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Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by click, Dec 22, 2014.
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  1. chaturanga
    Any idea if following cable could power Meridian Explorer 2 and simultaneously also UAPP could use the ME2 with this single cable? I have LG V20 and it has USB C port for charging and connections.
  2. WhiteKnite
    It depends if your phone throws an error for too much drain on the USB port. I can try tonight on my G5, I have a USB C to mini cable. Mine works with the fiio e07k and will just suck my battery dry if I leave usb charging on.
  3. chaturanga
    That is very good news. So please let me know the result. Thank you very much. 
    If it works for G5 I think will do for V20 because they are from same company and near models for their release dates. 
  4. WhiteKnite
    The problem is, even if it does work it will probably kill your battery very fast.  like too fast to be useable unless you switch to a much higher capacity battery.
  5. chaturanga
    I know that but I want to use it just when I am outside, I now can not use it as a mobile DAC, because it needs 2 cables and 1 powerbank to use, which is far less portable :)
  6. WhiteKnite
    Makes sense then. I'll check tonight after work. I was curious to see if it worked too since we can play MQA through UAPP now.
  7. chaturanga
    Sure! The high end point I am looking for is if UAPP supports some day offline Tidal :) Or any hack appears for rooted devices. 
    So I will wait for your feedback, have a great day. 
  8. shuto77

    IIRC, Davy, the developer of UAPP, said that Tidal's songs in offline mode are encrypted. So, yes, the only theoretical work-around would be a hack, which I wouldn't recommend.
  9. WhiteKnite
    Well, I had to DIY a cable since I forgot I scavenged the plug off my old USB C to Mini, but yes I am now playing MQA from my G5 through UAPP directly to the ME2 with a single cable.  Of course I have burned through about 5% battery in about 5 minutes...  UAPP is really buggy for me tonight, but I'm not sure that is related  to the DAC.  
  10. chaturanga
    Wow so it worked. I will buy the cable and will try if works with LG V20 too. Many thanks!
    1 level drop per minute is huge yes. Is it same while listening HI-FI rather than MQA? 
  11. WhiteKnite
    Didn't spend much time testing, but I assume it is the internal amp drawing power more than the DAC so probably the same.  
  12. chaturanga
    Thanks for your reply. So let's hope Tidal and UAPP makes some kind of agreement. That will be win-win for both side I think.  
  13. WhiteKnite
    By the way that 1% per minute was a very rough estimate. It does drain extremely fast though.
  14. shuto77
    I like the E2 as a vehicle for Tidal MQA on my PC, however, it's not a great Android DAC. It could, however, be a killer Android/iOS DAC with a few changes:
    1) An internal battery, so it doesn't suck the power from the phone/DAP/tablet
    2) A flatter form factor for easier stacking (like the Oppo HA-2/HA-2E)
    3) A more powerful amp section. I'm not saying it needs to have the juice of my Jotunheim, just enough to power efficient over-ear headphones. Even my Encore mDSD is much more powerful, it's half the price at $100.
    They could price this at $50 or $100 higher than the HA-2E, as it has MQA decoding capability. 
    I wonder if Meridian follows this thread.
  15. chaturanga

    That would be perfect! If there is an ME3 project it must have all you mentioned by keeping the DAC quality (better is improving of course)
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