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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. knalb
    Sennheiser will of course say there is no difference.

    I don’t think anyone should believe there is a difference until someone gathers a few Ireland copies and a few Romanian copies and shows there is a measurable difference.

    But people will come to their own conclusions.
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  2. turbomustang84
    I figure they will be great no matter who puts them together maybe I will buy a third to see for sure Romania is kinda cool .

    The castle Dracula edition lol
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  3. PeteMtl
    Which post? Are you sure of this? The Massdrop site still mentions Ireland. This is surprising, since all 600 series headphones have been made up to now in their Ireland Plant.
    At the end of the day, even if it’s true, I am sure that Sennheiser will make sure their standards are met. It is different if a manufacturer runs a plant in another country (Mercedes-Benz in USA and Hungary, Sennheiser in Ireland) or if they subcontract the manufacturing to a third party. And again, if the later happens, as long as the standards are met, there is nothing to worry about. Apple products are first class products (without some issues from time to time however) and most of them are made in China by third parties...
  4. Orl14
    The discussions tab at the drop page for the 58X, there are 2 people who commented on it being made in romania now.
  5. turbomustang84
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  6. Orl14
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  7. PeteMtl
    And its a fully owned facility. Sennheiser will therefore control the whole manufacturing process up to its reputation, I strongly believe...
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  8. JOggernaut
    I just got mine yesterday and I can tell you that it is in fact made in Romania now.
  9. DrKrFfXx
    Fangheiser 58x
  10. SP Wild
    Interesting post. I always felt that we as humans are very responsive to the resonant qualities of wood as that was the natural material used for the first musical instruments in human evolution.

    The aluminium enclosure of my Neumann monitors definitely contribute to its signature.

    Although I start to believe a composite plastic material, perhaps carbon fibre would make the best speaker enclosure.

    Perhaps that's why I enjoy the musicality of my Grading HF2, resonance of wood combined with aluminium resonance.

    Still, the HD58X is made of plastic. Probably the most inert material for sound reproduction.
  11. tolis626
    OK, so, it's been a known fact that the 58x don't really need a lot of power. Sure enough, they do play fine from my phone and PC, and going to my FiiO Q1 there is a difference, but not a huge one. It sounds more clear by a bit, like it can breathe more so to speak, but it's still a narrow sound.

    So today I visited an uncle of mine who has an old NAD 3020e from the '80s. This amp was a great amp back in the day from what I read (one of the best, considering the price), but all these years I thought it was just an old amp, so meh. But I also saw that is has a headphone jack, so last time I was here I tried my MSR7 and OH MY GOD. Massively improved soundstage, nice, richer and warmer sound, and an improvement I think in speed over the Q1. But using the (stupidly efficienct) MSR7 I couldn't control the volume, by 9 o'clock it was too loud and the low level (low gain, practically) switch is broken on this unit. So this time I brought the 58x and, yeah... They do like power. First off, soundstage. There is a sense of width, so yay! Then, curiously, while every aspect of the sound improved, I'm hearing the biggest improvement in the low mids. Going back to the Q1, the 58x sound congested. Will test more, but I REALLY like what I'm hearing. The 58x do care about amplification after all! And they are delightful now that I've used them with a proper amp!

    I've written this in the MSR7 thread, and I'm writing it here. I'm so gonna get this amp...

    PS : Volume wise, I wanna die at 10 o'clock, so there is A LOT of power here. So this amp would also let me buy hard to drive cans. I'm excited by the prospect of getting it. It would need a bit of work though. Maybe changing caps, replacing the buttons in the front... But Meh, totally worth it.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
  12. Electrolite
    "The NAD 3020 is a stereo integrated amplifier by NAD Electronics, considered to be one of the most important components in the history of high fidelity audio" Wikipedia really hyped it.
  13. tolis626
    From what I'm hearing 30 years later, I can understand why that statement is true. I knew it was a great speaker amp for the '80s, but I was really surprised that it's also a great headphone amp for 2019. Also, you can get these amps on eBay, but I found none for less than 200-300€, so yeah... It holds its value it seems, even if it's for collectors.
  14. BobSmith8901
    That's pretty cool. I have a nearly 40 year old Sansui AU-D9 integrated amp that's still in great shape that I recently did a cleanup of the volume and balance pots. Will have to give the 58X's a closer listen on it now.
  15. Tuneslover
    My favourite HD58X headphone setup is with the Schiit Modi Multibit & Project Ember (with output resistance set to Low AND with the JJ ECC802 S or GE 6CG7 tube). Plenty of juice, detail, airiness and bottom end. Perfect.

    I've never heard the NAD 3020 headphone output (although I did hear it driving speakers in a HiFi store from that era...wish I could recall that experience more vividly) so I can't comment on how it played with headphones of that era but I do have the NAD C326BEE integrated and while its headphone output is pretty decent it doesn't compare to my Mimby/Ember system.
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