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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Th3Drizzl3
    i guess every one has a different idea of the 600's many people i know did not like the highs as much on them. they were not my fav in the line. and i dont consider the 600's crazy sibilant but i was comparing to the 6xx/650, ive heard FAR worse then the 600's. im trying to keep my thoughts in the 6 lineup
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  2. Malmbak
    Ordered a set yesterday. Any impressions on synergy with DAC/amps? Something portable like the Dragonfly Red should drive it ok, right, but maybe there is something similar that pairs better?
  3. DancingShade
    Well my trusty old HD600s are pretty amazing via the Jotunheim balanced output. I ordered a HD58X and look forward to trying it out as well.

    Not sure on portable amps to be honest. I've never needed one as my mobile needs have been met by IEM usage and an old Sony MP3 player from the days when those were still a thing.
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  4. Rob80b
    Maybe I missed it....but for those who may know are the ear pads the same as on the 660S and current 650s, therefor slightly stiffer with a steeper slope on the inside...just curious.
  5. Bhargu
    I have a question. HE4XX or this? I have an HE4XX coming. Should I get this too? I am not interested in different headphones for different tracks/genres. HE4XX was supposed to replace my current closed-backs. For context, I listen to all types of music, like classical, rock, jazz, hip-hop, etc.
  6. Qualcheduno
    From the DIY-Audio-Heaven 58X's page: "The ear-pads (cushions) are a bit on the stiff side. I would say they are similar to that of the HD660S and current HD650. The pads feel soft and firm."

  7. Rob80b
    Yep...sibilant HD6(whaterever) an oxymoron IMHO.
  8. Rob80b
    Thanks...does makes manufacturing sense in furnishing the 58X with the currently available headband/ear cushions.
  9. spronkey
    I got mine today. Have listened for a few hours against 600s and 650s - these are excellent. My new default recommendation. Basically don't put a foot wrong, and possibly sound even better with modest gear than any of their 58x/6xx siblings.

    I wouldn't bother unless you really want to. These are great, but the 4XX do largely the same thing, and sound actually remarkably similar.
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  10. WilliamLeonhart
    I am very interested in a direct comparison between the HD6xx and the HD58X... Am I justified to own both?
  11. Mark Up
    Got mine. Has the HD650 one piece with a dent at top type of headband pad. I prefer the HD600 style lumps and will order that one to replace it with. Tried them on both my iPhone and from a better headphone amp that is flat (not warm, or tube or overly analytical). It was a bit better on the better gear as expected but results I'd gotten with the iPhone were good and in a quiet room with my sensitive hearing about 50-60% on the iPhone was fine for most songs. Did the usual time consuming careful metal only arm bending to reduce clamp. Amazing how far they extend, at least 1/2 inch farther on each end than my head requires, which doesn't fit 90% of headphones comfortably for that reason, not extending far enough. They look great. The velour seems a bit firm, but it's new. The playback on both is similar, and it doesn't require a separate review for each. Tonality, spaciousness is alike, just a bit more refinement from a better source, of course. I'll try to do comparisons also.

    I have heard every HD6** series and most HD5** series. They most remind me of the HD650, and like the graphs, a touch more air, a bit less higher mids, cleaner low mids, and more bass extension, nowhere near bass head. On tracks with big sub bass you notice it. Not as much as my favorite affordable closed cans (Sony MDR-1A with Meze 99 pads) but I didn't want the same thing in open version. These offer a truly great alternative to those, which was my goal to have it do what I don't get in my current setup. My other go-to pair was the Meze 99 Neo which I will sell because of these. The MDR-1A with the pads is more spacious with better mids than the stock pad version. The sub bass with the pads is among the best I've heard yet the low mids aren't clouded by it. The mid bass is good but on some tracks, all of the bass can be overwhelming if it's boosted in the song. On songs without a lot of bass they are good but could have extra bass, causing inaccuracy.

    The Meze 99 Neo offered a warmer alternative, though it had slightly less sub bass and a mid bass to low mid bloat that bothered me more and more. Those will be going on sale now that these have arrived. The slightly warmer, fuller midrange sound is there in the HD5X vs. the Sony, but without the resonance and bloat issue. There is just something about open cans you can never get out of closed. The Sen. HD820 addressed a lot of that but those laws of physics still have to be obeyed. The Sony MDR-1A w/Meze pads was better in that way but still had a bit of an enclosed sound despite being very wide in its spatial soundscape. Open sound is far more than spacious sound. It's a taller sound field and the lack of reflections means a truer sound. I feel more like listening to speakers in good room on these cans. Hence they are ideal replacements or the Meze and alternative to the Sony, which gives more fun while being accurate enough. They don't get in each other's way.

    I am now putting them through burn in with bass boosted Pink Noise (akin to brown noise, but with a bit of extra treble). I expect slight improvement but not likely in game changing ways. The highest treble is good, warm, a bit more detail wouldn't be bad but I did not feel they lacked it, but then I am sensitive to treble anyways. Low treble was good, I could hear the slight 6 khz peak, though it wasn't sibilant or harsh unless the song itself was. It's the smoother side of accurate, I would say. Having a bit more above the sibilance and below the higher highs (8 khz to 12 khz) would have been an improvement but I guess it can be tricky to get that without boosting potential trouble frequencies below that in the sibilance area. The high mids were good, if a touch understated. No grain. My ears seemed to adapt to that. The midrange was mostly flat and honest, no dips, not shouty, just slightly north of neutral. The low mids were perfect, clear. The mid bass had good punch as well.

    The sub bass extended nicely too. I could hear the improvement over all prior open HD5** or 6** series. The HD650 never had quite enough there. They do remind me most of them though. If you like the HD650 or HD6XX, you will like these, especially if you wanted a bit more sub bass and don't might a bit less high mids or a touch more high treble. The HD660s from memory has a bit more high mid detail but their lack of sub bass was the main reason I wasn't crazy about them. HD600 seems brighter still in the high mids and of course lacks the low end. No point in mentioning the HD598 or HD700 or HD800 since you know those are brighter still. These are meant to be relaxing and have enough pep to make modern bass heavy music work. I still prefer the Sony MDR-1A / Meze pads for that sort of thing as they do sub bass like no other. On classical, jazz, classic rock, if not bass deficient these were better. There is that familiarity, that realism on these I just vibe with.
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  12. VRacer-111
    Sounds like what I was hoping would be changed from the minor issues I felt from the HD6XX I auditioned. Looking forward to my HD58X coming in eventually. Got email yesterday that should have new tracking # being issued soon (one of the first 500 purchasers that had shipment put on hold for low S/N issue - don't really care what S/N I do get) - will let things work themself out, I can wait for it...

    And I have new email just now they are being shipped and to be here Tuesday...
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
  13. d4rka2nx
    How good will these headphones be for edm and hiphop? I currently have dt770 80 ohms, but I want to try out open-back headphones. I know the bass won't be as good as the dt770s, but how would they compare?
  14. Assimilator702
    Many of us are in the same boat so we'll all find out together. I also have the HIFIMAN HE 4XX so I'll be able to answer that question also.
  15. Assimilator702
    I'm waiting for my HD 58x Jubilee but I can say that I prefer the HIFIMAN HE 4XX over the HD 6XX for those bass heavy genres.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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