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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. paperclip2

    How would these compare to the Westone W30? I can get a pair of W30 for $390 AUD, which is about $100 AUD more than the P1.
    I'm coming from a set of Westone 3 that have recently died.
    Source: Ipod Touch 2
    Music: All genres, but RnB, Kpop and Trance in particular
  2. Trying2Learn
    What kind of other metals are used in this zinc alloy, MEE Audio?
  3. FoxyGrandpa
    Looking for an upgrade to my mee m6 pro. Something with eve so slightly less painful highs . And a little bit more punchy bass. And a cable that is straighter , that doesn't have its own shape ya know . Just falls straight down. Looking at the rha 750 but would it be worth it to get these instead ?
  4. kimD

    Maybe can be option for Macaw GT100s too.
  5. soundstige
    The P1 isn't "painful" per se, but I have the M6 Pro and P1 and if you think the M6 Pro has harsh highs (I find them quite smooth), I really don't think you'd find the P1 suitable.
  6. HiFiDJ
    Do these take up a lot of power? I know they have 50ohm impedance, but do I still need an amp? I'm using Fiio X5ii. If not, low or high gain setting?
  7. soundstige
    Need? No, definitely not with something like the X5ii. High Gain will probably be desired though. The types of devices you'd "need" amping with when using the P1 is stuff like TVs, cheap phones, laptops, etc.
  8. ngoshawk

    I have the rha 750's and the mee m6 pros. I really like them both. The m6 pro is "brighter", with less refined highs, IMO. Good sound stage and instrument separation. But they really are outstanding for <$50. They isolate very well, with the Complys I installed. That said, the 750's are better in pretty much every way. A warmer sound, slightly deeper bass, good clarity, wider soundstage, and instrument separation. I bought mine for $61 on Amazon as an open box. They were quite unimpressive for a long time, to the point I was wondering what to do with them...muddy, confused with complicated music (probably source music dependent), and just not quite right. But just recently they have opened up and sound very full. A good warm sound through either my iPhone 6+ with an e6 amp or my Fiio x3ii with the a3 amp. Good quality, excellent fit and sound. A better overall iem than the m6 pro...and I really like my m6 pros. The RHA's are very impressive now.

    I liken the m6 pro to a Japanese hot hatch car...excellent fun to drive, but leaves you wondering what is above it...and that would be the 750's which to me are a Scottish kilt wearing single malt drinking gent driving an Aston Martin. They take getting used to, but are well worth it. Warm and dark, but inviting.

    All of that said, I will probably purchase the Pinnacle P1's to replace the m6 pros. I will keep the 750's, though. I really, really like them. I hope this helps, and best of luck!
  9. HiFiDJ
    I see. Thanks, just wanted to make sure.
  10. Painful Chafe
    REL makes magic happen in speaker systems. I've got a set of Quad 22L2 with a Strata.
  11. FoxyGrandpa
    Thanks So much you jus sold me on the rha 750, i hope i can find as good a deal as you did
  12. nhat134
    You should check the sell/trade forum, they are being sold for less than $75 right now.
  13. HiFiDJ
    No comparison yet on this vs RHA T20?
  14. PeterDLai
    Has anybody that ordered through this received any updates?
  15. audiobot

    Got my ups tracking a few days ago. Shipping estimate is friday. I'l take pics and post them when i receive my pair.
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