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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Shredicus
    Anyone try these yet with some Dekoni pads? I just ordered a 58x and am interested in seeing how my elite hybrids pair with these.
  2. WilliamLeonhart
    When I first got my HD6XX I was a bit taken aback at how plastic they are. But then I realize well the HD650 and 600 are the same, it’s only the outer finish that is different between them two. I’ve had the HD6XX for quite a while and I think there is no problem with the build quality, especially no hinge fragility that a few Sennheisers suffered from.
    I guess the HD58X is also gonna look very obviously plastic. But this time I won’t have a problem with it
  3. i20bot
    Just got mine. They sound pretty good. Bit more sub than the other Senns. Was wondering why you can't see the drivers through the grill. It has a piece of foam covering them. Wonder how they would sound without them? Maybe that's what the original production was lol.
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  4. spronkey
    Speaking of the 6XX/650 in particular (as opposed to the general model range), I would say probably not, unless you really want to. The 58XJ are closer in sound to the 650 than the 600, and I would call them very similar headphones.

    Largely agree with everything you wrote. They're like an HD650 got injected with a tiny bit of Grado DNA, and a sub-bass boost. Similar to how the 598 was different and more lively than the 595, the 58XJ does that to the 650.

    Out of all of these I think 58XJ are the best for old rock. I'd be tempted to call them the best for classical too, because of the extra sub-bass. Depends on whether you want to feel it, or listen to the details. 58XJ for the former, 600 or 4XX for the latter.

    All of these headphones, 4XX included, are very, very good, and handle all genres pretty well. They're all voiced reasonably similarly - the 4XX is basically the planar version of the HD6xx series.

    Agreed. The paint finish isn't as luxury as the 650 or 600, but it's on par with the 6XX. The plastics are standard 6xx quality, which is to say solid but not "woah amazing carbon-fibre and aluminium!". My pair do feel like the production moulds are ever so slightly more worn than my 650 and 600, which have smoother joins between plastics and more defined edges to the various bits. But make no mistake, these are headphones that will last 20 years or more if you treat them at all well.
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  5. spronkey
    Like Assimilator702 I preferred the 4XX over the 6XX/650 for bass-heavy genres (although if I wanted them in the background I'd use the 650), but I'd probably put the 58XJ on par with the 4XX for this stuff. It's a little less offensive than 4XX in the highs for badly-recorded music, and bumps the bass kick up a notch or three from 6XX.
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  6. GU1DO
    No News Is Good News ,, but that a Good News :beerchug:

  7. Assimilator702
    If that thin piece of foam is anything other than cosmetic is the question. My original thought was that it was to hide the driver since it's not as sexy as the 600/650. But it could be good Sennheiser tuned in the extra bass after swapping out the driver that LOOKED like the one from the HD700/660S since the driver looks different from the prototype.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  8. Drty LilBits
    So, what's the big deal with people complaining about getting certain serial numbers? Pardon my ignorance but what does it mean and why the big deal?
  9. heliosphann
    The lower the serial number, the better your pair sounds.
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  10. Nutsid
    If I recall correctly (and I could be thinking of something else since it has been so long), originally only the first 1500 were supposed to be serialized to encourage people to buy in early. Other than the exclusivity of having an earlier number, there's no importance. A collector may want the earliest model they can get, but I don't see these being that much of a collectors piece.

    I joined in on one of the very early drops - if not the first, definitely before the 3000 mark and my headphones are over 4000 serial number. I'd see no reason to care what that little sticker says if you actually plan on using the headphones.
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  11. harbinger66
    Joined in on the drop. I'm looking to pair these with my LG G7 as my main way of digesting music at work. I listen to a lot of music that features bass, so i'm hopeful these will give me the punch, but still give me the detail and clarity in the mids and highs.
  12. Dionysus
    For those that have received your Jubilee, I heard they do not come in the standard case boxes like the HD6xx line. But does it have a cheaper storage box we can put them away in after use? thx in advance.
  13. GoodBoy
    You can see the packaging below. Cheap, but to me it's a good thing since smaller packaging = less likely to be taxed where I live :) They look stunning on video, cannot wait for my pair!

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  14. Tuneslover
    Although the fancy box that the HD650 and HD6XX comes with is pretty impressive I have to admit that I have never put the headphones in them. The carton that comes with the HD58X is similar to to the 598SE I received. I store the cardboard cartons in a closet in case I ever decide to sell my headphones. The fancy boxes just sit under my equipment rack collecting dust. I'd be fine with the cardboard box if it meant a lower price.
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  15. beercanchicken
    Not many left, getting them in people's hands seems to have done these well. I wonder where they'll go from here? 1 and done? Or continue making them?
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