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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. Waqar
    Ok, just listned too these. WOW, this is really like really good value for 199$ the cables the build the materials scream Quality. They look good, and the fit is easy and comfortable with these. The sound well it is a upgrade from my vsonic gr07 there is no doubt about that for me. And the gr07 are really good sounding on their own. But remember garbage inn on these are garbage out. They reveal the source and material quality. And yes the micro details, soundstage, the base is quick, the mids are sweet sounding. And the treble is soo good sounding for me. These are my impressions after a quick listen.
  2. praneethbm
    Can anyone compare these to multi BA IEMs like Logitech UE 900s or the NuForce Primo 8s or is that too tall an order?
  3. packersfan125
    quick question,  are these bass-light?  Meaning what is the bass level compared to say the RE-400 or GR07 regular/bass edition?
  4. soundstige
  5. packersfan125
    well then I guess its between this and the rha t20.  Looks like the P1 has a 2 year warrenty based on MEE's site, decisions decisions
  6. irrefleumas

    I want to know too, since im using primo 8 :)
  7. majo123

    Had mine a week now and already posted about quality, fit, sound etc etc and seems were all pretty much unanimous!
    I agree with the above, these really Do show up poor recordings and give them good recording and source and they sing.
  8. nhat134
    I am curious about its soundstage, any one have a Havi B3 pro I, could you make a comparison between these two?
  9. Antihippy
    Hey luckbad, I recall you saying that your p1 reminds you of the hd600. Can you give more comparisons between those 2? Starting to think that the hd600 is what I want.
  10. Mouseman
    Can anyone compare the P1s to ATH-IM70s? I'm curious how a dual dynamic compares to this single dynamic that is getting such rave reviews.
  11. audio123

    there is no need to compare. the p1 is superior to im70 in every aspect. Drivers count do not matter. Examples: DITA, Flare Audio, Final Audio Design
  12. Mouseman

    Thanks. So is there anything in this price range that can compare, or should I just pull the trigger? I was also looking at the Dunu DN-2000Js, but that comparison has been addressed elsewhere. Ever since I got my pair of Ostry KC06As, I'm now looking for even better sound and performance (although they are really, really good for the price).
  13. packersfan125
    Has anyone tried these with a Sony Walkman? Preferably an NWZ series?
  14. robm321
    Cancelled my Amazon order and went to B&H. Looks like they are pre-order only. Wondering if back orders are being filled or if I'm just looking in the wrong places, because it seems you guys are receiving yours? 
  15. M3NTAL
    I did the same thing. It was the first time Amazon let me purchase something with Prime shipping and not notify me of un-availability. After a few days with no shipping update, I went to B&H and saved a few bucks from the Amazon tax. We'll see if B&H does the same thing.
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