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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. jant71
    Yeah, not a refurb. Seems somebody bought, saw the glue issue and returned but not before trying them out some. Then the dodgy retailer just sold them again as if they were new most likely. Maybe it was that retailer themselves opening one up and trying them out to demo and just selling that pair anyway. Probably better to order from MEE direct and be safest as far as service, have an account with them, join the rewards program, and get points.
  2. Grayson73
    So are intimate mids the most important to "engage" and "connect" with vocals?  Is that why I like the Tenore so much?  What other IEMs have intimate mids like the Tenore, but are a step up?
  3. shotgunshane Contributor

    I think so. The rockets vocals are intimate and very engaging. Perhaps the rockets would be worth a try for you?
  4. soundstige
    I agree with Shane. I would say the Rockets are a direct step up from IEMs like Tenore and Hifiman RE-400. Very similar vocal-centric signature with a more-or-less balanced but still n-shaped signature. While I vastly prefer the MEE P1 for my music over the Rockets, there's no denying it's an excellent performer for the particular sound you mention.
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  5. jant71
    I had the Rockets and the "ref" Tenore and the Rockets mids and vocals are much better and more engaging. I thought the Tenore was very well tuned and balanced and and airy but I got bored with it. I would never get bored with the Rockets midrange. Saying very similar vocal-centric may give the impression they are close but the Rockets mids bring a decent bit more than the Tenore are capable of resolving. Rockets like more juice to give the balance of the Tenore or the bass and treble can be shy. EQ works too. Loved the Sony Heavy preset that was a decent V shaped of low and high boosting. An easier fit and a more even bass/mid/treble balance unamped were the two things the Tenore did better than the Rockets. [​IMG]
  6. twister6 Contributor
    Since we recently talked about MEE Audio offering their Pinnacle cables as a separate purchase, I wanted to post a few shots of their standalone packaging (of SPC).  As you aware, these have a universal mmcx connector which you can use with your Westones, Shures, Fidues, Oriveti, etc.
    The silver-plated cable is available for $49.99: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BH6Z3NO/ and they also have headset cable for $34.99 (in the same amazon link).
    meeaudio_spc-01.jpg   meeaudio_spc-02.jpg
    meeaudio_spc-03.jpg   meeaudio_spc-04.jpg
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  7. gnarlsagan

    Agreed. Love love love the Rockets mids. Can't wait to compare with the P1. They should be here in another two weeks or so...
  8. Idsynchrono_24
    Damn gnarl. 2 weeks? Did you use Pony Expresss shipping or what :l
  9. gnarlsagan

    Nah I had an Amazon gift card to use, and they're out of stock for a couple weeks. :cry:
  10. azel831
    If anybody has listened to the PFE232. How would these compare? In resolution and Bass.
  11. soundstige
    Resolution is about the same (or better on P1) everywhere except upper mids. Treble extension is similarly expansive, but I found PFE232 harsh where P1 is clean and smooth all the way. Otherwise they're fairly similar from what I recall.
  12. azel831

    WOW! I just found my next pair of in ears.cant wait to get them.
  13. majo123
    just got my p1s today after a 2 week wait, first impressions are (after an hours listening) A. extremely comfortable , B. pretty neutral , C. the level of detail for the money is in my opinion amazing!  seem pretty balanced and feel just need tightening up with a bit of burn in  , so all in all pretty pleased [​IMG] ( sorry if my descriptions are not detailed enough but im pretty much a noobie ) playing through x7 with e12a ...looking forward to how much theyl prob improve after 50 hours !
  14. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    My Pinnacle P1 Review:
    Shortened Version:  They are Awesome.
  15. willywill
    Subaru Impreza P1 only 1000 made, anyway back on track, that Amzon seller Electronics Expo is only a few blocks away from me
    i might stop by and see what the P1 sound with the Sony ZX2
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