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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. tgx78
    I just stumbled upon this thread, because I usually click anything that has to do with 'P1' (like Mclaren P1 or cowon p1)
  2. Antihippy
    Would these be considered as a neutral reference.
  3. Luckbad
    So far, yeah. These are very neutral earphones.
  4. Antihippy
    Cool, thanks for the feedback. While I do love my harmony, they aren't the most neutral iems, so I've been considering something to use as a neutral reference. So far I've been thinking uerr and the Jupiter but these seem up my alley because so far the iems I've liked the most incorporates dynamic drivers.
  5. tinyman392

    I personally wouldn't call them neutral, there is a distinct dip in the lower treble/upper midrange.  Nothing is really lost, but the dip is there and its audible.  Outside of that, yes, it is pretty much neutral.  I say, it's the A161p with a drop in the upper vocals (which some disliked), more treble, and a little more boom without adding the quantity if that makes sense.  All that said, I feel that the dip in the lower treble/upper mids makes them a very easy IEM to digest, kind of like the Westone W4.  
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    :metal_tone2:I freaking love the P1 :metal_tone2:
  7. irrefleumas

    Staahpppp, please staahppp.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    :) Some details a bit later today.
  9. majo123
    cant wait to see some more reviews or personal opinions.....mine dont arrive for another 2 weeks! 
  10. audio123

    oh my should i get?
  11. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    I hope to have my full review up in just a few days.  Just a few things to finish up and mine will be done.
  12. majo123
    brilliant! look forward to it.
  13. majo123
    well i took the chance on these based on twisters review and being a bit sensitive to high frequencies (was gonna purchase dn 2000j) can get earache if things are too bright!....scoured the internet for info, and even though i have not found that much info , so far its all been extremely good!.
  14. audio123

    what iems u use b4 p1?
  15. thatBeatsguy
    Gonna let myself into the Pinnacle hype train! 
    Really stoked to hear these once I receive them. This is gonna be epic.
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