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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Maelob
    I just recently reduced my collection, sold the abyss Diana, Ether CX and currently selling Final D8000. I also owned HEX V2, aeon closed, and Mr Speakers Alpha series. I currently own the Z1R, and to be honest I just got tired of spending crazy money in trying to find the Holy Grail of headphones. For those that never owned uber expensive headphones, you are not getting short change, I love these 58x, the thing that comes to mind when I listen to them is pleasant. Yes they are not the most detailed or "best" headphones , but i really like their tonality and in my opinion makes for joyful headphones. Very musical and forgiving. Same thing could be said about the 6xx, they are good solid headphones and probably on of the best deals in audio. And the hell with the "for the money" statement, they just sound good to me and that's what matters. Ive come full circle lol
  2. hiflofi
    We should probably get a Sennheiser or Drop rep to clear the air regarding the driver which the HD58X is based on.
    I'd take an official statement on it over some YouTube reviewers who (no disrespect intended) have a unique set of ears and aren't exactly privy to internal design spec sheets, whose speculation isn't worth much more than my ramblings on Head-Fi.
    I'm not sure that's even important. It's funny how objectivists become subjectivists and vice versa when the narrative suits them.
  3. iAudio365
    Me to, I owned the utopia, HD800S, Mr Speakers Ether Flow and a few others, sold all of them and re invested that money back into a nice PC and just bought the HD58X off Massdrop last night, now I’ve never heard these but if they are as good as everyone’s been saying for gaming and the occasional song I’ll be very happy. The best part is I can clean up the clutter on my desk and use my onboard soundcard to drive them or my gsx 1000 as they’re such low impedance
  4. tolis626
    Well, that was some discussion about the drivers in the 58x... Gee, didn't think we'd be starting THAT. :p

    Now, I have no idea what drivers these are using. I GUESS the drivers are unique to the 58x, but are derived off of something else. I also GUESS that it's more closely related to the 660s due to the same 150 Ohm impedance and having about the same sensitivity (are there other Sennheiser cans with the same impedance and sensitivity?), but not the same. Might be the same design but with a weaker magnet, cheaper diaphragm, cheaper voice coil, etc etc. But everything is guesses without official confirmation. It just makes more sense to me that it's related to the 660s rather than the 595, as it's much closer in sound characteristics to the former.

    Now, something that @iAudio365 mentioned is gaming, and I feel gaming doesn't get mentioned a lot here. The 58x, whether you like them for music or not, are some of the best cans for serious gaming, period. The imagine is INSANE. I mean, my MSR7 are good, and I've happened to use quite a few different headphones and headsets over the years for gaming (friends' gear, mostly), but the 58x is above and beyond anything else I've heard. I think it's a combination of having pristine imaging and not having any huge boosts or dips in any frequency. But playing Rainbow Six Siege with 58x sometimes feel like cheating. I can hear everything clear and can pinpoint its location with stunning accuracy. And not only that, but they manage all that while still being pleasant to use. Explosions don't sound like firecrackers and gunshots have body behind them. I may one day get something that makes me not want to use the 58x for music anymore, but for gaming, these are staying with me.
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  5. VRacer-111
    I really love the HD58X for gaming as well (with the Yaxi Alcantara pads, not comfortable enough with the stock pads) - I really mainly just use them for gaming rather than music listening actually. Only one I prefer gaming with over it is a modded STAX SR-L300 Limited. Talk about unreal telepathic imaging and just gorgeous detail of everything... absolutely cheating gaming with a STAX L300 Limited or L700... LOL

    Got the Arbalest in Destiny 2 from the recently concluded seasonal event and I've been using it just for all the little intricate sounds it makes when charging and firing...absolutely lovely sounding on the HD58X. Forget about how awesome it works against enemies... LOL Have yet to hear it on my L300 Limited though...

  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I ordered a Topping DX7s DAC/amp, will see well my HD58X sounds with a balanced connection.
  7. SP Wild
    Had a bit of a play with Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice a while back. Tried both the HD650 and HD58X with Dolby Atmos enabled on the XBoX 1X.

    This game is encoded binaurally supposedly. The whispers in the ears exhibit greater depth and directionality on the HD58X. The HD 650 did well, but it seems the HD58X was doing a better job decoding the binaural information to my ears. A clear win for the 58X in my books.

