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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. kidult-online
    Yes, there's 1 year official warranty and 14 days return policy. However, the amp will not restock until next week. Thanks!
  2. kidult-online
    Yes, there's 1 year official warranty and 14 days return policy. However, the amp will not restock until next week. Thanks!
  3. Fir33
    Bought Pro Version 
    Will collect money to Audeze LCD -2 :wink:
    Thanks for your impression
  4. cimbolic
    I wonder why they chose to have a Headphone Output Impedance of 12ohms?

    That and the price (compared to the Geek Pulse) is what's keeping me from pulling the trigger.
  5. Fir33
    I wonder how to change it to 384 kHz ? :wink:
    Can't see 384 kHz in list .
    All my music in 44.1 kHz
    Is there any reason to make higher sample rate?
  6. Chodi
    There is no reason. Some people claim that oversampling improves the soundstage. I think in my system using foobar and sox to do the upsampling it just make things a little brighter which might give the impression of more detail. Redbook source material (44.1) isn't going to reveal more information by higher oversampling. Now if you own some high resolution source material (most is available in 24bit/96khz) you might hear a difference. Higher 384khz is for very high resolution and there is not much available for that at your local cd shop. The jury is out on if there will ever be a lot of material for those higher rates available. Personally, I think whatever the virtues of those high resolution discs it would be years before they replace the thousands of 44.1 discs on the shelf. It may go the way of 8 track or it may become all the rage but it will take years. For now I think it is more marketing than anything else.
    P.S. Yes, I am aware that you can use J River to simulate the 384khz DSD Super Audio resolution but it is a simulation.
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  7. Maxvla Contributor
    384 is actually not in use by any standard. DSD is 1bit/2.8MHz or 5.6MHz. DXD is 24bit/352.8kHz.

    I find with upsampling it smooths things out and makes them more dull. Typically this results in worse sound, but with the Mini-I Pro it balances out its aggressive nature.
  8. Fir33
    I know that 384 is 
    Yeah , i know 
    But i can't even make this number appears!
    I see it on screenshots of other ppl , but there is no option to make it ! i'm just curious :wink:
    The maximum i can switch is 192 
    Thanks to all for answers
  9. Fir33
    Next to buy LCD-2 :wink:
    Sorry for 2 messages 
  10. kidult-online
  11. Fir33
    I'm using USB input . 
    I don't have even 192 kHz file , but i can change it to 192 kHz  1.jpg
    Screenshots above shows that people changed to 384 .
    There is no option to make higher than 192 kHz  .
    All drivers from official site . 
    I want to make sure that device works properly  .
    I'm curious :wink:
  12. Maxvla Contributor
    You have to use your playback software to upsample the file.
  13. Hellenback

    You've mentioned this aggressiveness or harshness in the top end a few times both in the review and comments. It must have a very different sound signature than the original Mini-i as it is anything but harsh...
    I'd venture to say the opposite as I hear the original as quite smooth and warm. I suppose it could be the ESS DAC chip as it's said by some to be quite bright in most implementations.
  14. Fir33
    For test i found some classic music  in 24 bit / 384 kHz 
    What should i do to change kHz here?  2.jpg
    As i can see here http://www.head-fi.org/t/695880/lightbox/post/10251119/id/1036556
    352.8 kHz 
    How to change 192 kHz to 358.8 kHz or 384 kHz ?
    Found the answer
  15. 3rdmortal
    Its quite stange to read about "aggressive nature of Mini-i Pro". I`ve listened to it with different heaphones (242 HD, 990 Pro, 770 Pro) and i can say that Mini-i Pro sounds rather smooth and a little bit dark. No aggressiveness at all.
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