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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. HungryPanda
    yes apologies it is the e18 but I think I have the e17 somewhere
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  2. DavidA
    LOL, your signature says it all :ksc75smile:
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  3. Amigozszz
    I has e17k it is quite good, very soft sounding signature, but i like a lot my Hiby R6, even at the begining R6 sounded too dark for me but baybe because i get uset to E17, now R6 all the way with Meze 99c
  4. slumber86
    Just ordereded a pair from Amazon (walnut-gold), can't wait!
    It's a while that I'm looking for a quality closed headphone for office, my fault that I missed these, for what i read are just perfect for my needs: long time momentum user, that dropped them because my IEM (er3-xr) are just too superior
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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  5. Amigozszz
    I can make sure you, will not be dissapointed, after i bought first "hi fi" headphones Akg 550 i said headphones can not play music as as good as speakers, but gave gave chance to Mezze 99c and was buying for curious with intention to return to amazon, no way they are going from me fabulous for its price, no need millions investment
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  6. slumber86
    Thanks I hope so,
    for months I though about b&w PX but I was concerned on the SQ, never managed to hear a pair, here in Italy.
    Someone had managed to listen both?
    Noise reduction is not a killer feature for me, but SQ is. So I went for these, and will match Fiio BTR3 when it will launched at the end of the month to go wireless
  7. rafaelo
    I had PX for a month and I returned it back after a month. Since you are in Italy I can say only one analogy regarding sound quality

    Ferrari Vs fiat
  8. AutumnCrown
    Just ordered and received classics from Meze. Wondering if these pads are the same that Tyll felt made the classics less preferable to him than m50x. He said those were a prototype of the third generation.
  9. soundboy94
    This was his case. Yours might be different. If the pads were uncomfortable for his huge head XD that doesn't mean they will be uncomfy for you too. So chillax until you receive them, then you can choose if you need new pads. I ordered some velour angled pads straight after I received my Classics and I was hugely disappointed in the SQ compared to the stock pads.
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  10. ostewart
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  11. Lurk650
    His post clearly says he received them and you were disappointed bc these headphones are not tuned for velour pads
  12. AutumnCrown
    I already got them. I am wondering because I find the experiences of someone who has listened to vastly more headphones than I useful in making decisions about their relative value. I am not concerned about their comfort, but rather their SQ, which was the concern for Tyll with the pads he tried. He said it made them more colored and uneven sounding. I am wondering if the pads he had back then are the same ones currently being shipped.
  13. koover
    I could t agree more man. Their sound is just so soothing and?..... perfect. For the money, I just haven’t found anything that beats them. Just like the Neo, love them too.
    For me at least, I love Schiit gear. I believe they’re quality, like their sound signature immensely and they are beyond reasonable in price for tje quality you receive. I look at Meze the exact same way. Top quality for a very reasonable price where it punches and proves itself so far above what it costs you.
  14. mlau
    Just going to add:
    1.) Thanks for this mega-thread. It helped me to buy a used pair of silver/walnut meze 99 classics last year. *excellent headphones* and great for releasing stress in waves.
    2.) The Cavalli CTH amp on massdrop pairs amazingly well with this.
    3.) It's surprisingly close how similar these sound to the Sennheisser 6XX headphones. However, these have isolation.
    4.) These are remarkably tough, but elegant. I'm the guy that caries diamonds and carbide inside my pockets and destroys everything I touch...these have survived my abuse.
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  15. Zenrap518
    Well, my extra pair of PSB earpads that i used on my 99C's just started tearing... anyone know of an alternative that makes the 99C's sound like when they had the original, better sounding pads? Or where you can buy replacement pairs of PSB earpads?
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