MDR-EX1000 cable replacement

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  1. Raketen
    Hopefully it wasn't the flimsy US version stock cable you were soldering...doing wires that small I think would drive me insane :dizzy_face:

    @kms108 Where did you find the right angled Pentaconn? I think instead of reterminating I will just make an adapter or two if I get the upcoming ZX300.
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  2. kms108
    I think I seen someone post a photo here, just did some searching, it's available for pre order from e earphones Japan for 10800 yen for the OFC and 6800 yen the non OFC, since I'm on the phone ATM, will post links later on.
  3. all999
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  4. ttt123
    The cable was the Japanese version, labelled EX1000. Multiple strands of small diameter litz wire for each connection. Twisted them together, and then burned off the insulation on the strands, to expose the bare wire. I suspect that the EX800 cable probably has a similar construction, though with a different purity of wire. I think I read that it was OFC, versus 6n for the EX1000 cable.
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  5. kms108
    EX600 and EX800 are just normal OFC, the US version EX1000 comes with the EX600 cable, countries like Japan and Hong Kong will get the EX1000 cable.

    The EX1000 cable is 7N.
  6. Raketen
    ~$60 for non-OFC... Yikes, that's some Furutech type pricing schedule.
  7. kms108

    I emailed to him, here is the quoted cost, and it's rather expensive, so i'm still considering.

    4000yen labour cost for each piece, total 8000yen for both Left and Right

    5800yen for the EX parts

    890yen for the MMCX parts

    Total 14690yen (including tax 15865 yen)

    This is for the matt black.

    Optional cost

    Glossy finish + 2000yen

    Tone adjustment correspondence + 1500yen (including colors other than black, selection include, white, transparent, clear color and metallic type)

    Metallic type requires glossy finish, + 2000yen and 1500yen

    Shipping will be handled only by EMS in case of overseas shipping, shipping fee will vary depending on the area of residence. In addition, 1000 yen is separately paid as a packing / shipping fee.

    We accept your quotation and enter the production queue by depositing via PayPal. Please note that payment with PayPal will cost 4% commission.

    The total amount you will pay is "(Product fee + EMS shipping + packing · shipping fee) xPayPal payment commission 4%".
    We have received 10 to 25 business days from the date we received payment and received confirmation. Currently it is shipping in around 10 business days.
  8. kms108

    Thanks for the information first, in Japan recently during my visit I had reterminated 3 cables, 2 being the sony EX1000 and one being a final audio cable, got 1 pentaconn OFC and 2 normal pentaconn, both right angle version. After the reterminate of the cable, I do have the cut off, of the existing 3.5mm plug, and it does clearly show 4 strand of cable, apparently I think I lost one of the cables:sweat_smile:, either I threw it away by mistake or it's still in my room somewhere, as I had my room refurbished, and it's a mess.

    I will post photo ASAP.
  9. kms108
    I did three cables one OFC and 2 normal one, then I also had to add 6000yen (53 USD) for the retermination for each cable.
  10. azabu
    The 2 pin adapters arrived from E4UA. Masao san did an amazing job, and he's a pleasure to communicate even via Google Translate.

    The Effect Audio Lionheart cables pair well with every iem so far, nice work from Eric and his team.


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  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Oh that looks sweet! Nice!
  12. Nihilus
    So, i just bought an ex1000 cable for my 7550. Is there a trick to removing the stock 7550 cable? I've tried twisting/pulling but I'm worried I'm going to break something with the force I'm putting on it with nothing happening. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. kms108
    You just twist clockwise to loosen it, anti clockwise to tighten.
  14. Isloo
    I would be grateful if someone could help me confirm if the cables for the ex1000, ex800 and ex600 are all interchangeable? Thinking of buying an ex800 and want to buy a balanced cable as well. Thanks.
  15. kms108
    Yes and no, but don't bother buying the ex800 if you intend to get custom made cables.
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