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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. rafaelo
    IMG_20180619_152736362_HDR.jpg IMG_20180619_152358050.jpg

    I received my new Meze pads today and seem probably the same with the ones on my classics but rather different with the ones in my Neo. Seems rather small to me so maybe close to the original first version...(???)

    I will try to put them in my Neo at some point but I am not certain whether I have this ability...
  2. Zenrap518
    I just contacted Parts Canada Lenbrook (Where you can get PSB Pads from directly), and it costed me $15 for shipping to Canada, and he Pads itself were free, since I actually have a pair of PSB M4U1's with warranty. Without warranty, it would have costed around $45 with shipping.
  3. FastForward
    Be careful pairing these with tubes. The low impedance and high sensitivity of my 99 Classics reveal a hum from my Consonance Cyber 20B that I don't hear on any of my higher impedance headphones.
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  4. Thatsgr8
    Would it be safe to say to go solid state per your reply?
  5. FastForward
    I can't speak for all tube amps. I have only listened to the 99 Classics with one tube amp, the Cyber 20B. It is an el84, SET configured tube amp. A hybrid amp (tube input, ss output) might work? I'm sure others here could speak to this.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
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  6. koover
    I use mine with a MJ2 and it’s sounds great.
  7. Bansaku
    What what what?! Those look like the original pads! Are they smooth in the inner ring, or wrinkly?

  8. KLJ1992
    Thinking about picking up the brainwavz pads.

    But I see that there are two versions: the angled and the non-angled. Which ones work better with the Mezes?
  9. someyoungguy
    I've got the non-angled, haven't tried the angled to be able to compare, but they work good for me. I ordered them at the same time as ordering the 99 classics, so already had them at hand when I first opened the Meze's. I found the stock pads too shallow and switched to the Brainwave pads immediately.

    I was looking at the Brainwave site trying to understand what the difference/reason for going angled or non-angled was and I think it is more to do with your head shape than the headphones, as in the angled might sit differently against the curve of your skull to the back of the ear? I wasn't entirely sure so went with non-angled as the stock pads looked an even thickness around the edges.
  10. rafaelo
    IMG_20180620_104829709.jpg IMG_20180620_104740384_HDR.jpg
    Wrinkly. The pictures exaggerate the smallness of the size a bit. But in comparison to Neo there is definitely a difference.

    Even if it is not the first generation I am very happy if it is close to the first generation.

    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
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  11. Lurk650
    If you have a headphone with a straight driver and use an angled pad then I believe you may get a different sound as its entering your ear canal from a angle. Esp if you have a headphone with an angled driver and throw in on angled pads, too much angle could be bad or it could turn out very good. I've had angled pads in the past and never cared for them. I guess its all about trial and error. All I know is that I love the Sheepskin Brainwavz pads on my 99C
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  12. someyoungguy
    I get a creaking sound on mine when I turn my head, a bit annoying when I’m wearing them walking to work and back. I’m guessing the join between the wooden cup and steel overhead band is the source, and wonder about putting some CRC (WD40 in the states) into the join.

    Anyone had this same problem? Any solutions that worked?

  13. soundboy94
    Hi. You are not the only one. If you put on your headphones without any music playing and touch the metal bar on the head top with your nail it will see they are microphonic, and you can hear it through the headphone drivers. Try touching the cable ( not the kevlar part of it ) or the mic as well you will see the same results. What I found about these headphones is that they are not that great for on the go listening mainly because you lose a lot of sound quality if there is noise around you and the wind will vibrate the metal band quite a bit to intrude my listening. However for home use these really shine.
  14. Howlin Fester
    I don't have the classic. My thoughts when I read your suggestion was wax Use min-wax or another kind of wood wax first. I would shy away from WD-40 until a last resort
  15. someyoungguy
    Thanks for the suggestions. I might try and take the join apart and put in some foam or wax between the wooden cup and steel and put it back together. Will post whether it works or not :)
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