn into the music to give a care. I have seen multiple people wearing the PSB M4U2 on the bus, along with AKG K701, HiFiMAN HE 4XX, and even Sennheiser HD 500 series and they are all going about their day jamming out to their tunes. Only YOU care what other people think about what you are wearing on your head.

  14. chupacabra314
    For the record I find even the m50x much better looking than Beats :)
  15. Bansaku
    I have seen many people ditch Beats in favour of them. The m50X are becoming quite popular.
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