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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. VRacer-111
    Just a portion of tonewoods actually:


    Yeah, I decided to just go with something considered 'neutral' to hopefully lighten the sound a little more where the Yaxi pads darken it. After reading around on guitar luthier forums placed an order for Zebrawood cups. Was split between the Padauk and Zebrawood, but prefer the aesthetic of the Zebrawood. Since have two HD58X can directly compare and see what changes, and what mods help it.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  2. shahkhan
    Thats great man. Please do this mod asap, and enlighten all 58x users here with your findings.
  3. Orl14
    Hi, really interested on these as my first open back cans, but what does pre-order on massdrop mean? Will I be a part of the current drop that will ship on Apr29 or the next one after that?
  4. WilliamLeonhart
    To me the Momentum is the definite Sennheiser closed-back. Even more so than the HD630VB. I can't pinpoint what exactly cause it, but of all the closed-back I've treid, only the Momentum reminds me of the HD6 series sound sig. A close one is the M&D MH40, but it's too closed in and has too much bass.
  5. KaiFi
    I just got mine today (ordered them weeks ago!) They sound amazing. I prefer the sound of these to my NightOwl and my HD 599. And even though they're a higher impedance, my iFi Nano has no problem driving them. Hardly had to turn the volume higher than I do for my HD 599s.

    The problem: they're uncomfortable :frowning2: Feels like they're digging into my skull. I'll give them more time, but this doesn't bode well.
  6. Mouseman
    Where is the pressure? The clamping force? If that's the case, you can (gently) bend them and you should be good. Everyone's heads are different, I find them to be amazingly comfortable, but I did switch to the Dekoni pads since I found the stock ones too shallow. The drivers were too close to my ears.
  7. KaiFi
    The pressure seems to be mainly on the bottom and fronts of the pads, the part that presses on my cheeks/sideburns, the area in front of and below my ears. I'll look into the other pads that are available.
  8. TheoS53
    This is easily fixed. Extend the headband adjustment all the way out on each side and then gently and slightly bend each side outwards. If you're not comfortable doing that, then take a stack of books/magazines that are a bit narrower than your own head and then leave the 58X extended over that width overnight.
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  9. PeteMtl
    They will loosen up with time. You may help them a little bit though, if you are really careful, First extend the extremities of the headband at the max and then bend them by the top and middle of the headband (the remaining metal center of headband) very slowly, gently, do not bend them on the extremities, the plastic parts may break.
    Everyone at first is experiencing tightness and pressure on the side of the head, but the headband eventually loosens up. Don’t quit on them just now, these and all other 600 series headphones have the same issue at first, but they are nevertheless exceptional headphones.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  10. Guidostrunk
    As others have stated. You can slightly bend the cup arms and you're good to go. I had to do it. My noggin is huge lol!

    Edit: sorry. Not the cup arms. The adjustment arms.
  11. turbomustang84
    From what I read it looks like mid May but all of my orders have shipped well earlier than the estimated date .
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  12. Mhog55
    I have a hard time justifying more head time for either can. I do the 58X for around the home, daytime activities. And the Owl for later evening sessions. Technically, I guess it should be the other way around considering one is open, and the other closed. 58X when I want to move and have it more in my face, Owl for chilling and grooving. Neither disappoints.
  13. Orl14
    Thanks! I ordered the Apr29 shipping date and massdrop just sent me the email that they started shipping already. Cant wait for them to arrive from my forwarding service!
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  14. SkiesOfAzel
    The Yoga CD-880 (Fischer Audio FA-003/NVX XPT100/Brainwavz HM5/ Studiospares M1000/Lindy HF-100) sounded similar to my HD600 from what i remember. Not as smooth or refined, but If you are looking for an alternative for office use, it's an option you should consider. It's a very comfortable pair of cans, it isolates well, it's easier to drive and it is cheap. They are also big though, so if mobile use is your primary concern you might wanna look for something else.

    Here are some measurements to help you get an idea on how they sound:
  15. Orl14
    Found posts on the massdrop discussions that the 58Xs are made in Romania now, should I be worried?
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