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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. TheoS53
  2. Tuneslover
    Great review. You and I are on the same page when it comes to the outstanding value of these headphones. After the very long wait for the first drop and finally receiving them I was immediately impressed with this headphone. So much that I ordered a second pair.

    Incredible abuse the shipper or maybe the Post Office put your headphones through (the condition of the carton was unbelievable). As you pointed out the HD58X were in pristine shape even after going through such intense shipping abuse. For everyone who criticizes the Sennheiser cheap plastic construction, TAKE NOTE. Nuff said.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  3. shahkhan
    Any recommendations of closed back cans which sound similar/close to 58x.
  4. PeteMtl
    They may not be as similar as you would hope, but when I use closed cans, it’s either in loud environments (airplane, subway, etc.) or when I don’t want to disturb (work, someone sleeping next to me, etc.). In those cases I alternate between my Sennheiser closed back dynamic trio: Momentum (HD1) wireless over ear, Amperior and HD25-1 II. They all have a respectful and pleasing (but slightly different) midrange which caracterize the Sennheiser brand name, they all have sufficient bass and sub bass: the HD25 being the cleanest most dry and impactful bass, the Momentum having the smoothest roundest slightly uncontrolled bass and the Amperior being in between, very similar to the HD25 but with a slightly higher mid bass. The HD25 and Amperior have a slightly clearer sparkling treble, slightly sibilant, while the Momentum has a slightly polite softer high frequency treble. The Momentum has bluetooth and echo cancelling and is an around ear model, while the HD25 and Amperior have excellent passive noise isolation and are on ear models. I alternate between the three, but neither will take the place of my quatuor of open backed headphones which I will always prefer to the closed back headphones: HD6XX, HD58X, HD600 and my newcomer the Hifiman HE400i. I also use my PX100-IIi open back for walking around in the neighborhood and HD4.40 bluetooth closed backs for office use and call conference on some occasions. Different headphones for different occasions...
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  5. turbomustang84
    You could make yours in to a closed back
    img32 (1).jpg

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  6. shahkhan
    Wow, thats great option. Anyone tried it? How it alterathe sound?
  7. WHO23
    Wow that looks great. I wonder how they sound after turning them into closed back.. Woodie Neumann NDH20?
  8. turbomustang84
    This is the size I'm going for....
    I have covered the grills on my HD-650 and the sound did not suffer but doing it in wood might just add something to the sound that I can't wait to explore
  9. VRacer-111
    Oh boy... why did I have to see this page... have funds from just selling 2 headphones that could be used for a set of these wood cups ....Senn V2 page is now bookmarked, time to do some research on tone woods...
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  10. Mhog55
    I tuned out of this thread roughly 100 pages ago. Still really digging these cans. For those who use equalization, would you mind sharing your settings, or if you've found that magical, dialed in EQ?
  11. turbomustang84
    This is like my EQ an
    Audiosource EQ-ONE which sits next to my bed and I just contour the sound as needed .
    I tend to raise the Bass and treble slightly but this is pretty much the best in vintage EQs .
    I think you were more looking for a software EQ but once you spend a bit and buy the better old school EQs made by Audiosource or SAE and even Soundcraftsmen made some incredible gear it's easy to Taylor the music to your taste by genre or even by Album is simple and satisfying.
    I tried plenty of Digital computer EQs and to me nothing is better than old school analog .
  12. Charente
    Sonarworks now have a HD58X headphone profile ... worth trying out their trial. Some report they don't like the results, but it can be fine-tuned for personal preference. Personally, with my ageing ears, its a god-send.
  13. DrKrFfXx
    It reminds me of Sony's Clear Audio. I'm not sure I like it or not, will continue listening.
  14. VRacer-111
    Little bit of compiling I did with Lawton's tone wheel as the base and various others for the density and hardness:

    Type1: [euphonic - full, rich, warm] / (character - lively, lush, forward, fun)
    Lacewood {density 33lb/ft3, hardness 710lbf}
    Mahogany {density 37lb/ft3, hardness 900lbf}
    Mango {density 42lb/ft3, hardness 1070lbf}
    Redwood {density 26lb/ft3, hardness 450lbf}
    Walnut {density 38lb/ft3, hardness 1010lbf}

    Type 2: [euphonic - warm, mellow, natural] / (character - rhythmic, articulate, easy)
    Black Cherry {density 35lb/ft3, hardness 950lbf}
    Black Limba/Korina {density 35lb/ft3, hardness 670lbf}
    Camphor Burl {density 33lb/ft3, hardness 950lbf}
    Koa {density 38lb/ft3, hardness 1170lbf}
    Maple {density 44lb/ft3, hardness 1450lbf}
    Satinwood Burl {density 61lb/ft3, hardness 2620lbf}

    Type 3: [neutral - natural, moderate, mild] / (character - balanced, steady, even)
    African Shedua {density 51lb/ft3, hardness 1330lbf}
    Padauk {density 47lb/ft3, hardness 1970lbf}
    Sapele {density 42lb/ft3, hardness 1410lbf}
    Sissoo (Indian) Rosewood {density 48lb/ft3, hardness 1660lbf}
    Zebrawood {density 50lb/ft3, hardness 1830lbf}

    Type 4: [analytical - clear, crisp, resolving] / (character - snappy, vivid, fast, fun)
    African Wenge {density 54lb/ft3, hardness 1930lbf}
    Bubinga {density 56lb/ft3, hardness 2410lbf}
    Chechen {density 62lb/ft3, hardness 2250lbf}
    Purpleheart {density 56lb/ft3, hardness 2520lbf}
    Rosewood (Brazilian) {density 52lb/ft3, hardness 2790lbf}

    Type 5: [analytical - dry, clean, focused] / (character - precise, articulate, reserved)
    Bloodwood {density 66lb/ft3, hardness 2900lbf}
    Bocote {density 53lb/ft3, hardness 2010lbf}
    Bolivian Rosewood/Morado {density 54lb/ft3, hardness 1860lbf}
    Cocobolo {density 69lb/ft3, hardness 2960lbf}
    Ebony {density 70lb/ft3, hardness 3220lbf}
    Ziricote {density 59lb/ft3, hardness 2070lbf}
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  15. shahkhan
    Thats a plethora of stuff to choose from man. Without trying it, no one can guess, how sound will alter afterwards.
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