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Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Mar 1, 2018.
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  1. alphanumerix1
    yep just realized, thanks!
  2. MacMan31
    Okay thank you. I'm still debating whether this is a worthwhile upgrade from the Aune X7S. I have that paired with the Massdrop Grace SDAC.
  3. davisman
    I have had my amp for a few days now and I have to say it is darn good for the asking price. Like others have said, good clean power and a nice punchy sound that can be bright at times. If I had to nitpick, it would be the staging seems wonky to my ears. It doesn't seem to handle directional audio as well as I would like, and the stage can be flat.

    That is compared to my Mjolnir 2 via with good NOS tubes via Gumby a2 balanced out, so YMMV.

    Overall I would say that it is very well built, has good connectivity, and priced very well. You could do a lot worse!
  4. CoFire
    Any comparisons to a Gilmore Lite Mark II? Monoprice Liquid Platinum?
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  5. tim0chan
    listening done via the gumby with the thx?
  6. davisman
    Yes using the balanced output.
  7. MacMan31
    Can you describe the wonky sound stage a bit more? I'm trying to decide if this is a worthwhile upgrade to the Aune X7S.
  8. Baten
    Comparing tube sound to good solid state like this seems normal the stage is more flat on the THX. If anything, the tubes artificially widen the sound and the solid state is more faithful but I guess better not to open that can of worms.. :D Just saying I'm not surprised you note that change.
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  9. gtbrown50
    I received mine yesterday, and closely inspecting it I have no doubt it is pristine and absolutely brand new. I can also say that having listened to it with my Yggy for a few hours it is everything the reviews say, transparent, powerful, flexible and very well thought out.

    I just ordered a second one for use with my Gumby.
  10. gtbrown50
    I'm using mine single ended....and for me its sound is what I wanted, deep bass, very resolving highs and outstanding overall. I'm extremely impressed.
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  11. Baten
    Nice. Congrats!
  12. heliosphann
  13. MacMan31
    I'm only using SE at the moment as well with my Aune X7S but I wouldn't mind going XLR at some point. I'm really itching to grab this amp due to all the great reviews but I'm not sure if it's a significant enough upgrade from the X7S. Though it may pair that much nicer with my Massdrop Grace SDAC.
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  14. davisman
    Yes, it is like 3 blobs. Left right and center.

    Fair point, thats why I worded my post the way I did. Even still, this amp suffers from the three blobs. None of my other SS amps are like this. Mjolnir 2 w/lisst, Asgard 2.
  15. MacMan31
    Hmm interesting. So the sound doesn’t sweep back and forth across the sound stage. I wonder if it’s due to the DAC or headphones you’re using?
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