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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. audiobot

  2. lvince95
    Also curious to know how it performs with an iphone 6s. It has fairly high impedance (50 ohms) and low sensitivity (96) for an IEM.
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    Well you guys are pulling me away from work...

    I hear bass pretty strong to 35 hz. 35hz is less than 50 in amplitude but not significant. Roll off really starts for me after 35hz. Bass is less enhanced than rockets over all but extends deeper before significant roll of starts.

    Dip in middle mids at about 1.5hz and rises back at 2 hz and keeps climbing to about 5hz. Dips and then rises again to about 8.5 hz and another peak at 11 or so. Extension is very good. More treble presence than rockets. Rockets will definitely sound n shaped in comparison.

    Overall the signature is balanced with a Harman target type balance. Some Harman target tuned stuff is bass heavy IMO but the P1 is not bass heavy. It's a lighter tuning than say the NAD HP50, which sounds bassy in comparison.
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  4. soundstige
    I own the HP50 (and the PSB M4U 1) and can confirm this sentiment.
  5. shotgunshane Contributor

    Sounds fantastic from my 6S+. Some lower quality or lower volume recordings need a lot of volume to play fairly loud. Only highly dynamic classical would be a potential issue needing an amp.
  6. gnarlsagan
    "Etched" is kinda big and scary. I can get behind the rest of it, except maybe the 1-2k dip. This thread is a roller coaster of emotions.
  7. gnarlsagan
    But "n" is my preferred sig! [​IMG] 
    Thanks for ditching work for us lol. Definitely still on the fence about the mids though. This is one I'm going to have to hear myself.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor

    Mids are not as intimate as rockets, so vocals won't engage to that level. The rockets are pretty awesome at that. However overall clarity is better and distortion guitars will have more crunch and bite.

    Having discussed iems with you over the years, I'm on the fence about how you will feel about the P1. For sure you will respect the tuning and overall package but will you 'connect' with them? IDK.
  9. tinyman392

    Those actually match my measurements...  Actually, pretty spot on from 100 Hz on up.  Notes about my setup (which I have to make every time): it's a DIY setup that costs less than 50 bucks to build :p  There is an obvious roll off in the bass (see raw measurements), the rest is quite accurate.  I've calibrated the bass a bit to match Rin Choi's (remember him?) measurements on the RE-400 (and other IEMs).  
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  10. tinyman392

    In terms of loudness, they'll get plenty loud.  I'm not going to say they are easy to drive by any means.  I actually play them at the same volume (straight out of my 6S) as my HiFiMan HE-400i.  So in reality, they could probably improve quite a bit from amping, and have that potential indeed.  I'm currently driving straight out of my iPhone though.  At some point, I'll test a portable amp like the Vamp Verza I have on hand.  
    I personally can't really talk (from experience about potential though), impedance curves give more information about that as well (to see how they mingle with output impedance)  
  11. Idsynchrono_24
    It's a relative thing. I know you've heard the UERM/K3003. It doesn't have as pronounced a sense of edge as either of those. It's a very clean and detailed sounding phone overall and sounds less "etched" out of my Leck mk II than it does straight out of the iPhone 6. And yeah, this phone takes a bit of grunt to get going. I was surprised how much knob twisting I had to do even out of the Liquid Carbon. That aside, yeah, I think the 1-2 kHz dip will be what you'd take umbrage with, if anything at all, since if you're coming from the Rockets, the sort of recessed nature of the mids might bother you. I know it bothered me at first, and still does to a degree from time to time but it's still early yet. (this is my second day with them) 
  12. Feilong4
    Anyone have these and the Aurisonics Forte to compare?
  13. twibmassa
    Dont know how appropriate this is to discuss on this thread but has anyone looked into trying to take advantage of Mee's rewards program for these. Im ready to buy but the only thing holding me back is thinking I could maybe save 10-25% on them.
  14. Antihippy
    So how does it compare to other iems that are considered totl neutral?
  15. Luckbad
    I used these all day at work today. They sound like a $200 earphone and are built like a $500 earphone.
    I'm playing classical music all weekend (with a few minutes of silence between each track) to burn them in gently. I'll see what they sound like on the other side.
    If the sub-bass picks up a touch and the highs get a little smoother, these will really be downright incredible.
    As it is, they're definitely high value IEMs, but you aren't getting $500 of sound out of them.
    The Ultimate Ears Pro is still better as a TOTL neutral earphone, but it costs $1000.
    As of right now, I don't see myself parting with the Pinnacle P1.
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