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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. chompchomps
    Furthermore you wont get nagged at for all the gear you are buying!
  2. audiobot
    All right guys/gals. Get em while its hot. Rakuten has these for $129.99 [​IMG] ($2.98 shipping to NY)
    Just incase the deal is too good to be true, Google protection is available for free (Rakuten is a Google trusted store). There is also a 45-day return policy. Yea! Yea!
  3. younglee200
    I saw that as well - couldn't pull the trigger in case of fakes and whatnot.  Does Google protection work for those?
  4. audiobot
    Yea. It's an extra incentive if for some reason your rakuten return runs into a problem. The Rakuten return policy is solid, the seller is at 95% positive feedback (mainly sells audio ads - 4,718 feedback comments). The risk is worth it since running into fake mee audio product is not common at all given the budget pricing. 
  5. younglee200
    My Mom always told me that if things in life that are usually too good to be true are too good to be true.  Ordered one anyways - let's see where this goes!
  6. robm321
    WTH? Mine just shipped from Amazon. That's a huge mark up, if they are going for super cheap already. 
  7. audiobot

    Hey in the world of audio, nothing surprises me. These are already a steal at $200 given the glowing reviews. Just know u at least have someone on the forum who will be awaiting the item as well. I ordered under 3 layers of protection Paypal, Rakuten, and Google protection. I feel comfortable with the order. 
    robm321 likes this.
  8. Waqar
    Do they do international shipments, or is the seller only shipping too the us hmm.
  9. audiobot
    don't know. proceed to check out to see if they do.
  10. Waqar

    Does not seem like it, well ill just use the forward shipping service then, i already have one of these gonna buy me a backup pair.
  11. ngoshawk
  12. PeterDLai
    Hopefully they aren't selling open box/returns like the one that XxMerlinxX received from a "marketplace" seller like this one.
  13. audiobot

    Ahh! Could be right. I will make sure to inspect thoroughly. It is listed as brand new so any issue will give me grounds for a return. 
  14. willywill
    Thanks for the link, i was able to place a order before it was sold out, i hope they don't cancle my order.
  15. robm321
    I hope it works out. What a deal. I'd imagine it's legit. I've seen this happen many times before.
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