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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. mochill
    300Hr minimium
  2. Grayson73
    Sub bass presence, but neutral IEM overall?
  3. jant71
    Right, though I meant more being cool that they included the third option which many would not and just have the two original replacements. Though i do think it makes sense since they are MMCX to take advantage of non-P1 owner sales. Don't see too much from P1 owners as if they needed a new mic cable they wouldn't buy the non-mic and not too many would replace the audiophile with a standard since the price of the both the P1 and the cable aren't prohibitive.
    Burn what in? The Rockets, Moch?? I'd assume you had the Rockets so you mean them and if the P1 is already ways ahead why worry about any burn in improvement? The market moves and changes fast and the Rockets are getting long in the tooth and are being passed by in the SQ dept. Of course such is the price of progress these days.
  4. twister6 Contributor
    and btw P1 cables have a small enough mmcx connector housing to even fit Westone bean-shaped IEMs.  Westone W- and UM Pro- series doesn't work with every connector, need to use very slim housing.
  5. soundstige
    Yes naturally! Sub-bass is still part of the audio spectrum -- and with the P1 you can actually hear it!
  6. OMGLadyGaga

    But can you feel it man can you feel it :L3000:
  7. gnarlsagan

    What is happening in this thread? Hype train is approaching maximum velocity. Looks like I'm buying these tonight.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor

    'll post some detailed impressions later tonight. Just haven't had time yet.
  9. jant71
  10. twister6 Contributor
    I usually don't post my Vibro Veritas measurements because I don't have a tightly calibrated setup, but this can give you an idea of what to expect from P1 (I took a number of measurements and noticed some variation below 50Hz, could be due to a coupler seal).
  11. audiobot
    How loud do these get straight from the headphone jack? Amp required? I have an iPhone 6.
  12. soundstige
    iPhone 6 would definitely get you to ear splitting volumes on the P1. An extra amp would likely give you a bit more realistic presentation, but I haven't heard the iPhone 6 to compare.
  13. OMGLadyGaga

    That looks rather pleasing, you wouldn't happen to have another set of measurements to use as a reference for comparison would ya, oh pretty please
  14. gnarlsagan

    Wow. Interesting. Uncompensated I assume? Also, I'm going to ignore everything above 5k given your calibration qualifier.
  15. Idsynchrono_24
    That's basically how I hear it from 20 hz to 3 kHz on tonegen. There's roll off at about 40 hz. You're definitely not getting skull vibrating bass from these but the bass is very tight and punchy. The 1-2 kHz dip I get. Don't note a dip at 4 kHz tho and definitely don't get that severe of a dip past 5 kHz. There's a drop off at 6 kHz but then things pick back up at 7-8 kHz for me. That 11 kHz peak is definitely there. If you're more into the smooth tonality of stuff like Rockets or the Tenore I'm not sure these would be for you. The P1's gonna sound more bright, thin in the mids and etched in comparison.
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