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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. PopZeus
    One real upside to the stock pads on the 99 Noir-- as someone who wears glasses, I'm okay with the extra bass since the seal I'm getting while wearing glasses greatly reduces bass response. When I take my frames off, the bass can be pretty overwhelming. But I doubt I'll be listening to them with my glasses actually off very much at all. When I'm wearing my glasses, the bass response is within the range of tolerably massive. So, I think I've found my ideal portable over-ears. Woo!
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  2. blackdragon87
    Hm maybe because I'm in Canada
  3. Natarian
    Maybe my ears are broken but I prefer the larger pads that came with my Noir....
  4. dissembled
    Thanks for the replies.

    I live in Jersey, so I hope a signature isn't required.

    Can people in the US confirm that they didn't have to sign for their MassDrop packages? My God, waiting all day for a package is heck.

    And being busy with work all week that prevents you from being at home to sign in the first place...

    Signatures are a friggin' pain.
  5. Natarian
    Mine was delivered today in the US while I was at work. No signature.
  6. PopZeus
    FedEx just dropped the package off where all the mail gets delivered for my building. The tracking page was updated pretty much immediately afterwards.

    I am curious to try the “new original” (I’m getting Spinal Tap flashbacks here) pads to see if the tuning still works for me.
  7. chupacabra314
    Nothing wrong with that. For all the hate the m50x get I still love their sound more than legends like the Oppo PM3 or the Beyer DT770.
    And you're lucky since you'll be able to buy new pads if you need to. The small ones are not sold separately...at least not yet.
    I hafta respectfully disagree... I own the 770's with 250 ohm. No way, to me, they're lesser than m50x (which I owned at one point) that you hafta eq the sibilant highs and bloaty bass. Now if the 770s are lesser ohm models, I can see it... But not the other way around.

    As for Mezes, I feel that larger pads make these puppies sing depending on your source.
  9. chupacabra314
    My point exactly, we all have different hearing and preference. 770 may be objectively better, but I enjoyed the sound of the m50x more and didn't find them at all sibilant. I did find the 770's treble super fatiguing though.
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  10. bcaulf17
    As did I. Although I thought they had better sound quality than my M50x I couldn’t get over the treble peak and replaced them with the H6 after only a couple months. Now I’m looking forward to getting my 99 Noir, to see if they’ll dethrone my H6!
  11. HungryPanda
    I have H6, DT770 and Meze 99. Meze is the sweetest
  12. bcaulf17
    I’ve heard so many good things but I know the bass level has been declared as too much for some. I’m just hoping it’s not too off balance for me; but there are things to play with. It’ll come with two pads and I already have a portable amp/dac. And there is the Meze balanced cable of course!
  13. DiederickFritz
    Anyone know of manufacturers that make cowhide pads? I think those would complement the Noirs real good, but ZMFs are too big
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  14. bcaulf17
    Delivery of my order has advanced pretty rapidly. Last night all it said was a label was created; then this morning it said it was expected to deliver 4/20 (already pretty quick I thought!) Upon checking again it’s now expected tomorrow! Pretty speedy. I was planning on going to the movies tomorrow night but I’m now thinking about hanging back... :)
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