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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. majo123
    I bought mine from expo through amazon ,shipped to the uk , took about a week ,good delivery and product was exactly as described seem like a good seller to me.
  2. Mojo777
    Any comparisons to the T20 yet? I'm still in the return window :grinning:
  3. HardstyleLoco96
    Hey hey hey :grin: My loving how these look, but I got some some requests if anyone is interested in letting me know how they sound. I'd like someone to test out Eye D & Dj Hidden Ascender, Eye D & Dj Hidden Battlefield, Eye D & Dj Hidden Break You, 16 Bit Lolitas No Body Seems To Care, Plastic Angel Call The Galaxy Taxi (Martin Roth's Nu Style Mix), Pusha T Blocka, King Leez That Ain't Love (Ft Pusha T & Raz Simone), Wu Tang Clan The Heart Gently Weeps, Wu Tang Clan Ruckus In B Minor, Embrionyc Neurastenic, Embrionyc Dance Little Bird, Domased Electronica Feat Venes Dark & Light, Vitalic Allan Dellon, Vitalic Fade Away, The Prodigy Breathe, The Prodigy Narayan, The Prodigy Climbatize, Die Antwoord Ugly Boy, Die Antwoord Happy Go Suky ****y and the last songs are for metal heads. Rotting Christ In Yumen / Xibalba. Choose any of the songs that interest you and please let me know, I really do like the looks of these iems but I just want to get an idea of how they sound :)
  4. gnarlsagan
    Woah Amazon delivered these super early. Commencing listening...

    And yeah Hardstyle I'll check out some Prodigy for you. :)
  5. Trying2Learn
    I have a Fidue A73, and at first the logical upgrade seemed to be the A83. Then I was ya know typical head-fier just nosing around the forums and then the ER4 was really interesting! Then, I was looking at the DN2000J with a hungry eye. Now all this hype over the P1, oh my. My interest is piqued for sure. Anyone have a A73, or 83 to compare the P1 to?
  6. soundstige
    I have the ER4, A73, A83, and P1. A73 cannot really be compared to the other three IMO. Too harsh, too unrefined in comparison.
    The A83, ER4, and P1 are all excellent midrange performers. A83 has a very definite V shape, ER4 has a flat signature, and P1 has a mostly-flat signature with mild bass boost around 60-100Hz and a tiny dip in upper mids. The treble on the P1 is easily the most refined and detailed. Bass on the A83 is louder and thumpier but not as tight as the ER4 or P1. ER4's bass is low-decibel but dips low and is very tight and textured. The ER4 has a really dry and narrow headstage compared to the wide headstage of the A83 and P1. Being a triple drive, the A83 is actually quite noticeable incoherent at times, whereas the single-driver setup in the ER4 and P1 is always coherent and has good rhythm/timing.
    I literally have brain tuning towards the ER4 where I enjoy listening to them even when I have more detailed, more capable IEMs (i.e I am biased towards ER4). Despite that, I would say the P1 is the strongest performer of the three. It doesn't have the razor-sharp detail brain-impregnation ability of the ER4, but it has much of the same PRaT, more airy treble, a wider sound stage, better build quality/fit/accessories, and takes the same "fun" thump and shine of the A83 and makes it a much more cohesive picture in your head.
  7. Trying2Learn
    That sounds utterly amazing, thank you so much for the great response. I'm still trying to imagine, how much bass quantity the P1 has? I find that the A73 can have a tad too much bass at times, especially during critical listening sessions, as opposed to daily commute. Man, this hype.
  8. HardstyleLoco96
    . Hehe thanks, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinion :)
  9. soundstige
    The P1 has, if I really had to put a wild number on it, about half the bass of the A73. For bass volume only, A73 > A83 > P1 > ER4. A73 and A83 are kind of unrefined compared to P1 and ER4.
  10. audio123
  11. Xaborus
    Buying these as soon as new stock comes in. As much as I adore my Ath-R70x's, I find it much easier/relaxing to use in-ears.
  12. ezekiel77

    Lol me too. As soon as I decided it was sold out. More patience needed.
  13. strrstarrynight
    good idea to switch over from the er4s? as they really hurt my ears(probably due to the nature of the tips being tri-flanged).
  14. zibra
    has anyone listened P1 with Aune B1?
    I want to listen to it from Samsung S6 generally but Wonder how much amp like Aune B1 would improve SQ​.
    Twister6 - could you please compare for example Note4 with external amp to some ​ DAPs? I read Oppo/Note 4 wasnt any better than N4 alone?​
  15. Waqar
    Just bought one, cant wait:)
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