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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Assimilator702
    I don't think he covered the hole enough to have an affect. What maybe 2% at the most? And without measuring you can't say for sure it's ineffective.
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  2. PeteMtl
    I haven’t heard the HD660S yet, but the graphs show that the HD58X have a significantly better sub bass extension than the HD660S. So I wouldn’t compare the bass end of the 660 to the 58x, maybe yes for the low mids. I haven’t heard the mids of the 580, but if they are close to the 600, then no the 58x do not have mids close to the 580. The mids are closer by graphs to the 660S, with the dip in the 2-3khz region. Same for the treble. As a matter of fact, the graphs of the 58x and 660S are very close from the higher bass/low mids up to the treble (125hz and up to 20000hz). The sub bass to bass (20hz-125hz) is completely different on the 58x though. The 58x has more sub bass extension than any other (600, 650, 660S, 500 series), without the famous mid bass bump of the 650. The 58x is unique. However the mids of the 58x are also unique: they do not match the 600 or 650’s smooth, natural sounding mids that made the Sennheiser 600 series famous. The mids are good, but definately not famous: they sound colder and dryer in nature. You won’t get goose bumps out of listening to female voices (or male for that matter, let’s not be sexist) out of the 58x. I would even say that they have slightly shouty mids (though far less shouty than my Senns HD4.40 BT, which are still fair sounding in the mids). You will rather feel better firmer bass out of EDM music. But don’t expect Beats rap type sub bass here. These are still audiophile quality headphones.
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  3. volly
    Me: While watching all these poor Sennheiser's getting dissected! :open_mouth:
  4. BobSmith8901
    General question regarding Massdrop and the HD58X: If a person joins Massdrop today in order to purchase the HD58X, will that person get their headphones shipped immediately or will they have to get in a queue and wait for some indeterminate amount of time? I'm in Canada and not currently a Massdrop member so was just curious as the 58X seems like such a good deal.

    From Massdrop today:
    "Note: This drop will close once we reach 4,758 total units sold. Standard shipping is free to US members and $15 per unit internationally. Each member can purchase up to five (5) HD 58Xs.

    This item is in stock and will ship in 2–3 business days with standard shipping. Expedited shipping in the contiguous US is available at checkout. Your payment method will be charged 2 hours after joining. Cancellations are accepted until that time. The drop will launch and end each day to collect purchases."

    But I know from reading this thread that folks can wait for months after they place their order. But maybe that was just after it was announced and before it was in stock. Any clarification greatly appreciated!
  5. Rob80b
    Not going to happen.....drop is finished...currently no more available and too soon to know if there will be another...
    Your best bet is to keep an eye on Canuckaudiomart or CAM for short and see if any start to show up in the next few weeks.
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  6. Anarion
    You can't buy them at the moment.
  7. Mark Up
    No sense in comparing it to any other open Sennheiser in low bass response. It has more extension and quantity than all of the HD5-- HD6-- HD700 HD800 /800s. Only the Orpheus for hundreds of times the price, extends farther with more impact. To me it most resembles the HD650 which has a bit less sub bass, a very tiny bit more from its high bass to the high mids while that gives it more vocal focus some enjoy, it can cloud the HD650 a bit. Mids compared to anything but an HD6-- series are still above average in quantity and quality for open and closed cans in general. It has a touch more air above 10 khz. That is the difference I hear. It is similar of not a touch wider to my ears that other HD6-- HD5-- & less than HD700 or 800s.

    There is that sort of height and bigness (not related to bass or space, just big natural realism) that defeats almost everything I'd heard under $500, with surprisingly fast bass for an open set. Compared to my Sony MDR-1A (with Meze 99 pads) which have arguably the best subs I've heard, the HD58X, despite having less, is almost as fast there, you hear the "air" on the kicks and low toms. After a really long burn in that has increased, yet the low mids are still clean, and the treble is as detailed as you can get, while still being smooth and not having any sibilance. The fact that it can hang with cans that are 2 / 3 / 4 times the price says a lot. It is important to return to the low price, vs. expecting it to beat costlier headphones in every way.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
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  8. MixMasterMan
    Thank you. Very helpful reply. Basically, the 580/595's are the drier/colder older versions of the 600/598 (respectively). So, this 58x is like those older units with the dry/cold sound, with more bass, but tonally shaped kinda like the 660s. I get it now.
  9. turbomustang84
    My first Sennheiser was the 414 then the 424 and then I was kinda out of Headphones until I bought my HD580s in 93 I think .

    and other than a short stint which lasted a couple of months in which I owned the HD600s and promptly sold them but kept my HD580s because I thought the sound was better than the 600s

    I did sell off the 580s and had always regretted it and low and behold I found and bought another pair last night that are on their way as well as the HD58X Jubilee's and the 6XXs coming in a couple of months.

    My Question is the HD580s I bought has a cracked headband and really before I can use them I will try and glue them untill I can find a replacement hopefully from Sennheiser .

    But does a anyone know the difference between the HD580s the HD580 jubilees and the 600s ?

    Other than the metal grills on the Jubilee's and 600s ? Are the driver's the same ?

    So I went from no Sennheisers to three in a very short time so now it's time to research and decide between the HD660s and the HD700s because the 800s will remain out of my price range unless Massdrop does an incredible deal lol
  10. Nutsid
    According to Sennheiser, the HD58X Jubilee has never before used drivers.
  11. turbomustang84
    Yes I am aware I was referring to the original Jubilee's from the 90s
  12. Rob80b
    Mentioned this previously...and I really cannot comment on the 58X's bass until mine arrive...but even though the 58X are touted to have better bass extension(which really doesn't mean much in terms of actual fidelity IMHO) the question remains how defined are the actual base notes..for example the base lines and interplay of the instruments were much improved on the 660S in comparison to the 650s but the 800S are even a few notches above the 660S. So I'm guessing the 58X may have the fun factor in terms of "generic" bass impact in comparison to the others but I'm skeptical given it's price point on the actual quality of the (sub) bass sounds being reproduced.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  13. muffins
    Mine just showed up! :p

    I won't have time for impressions until later this evening, but I'm pretty excited. Although, I did notice one small oddity: the manual depicts the HD58X with the HD600 headband padding, while the actual headphones come with the HD650 twin pillow padding. Evidently they changed it after the manuals were made :p
  14. ibage
    The original pictures had them as well. Must be a relatively new change
  15. baiyy1986
    I really like Mojo+ HD58X.:o2smile::o2smile::o2smile:
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