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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. harpo1
    For those of you interested I received these today and they work fine.  Powers the M2 and has otg built in.  So you just need the cable that came with the M2.
  2. navydragon

    Some MQA mobile bliss. :)

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  3. dreambass
    Just got one of these. Mainly to take advantage of mqa I thought it was worth it for the price

    Things I note are a non fatiguing sound that I'm able to listen to over long periods of time and a reasonable hp output slightly above the dacmagic xs. I gotta admit I like the volume buttons on the xs. The base is more textured and slightly more controled on the ME2 over the xs.
    I find the overall feel of the product is slightly lighter than I might have imagined but it matches nice with the mac I'm using at the moment aesthetically. I have been using with the he-400i and the shure 530 with good results from both, I'll have my Akg 550 back tomorrow also but all things considered so far a good purchase.
  4. canthearyou
    I run mine from a mini PC in my living room. It is connected to a Denon receiver powering Klipsch r28f towers. I think it sounds fantastic! Fills the room with great sound.
  5. Noobzilla
    Yes! Very noticeable for me and I am actually quite amazed how they can put even more details in there -- I thought I was already getting everything from Hi-Fi.
  6. chaturanga
    I have ordered a USB C to Mini USB cable from Aliexpress and it's on its way still. Today I have powered up ME2 with Y split cable via PC USB port, and after some minutes, I plugged out from PC USB and it continued to work (means continued to get energy from LG V20 this was expected becayuse I was aware of it works such way)
    I have listened 8 minutes and there was 2 % of charge drop. Appr 4 minutes for 1 level. That means theoritically I can use it well if my ordered cable can powerup ME2 directly from LG V20.   
  7. WhiteKnite
    Good to hear. The V20 has quite a bit better battery than my G5 I'm sure. Hopefully it works for what you need.
  8. chaturanga
    I will update when the cable comes. But it will not be before 3 weeks I think, shipping takes so much time from China :)
  9. WhiteKnite
    Especially lately.  I used to get stuff from China here in Korea in around a week or so, but lately sellers have been using 4PX which is an absolutely horrible shipping company and it usually takes 30-45 days.
  10. bsmack
    First post here on Head-Fi...lots of great information in this thread and a bunch of the others I've been reading. I received my ME2 yesterday and so far am loving it! I have a new pair of Audeze iSine 10's and they sound even better using the DAC. I do have some confusion regarding the lights though.
    I am primarily using the ME2 with the Tidal Windows Application as well as USB Audio Player Pro for Android. When plugged into my desktop, I get one white light (the one FURTHEST from the headphone jack) when playing a HiFi track in Tidal. When playing an MQA track that white light changes to blue, as it should.
    Should the other 2 lights be lit up on the device? I've read lots of information over the past week and I've seen some people say that the other 2 lights should be white. I just want to make sure I am getting the best quality out of the ME2, so any help is definitely appreciated!
  11. dreambass
    All the info is in the packaging to be fair.
  12. TadMorose

    The second light is on when you play something with sampling frequency of 88.1 or 96 kHz. The third light is on when sampling frequency is 176.2 or 192 kHz.

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  13. chaturanga
    First of all, enjoy your ME2 and welcome to the thread.
    As @TadMorose said you need to find higher frequency sampled tracks from Tidal. There is no category for that yet, therefore it's just a chance to find those inside the whole library.
    Here you can test few tracks from Tidal Masters library, just to let you see other lights ON :)
    Note that those below will turn ON 3 lights but there are some tracks will turn ON only 1 white light with 1 blue.
    Birds by Coldplay (A Head Full Of Dreams album)
    Barbary Coast (Later) by Conor Oberst (Ruminations album)
    Crime Scene Part One (Remastered) by Afghan Wings (Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition) album)
    Have a good listen!
  14. chaturanga
    My USB C type to Mini USB short cable just arrived. It was very fast I was not waiting it to come today :) 
    At my first trials I could not turn on Meridian Explorer 2 via LG V20 with this single cable, but I restarted the phone and tried again, this time it worked! I don't know what happened and I am not sure if it will work always or sometimes will work and sometimes not but I did a short time test, after 10 Minutes of online Tidal masters listen (192 Khz sample tracks) battery level dropped by 4%. That means I can listen about 250 minutes with full charged LG V20. That is ok for me because I will only use it about 40 minutes in a normal day with my phone. 
    Update: After 1 hour of new test with 16Bit 900 Kbps FLAC files, (via USB Audio Player Pro local file playing option) LG V20 charge dropped to 53% from 71%. That is 18 percent per hour. 
    Update 2: I am now again not able to use. That is very strange, how did it work and now why not working with same setup, this is really strange. [​IMG] 
    Update 3: After charging phone (it's now about 75%) it again works if I manually try to change a few times the USB behaviour as "charging". So there is something strange happening and I have no idea how I will be getting work it always, but anyway my conclusion is that, I must charge the phone for some time and later connect ME2 to the phone with this single cable and if I am lucky it will work after a few trials :)
  15. chaturanga
    I was thinking only USB Audio Player Pro was allowing us to use an external DAC with cell phone, but I am now listening Tidal Offline music via my ME2. That is funny, I was not aware of that and even did not try before :)
    But I am not sure what is happening, is Meridian Explorer 2 playing Tidal tracks or just it gives sound from it's output but the music is processed on Tidal? It's not giving blue light when I try MQA files, and all three led are ON with white light always.
    Any idea?  
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