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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. TadMorose
    Sounds like ME2 is getting an upsampled output from your phone. It's not bit perfect. so you don't get MQA.
  2. chaturanga
    I see that is logical, but SQ is very very good.
    I played several tracks directly on Tidal app and got the sound from ME2 and also I played same tracks on USB Audio Player Pro and got sound from ME2 with bit perfect, and good news it's almost equal I hear no noticable difference.  
  3. thehexagonal
    Just one quick cross link from another thread:
    For anyone looking at this thread and looking for a portable work tool in the Explorer2, it will be very much worth your while to check the Roland Mobile UA as well.
    Again, emphasis is on work, so no MQA or other features like phone use when you read the post.
  4. TheSnafu
    Tried ME2 with laptop+win10 and home stereo system and i must say that this sounds awesome. Difference and "it's all there" impression is clearer than with my Oppo PM3's.
    Dedicated amp line out connection is great and avoids "slightly too loud" connections. Just listening Westworld soundtrack and damn... great UMPHH and highs. That saloon piano
    with sharp notes...

    One thing i love in ME2+PM3 is how easy they are to listen hours after hours. Not just music but boring lectures with poor audio quality too...

    just my €0.02

  5. Brahmsian
    My ME2 worked for about a day; then suddenly my MacBook stopped recognizing it. The device no longer appears anywhere, not in System Preferences>Sound>Output, not in Audio MIDI, and not in System Information. However, when I plug it into the USB port the Mode light comes on white. The port works with my external hard drive. Any suggestions? I'm about to return the E2 but thought I'd throw this hail mary pass out just in case anybody knows a fix.
  6. chaturanga
    Check it on a PC before returning I think. If it gets power the problem seems to be about Mac settings not ME2.
  7. Dollar2
    Which Macbook do you have? My son has a late 2016 that can get flakey when plugging in USB components. Power is fine but the serial bus can fail to engage. The workaround solution is to get the bus to recognize a different peripheral and then plug in the now with which you are having trouble. My son's problem is not with his ME2, though.
  8. TadMorose
    I went through 2 defective ME2s last year. Both from the same batch sold by a distributor from Quebec. Both got very warm and eventually stopped working. Finally, Meridian sales manager for North America arranged for the 3rd unit to be sent to me from Atlanta. It's been working fine ever since.
  9. Brahmsian
    Mid-2010 MacBook. It looks like the ME2 is going back. I tried all sorts of fixes last night but none worked. I read on some forum that moving it too much while it's plugged into the USB port causes the MacBook to banish the device. Who knows if that's true, but it makes me want to buy a Dragonfly DAC since it just sits there in the port with no wire to move it around. The E2 sounded good while it worked though, even if that was only for a few hours.
  10. chaturanga
    You should contact Apple helpdesk or whatever it's called. Since you could not understand if ME2 was problemous or not, It's not good to send back ME2 and getting Dragonfly IMHO.
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  11. TheSnafu
    Haven't had any problems with ME2, everything worked from the start. Device stays cool, only time
    it gets even slightly warm is when connected to laptop+PM3 using laptops battery only. I have been
    using with Oppo R7+, ASUS win10 laptop and home stereo system.

    Just what chaturanga said, very probably not faulty ME2.

    "moving it too much while it's plugged into the USB port causes the MacBook to banish the device"
    sounds more like macbook/usb-cable problem...

    hope you find solution, cheers
    Brahmsian and chaturanga like this.
  12. Arysyn
    I'm getting a Meridian Explorer2 delivered on Wednesday. I'll listen through it for a bit, and post my impressions of it here soon.
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  13. Arysyn
    Hey everyone,

    I apologize I've been late still posting my impressions of the Meridian Explorer2. I'm going to get the review done soon. In the meantime, I'll say that I think this is a great device, full of increasing detail, and does not artificially increase bass at all from my listening to it. Also helps to minimize any loss in vocal forwardness, though it can't increase it beyond that much depending on what its being the source for.

    I currently am only using it for the HiFiMan RE800, which its helping to keep me satisfied enough from it without getting frustrated by my curiosity the RE800 may be of a different tuning based on the region its sold. Still, I'll leave that issue for the RE800 thread. I mentioned this only to hopefully show my early impression that everything is very good, very positive opinion I have so far of the Meridian Explorer2. Makes me wish Meridian made a Premium $1000 range Dynamic Driver - based iem.
  14. salavat
    Recently plugged my phones (LCD-2) to ME2 phone output and found that volume is very low. Checked all preferences, different apps, etc.. still the same problem..

    I use ME2 MacBook pro (retina 2012), OS is Sierra..

    Any ideas?
  15. harpo1
    Yes the ME2 doesn't have the power to drive the LCD2.
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