1. Click

    Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

    I think this awesome new DAC/amp should have its own thread.      
  2. kbuzz

    Ipad/iphone friendly semi-portable DAC/AMP -with HD600s

    hello all    I wonder if i could get some recommendations.  I am looking for a portable or semi portable amp/dac that will better the CCK output on my iphone 6 and i pad.  I intend to use the amp in bed and around the house with my HD600s- but would eventually like to upgrade to a planer...
  3. nymarty

    Advice needed -- starter amp and dac separates

    Hi.  I haven't been around the audiophile / head-fi scene in about 10 yrs and just getting back into it.   The usual home theater stuff has been a constant but just getting back into 2-channel and, particularly, headphones.  I've unboxed some old gear and have cobbled together a system but it...
  4. jegarn

    Flat sound from TT

    Hi   A few months ago I bought a Meridian 506 since I can't afford to buy all the records on vinyl. Now when I'm used to it my the sound from my TT sounds flat and unengaging. I believe the TT is a grundig, got it from my dad. RIA: cambride 640p, HP amp x-can v8.   Is there a easy way to...