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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. fallrsk
    Hold on... What? You're keeping both the high serial and your serialized under 500 pair? I believe the parents (I'm away on vacation atm) have already sent back my over #4000 pair and if you're being allowed to keep both... Well let's just say I've got some sand in my pants.
  2. catcatalyst
    I don't have other HD6** headphones to compare to but early impression is low end is comparable to my K7XX. If you're looking for something less warm than the HD 650 or 660S I don't think this is it.
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  3. Th3Drizzl3
    no i never said that. im keeping the higher serial number. you are welcome to pm me about what they did.
  4. Th3Drizzl3
    im listening to them right now. along with rotating my 6xx, 650, and 600. why the 6 series? because many say they are more similar to the 6 series then any 5 series and i very much agree i think a name in the "6" series would have been better. a good friend has my 660s so at the moment so i cant add that one in except from memory. after some longer seat time ill report back. right off the bat though i like them a lot. i feel they almost fall between the 6xx / 650 and the 660s (from memory of them of course ill be getting my set back this weekend) i actually personally like them better then the 600 so far possibly even equal to as much as the 6xx (better for certain types of music). im going to very much agree with those that say these are smoother then almost anything in the line. imo they have better extended bass then any of them so far which surprised me with the smaller driver. to me these are kind of like the 6xx and 660 had a baby lol. the top end is very easy to listen to and is not sibilant in any way to me. and from memory reminds me slightly more of the 660 then the 6xx top end wise. i dont think these are like settling for something cheaper then the 6xx and some may in fact prefer the sound to them. imaging though seems kind of meh. dare i say if one owns the 650 or 660 this is kind of maybe a side step instead of a step up or down. at 150$ they are a steal if you like the 6 line. this is just a quick idea after swapping back and forth a bit between them.
  5. aeoc
    Look dude, what is your problem? I am asking a genuine question which I'm sure other people are wondering about also.

    Instead of trying to be snarky, would you please take a moment to consider if you should even post at all.
  6. trellus
    The 58X was named as such because it is in homage to the original 580, which is essentially a 600 since the 580 Jubilee was basically the exact headphone later released as the original 600z. The later 5xx series (555, 595, 558, 598, etc) are not the same as the 580 and 58X which are more correctly classified with the 6 series.
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  7. Cruelhand Luke
    unfortunately, you confirmed these are probably the perfect HD6__ series for me ....and I won't be home in time tomorrow to order a set.
    but thank you for talking about how they sound, that was like a glass of ice water after a long hike. (Listening to the rest of you complain was the hike, in case y'all don't get metaphors)
  8. Cruelhand Luke
    My problem is this thread is supposed to be about how the headphones SOUND...go back and read the rest of my posts, clearly you understand what snark is, so go back and gather up some context?
    i hate that i have to explain this. I am tired of reading about what number you did or did not get. who cares? I don't care if you didn't got yours yet, or you got them but you're mad because it has the wrong sticker or...whatever. the point of this thread is what are the HEADPHONES like. nobody cares about how the process of buying the headphones is going for you. Who cares if you felt good about how the headphones GOT to you??
    HOW DO THEY SOUND? how do they feel in your hand? do they look cool? How is the bass...
    that's what matters...not what stupid number you got...why do I have to explain this?
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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  9. pjyi
    I'm so glad!! The only reason why I had to let go of my 600's
  10. Th3Drizzl3
    imo you should like these better. i know i do.
  11. pjyi
    Thank you! May I ask what your setup is like?
  12. Th3Drizzl3
    lol which one. hahaha. i have done some quick listening so far on the jot, polaris, ember, nfb1, massdrop cth and lcx. a100 and gustard h20. along with a mimby, d50, uda38pro, and a borrowed L.K.S Audio MH-DA004. thats all ive had time for tonight lol so far its getting late and i have to be up by 7am haha so not sure ill get to much more in tonight. i have a good amount more here to test with though. ill pull out some of the bigger guns over the next few days.
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  13. Th3Drizzl3
    oh i get that. i just feel sound wise i think the 6 line naming would have been a better fit overall.
  14. pjyi
    Oh man haha if you could update on what they pair best with would be awesome! I also happen to own CTH, and I'm hearing these pair well with hybrids. I hope this is true. And from what I am hearing from others and you, I assume these will sound very much like Audio Technica R70X's that I used to own. They had a sound signature somewhere between 600's and 650's.
  15. snip3r77
    I got the hd600 and there's no sibilant to begin with
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