MDR-EX1000 cable replacement

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  1. Raketen
    In the past I read about some people using the connectors from Lunashops to make their own cables with success, they also make a relatively cheap cable.
    IDK if eBay UK does imports from Japan but the US site has a lot Japanese exporters selling the ex1000 cable.
  2. deafdoorknob
    IMG_4342.JPG IMG_4341.JPG
    they are here and working great so far (fingers crossed)
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  3. all999
    Great to hear it works for you. Please remind me, if this is ultra short ones or a regular adapters? Was it 120 for a pair? Is there a store on his site or do I need to write him what I need?
    I'm also getting my EX1000 inserted little deeper than you so I would like to get a shortest adapters as possible.
  4. deafdoorknob
    mine are the ultrashort ones, but here they also have a version whose connection angle is different

    yes it's approx 120$ pair but there's also shipping

    they also seem willing to reterminate your own cables with genuine ex1000 plugs
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  5. all999
    Did You get Your cable back?
  6. Sarnia
    Not yet...
  7. ttt123
    Just thought I'd update on this TaoBao adapter that works on the EX1000 !
    ( I also enquired at, and it was around USD165 total. So I decided to try the TaoBao one first, as kms108 had reported that they worked on his EX600.)
    • [​IMG]
    Found a picture of the brass one.
    Just got the brass one, EXK-MMCX. (not the resin one in the picture) It's the more expensive one you get when selecting the 7n option, for CNY366.00 (US$56.00). The adapter is so small, it fits inside the EX1000 socket, and you just see the faceplate/MMCX showing above the collar.

    The description on the web site is: copper thread, 4n silver pin(regular) or 7n silver pin optional. The socket (MMCX?) uses 4n sterling silver pins, silver solder.

    This adapter fits the EX1000. The right side went in smoothly, the left side had to fiddle with it a bit, and was a little tighter, but went in OK. Am listening to the EXK through a Dita Truth cable, awesome interchangeable plug system, with a 4.4mm plug to the Sony WM1Z. Very nice.

    Now that I know they fit, I will order an EXK-CM adapter, and that will allow me to use any of the cables I have, which are either MMCX or CM

    Another adapter, that does NOT fit the EX1000:
    CNY189.00 (USD29.00) ( Company name Gongsakura )
    Got this one also, while a friend was helping me to order from TaoBao. DOES NOT FIT THE EX1000 !!!
    These would not fit the EX1000, I tried a small amount of force, and stopped, as was afraid of damaging the EX1000 socket or collar. Might fit the EX800/600, as I believe they take a slightly wider (at the tip) plug. Don't know, though, as I do not have either to try. I may try to file the plug contacts down, as I think they are too thick, which is why they do not go into the EX1000. But no urge at the moment, as I now have a working adapter, which is a better quality than this one. I'll keep it as a reserve.

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  8. kms108
    Why not just buy them from or many places in Japan like e-earphones or amazon japan (amazon japan needs a new registration, cannot use the US login details.), if they don't send them to your country or you have problems with the site, use a buying agent/shipping agent to help make the purchase.

    i've purchased original EX1000 and EX600 cables from Taobao, i've also had cables sent direct from Japan.
  9. kms108
    Does he have a shop in Japan, I would like to make some purchase during my visit.
  10. deafdoorknob
    you can always email him and ask. afaik, all his stuff are made to order and he is based in osaka.
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  11. kms108
    In your opinion, which one do you think is the best one to use, i kind of like the one you have.

    It's a shame i will be visiting Tokyo and fukushima, not going anywhere near osaka, do you know the turn around time for the order, hoping to place a order whiles in Japan and have it shipped to my hotel.

    Just one more question, hopefully you know the answer, do you know if the stock EX1000 cable able to convert to 4.4mm balanced, does it have 4 individual strand from plug to left and right connectors, I have 4 pairs and was hoping to convert one to 4.4mm with the new pentaconn 5 OFC L shape plug.
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  12. ttt123
    The EX1000 stock cable has 4 wires at the plug. I bought a 2nd hand EX1000, which had a working short cable, but the long cable (ex1000 cable) had a broken wire close to the plug. Moving the wire, you could hear the connection being made intermittently. I was OK with that, as I intended to re-terminate to a 4.4mm plug anyways. When I did, I found that the wire strands are litz, with insulation around each strand that I had to burn off with the soldering iron/hot solder first, before soldering onto the plug. So yes, the stock cable definitely has 4 wires at the plug end and can be used with the 4.4mm balanced plug. I still have difficulties soldering onto those small plug contacts. Might be the wrong soldering iron, my solder (WBT 4% silver) may be too old, etc. I managed to complete the job and get it working, but it was not a nice quick job. I was really struggling with it. I notice the shops and people used to doing it have a much easier time, so I still have some learning/practice to do.

    Oh, the stock cable sounds pretty good on the 4.4mm. I did not spend much time on the SE TRS, so can't really give much of a comparison, though.
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  13. kms108
    Thanks, I intend to do the 4.4mm retermination on the Sony cable and a final Audio cable. To do a good soldering job, you need to clear the metal surface from all contaminations, and use a good quality flux liquid or paste for the type of soldered used and the right temp.
  14. ttt123
    I just started using a Goot 30W iron, and got some flux paste for the next try. Before, I only depended on the flux that was in the solder core, which I gather is not enough. Is a 30W iron adequate for the job? Or need a temperature controlled iron? My WBT solder is probably over 15 years old, and I'm wondering if that is a factor...though I can't see solder actually aging....
  15. kms108
    Not really experiences on this, I just know basic soldering, but have done this for years, i always use my company soldering iron, it's a professional temperatured controlled.
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