    Don't interpret that as the 58X being better for games than music. It is a genuinely hi fidelity headphone that does extremely well with all source material on any gear.
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  8. Krondo_jd
    I think you will be quite pleased. I'm using balanced out of my Pono Player and it's a definite improvement over single-ended.
  9. Mouseman
    It sounds amazing. The thing is, the more power you give them, the better they sound. Balanced is the icing on the cake.
  10. Electrolite
    But can't you just increase the power from single ended? Do you need balanced? I'm planning to buy an AMP, something that would carry me for years and most headphones. I wanted the JDS Atom but if balanced is really that good maybe I should go for it?
  11. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The JDS Atom is fine for driving the 150-Ohm HD58X, later on you can looking into getting a headphone amplifier with a balanced headphone jack.
    But nothing wrong with spending more ($180) for a balanced head amp, if you feel like it.
    You will also need to buy a cable with a balanced connector, mine cost me $60.
  12. Electrolite
    Importing stuff to Brazil is the real nightmare, I want a solution that would serve in the long term so I don't have to import stuff often. So I don't care if the amp is a little too powerful for the 58X
  13. iAudio365
    Hi guys, I’m looking for a dac to pair with my 58x when they arrive. Just want it for gaming, i’m thinking the sound blaster x g6?

    I honestly couldn’t care less for audiophile grade stuff, I used to own chord hugo 2 and a heap of other high end junk and it all sound the same after a while, I just want something plug n play that I whack the 58X’s in and go hence the soundblaster x g6 I think will work pretty well? It’s lso compatible with consoles and even the switch which is good as I own all consoles so that’s another plus.

    Just wondering if anyone here has used the g6?
  14. iAudio365

    Trust me when I say all this audiophile snake oil mumbo jumbo is exactly that, it’s all snake oil.

    The first pair of headphones I ever owned were $150 fostex and they were good till one of the drivers went and had them paired with a schiit stack. Then I fell into this trap of thinking higher priced = better sound so I bought mr speakers ether flow, hd800S, mr speakers Aeon closed, focal clear, focal utopia, focal clear, schiit jotenheim, and then Chord mojo followed by hugo 2 then I went the full hog into a Mcintosh MHA100.

    The best of the lot was the HD800S, that’s it. In gaming and movies and music this is where the buck stops, everything else has extremely diminishing returns the HD800S were honestly the only ones worth the price they were also the lightest, most comfortable headphones ever. After hearing about the 58X they reminded me so much of the HD800’s and apparently they use a very closely matched driver to that of the 660’s and most report they even sound better and their 4-500$ cheaper. I had to have them, I sold everything else trust when I say don’t waste your money on expensive audio equipment, there is no such thing as end game just look at the FS forums here overflowing with headphones and amps and dacs all being sold at huge losses. It’s honestly the biggest snake oil lie out of everything all these $1000’s worth of gear and to me a $3600 hugo 2 sounds no different to a $10,000 Dave and the Schiit stack for $300 sounds no different to the $3600 hugo 2.

    If you must have absolute end game that you will never sell and can use an heirloom to pass onto your grand children and really want to spend the cash McIntosh MHA100 + HD800S was the best combo out of everything I ever tried. But again diminishing returns when comparing outlay vs sound quality.

    I actually don’t really know what I’m trying to say with all this I guess just in relation to what you wrote about ”being tired of spending money” and selling your collection etc I felt the same way I guess lol.
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  15. gken92
    I love the HD58X. Not the best in technicalities like bass/treble extension and detail retrieval and etc., but this is a pair of headphones that just works for every musical genre. Ive owned higher end headphones like the stax, audeze, hd800s, focals before, but all of them have some big compromises that make them not suitable for certain genres. Now that Ive owned and sold all of those high end headphones, I'll definitely be keeping the HD58X as my sole pair of headphones as I transition to speakers in near future :D

    also, u dont need high end amps to run these bad boys. In fact, I am satisfied with the sound coming out straight from iphone through these headphones, but of course something like a JDS Labs atom makes the sound a lil bit tighter and what not. but you get the idea :)

    *oh btw, HD650 used to be my fav pair of headphones. I absolutely adore the mids and coherency of the HD6-- series sound signature but they are not without faults, especially in terms of bass response. HD58X took the same sound signature and 'modernize' it by making the bass for present. You'll be loosing a lil bit in detail retrieval and treble smoothness, but the differences r quite minimal.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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