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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. audio123

    STAHP! [​IMG]
  2. audio123
    DAYUM every thread on HeadFi is poison hehe[​IMG]
  3. Waqar
    Haha, yes this one seems too tick all the boxes for me. I tried to resist for a few weeks but i was not strong enough. At least i i resisted  almost 3 weeks.
    Thanks too all this great feedback, and the reviews on these i had too pull the trigger.
    So thanks guys i suppose? Haha.
  4. audio123

    get flc8s your next iem. just tagged you in the thread hehe
  5. XxMerlinxX
    So my second set has arrived.
    The bass extension and clarity is better on this second set, I'm thinking the first set wasn't sealed properly.  Unfortunately, one of the IEMs in the new set quits producing sound if the plug moves at all.  I tried it with two different cables and was able to reproduce the abrupt loss of sound with both of them.  I think these would be a fantastic deal for the amount of money paid if I could get a non-defective set.
    FYI, the first set was serial number 085, this second set is number 043.  Back to Amazon they go!  I'll give them one last shot, if I don't get a perfectly functioning pair of IEMs this next time around, I'll just have to move on to something else.
  6. posnera
    Can anyone give a comparison to TF10?  They are the only higher end IEM I've used.
    I would prefer something that lies flat and is more comfortable.  From what I'm reading, these seem very appealing.  I like the fast/tight bass and overall clarity that the TF10 have.
  7. gnarlsagan
    Okay these things are really confusing my delicate sensibilities. Not ready to comment on sound yet. However, the total package might be the best I've ever seen.
    Luckbad likes this.
  8. audio123
    Kenny Li is a genius
  9. ezekiel77
    Bought yours?
  10. audio123

    not yet ):
  11. Xaborus
    The audio gods have forsaken us. image.jpg
  12. ezekiel77
    Good things come to those who wait.
  13. Antihippy
    How much was the shipping from mee audio?
  14. Luckbad
    After more than a week with the Pinnacle, I'm still enjoying them. That means they've officially outlasted several dozen other earphones.
    They're the closest IEM I've heard to the signature of the HD600. I personally prefer the HD650, but I'm not complaining. The bass isn't as pronounced as I'd like, but they're so good otherwise that I still love them.
    Great detail, soundstage, and an overall excellent signature. Relatively neutral compared to most, but still with a slight boost down low and up high.
    I'm very sensitive to treble and haven't had a problem with it yet, which is surprising to me because it has a little more treble than most of my preferred headphones.
    The build quality is second to none. The isolation is better than any IEMs I've owned. The fit is outstanding.
    Just a really great package at a really nice price.
    For maximum isolation at work, I've been using the Monster SuperTips (the foam type). They're a lot easier to deal with when taking them out and putting them back in repeatedly as people try to talk to me.
    I really like that they can handle my amplifier. I'm actually using them primarily with a tube amp (Garage1217 Project Sunrise III). They also do really well with the iFi iCAN SE and Audio-GD Master-11. My favorite pairing so far is MHDT Labs Atlantis (non-oversampling R-2R tube dac) with a Western Electric JW 2C51 tube going into my Garage1217 Project Sunrise III with an Electro-Harmonix 12BH7 Gold Pin tube.
    It's an utterly euphonic experience that I can have without my coworkers disturbing my thoughts due to the excellent isolation.
    As an added bonus, if I build up any static walking around the office, it discharges the moment I touch the P1!
  15. XxMerlinxX
    I beg to differ.
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