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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Electrolite
    I use Viper4Android, there's a function called DDC, you can create your own custom DDC file and it works just like a parametric EQ, you can add points with gain, frequency and bandwidth. Viper4android will read this DDC file you created.It's not full of features like a real parametric EQ and you can only use peak filter but it works.

    The only real parametric EQ I know for Android is the one present in Neutron Player but it's paid and only works for downloaded songs, Viper4android works system-wide on pretty much every app.
  2. RahulSangal
    You need to root for that, right?
  3. Electrolite
    For Viper yes
  4. highlightshadow
  5. caracal
    Hey guys!
    Could I please ask for your advice on buying these headphones?
    Stumbled on them occasionally and got really exited, though due to unavailability of these beyond Massdrop and a bit contradictory reviews here and there I can't decide whether the HD58X's are good for my needs or not.

    I'm looking for decent open(semi-open) cans that sound musical maybe even fun and have some good bass (not that great with glossary). By "good" I mean not boosted or bloated, but present, maybe a bit more emphasized than other frequencies: if the bass in a track should rumble I'd like to feel it but not shouting over mids and highs, as well as if the beat is punchy then it has to sound that way. Not bass-shy, a little in your face maybe with some sonic vibration.
    Used to love neutral analytical and sterile monitor sound back then but recently found out it's fatiguing, especially in terms of harsh mids or sibilants in highs. So maybe it's that "warmth" and musicality that I seek.
    Also would like the vocals (especially female ones) to sound soulful, not sterile and lifeless.

    Today I listen mostly to r'n'b, neo-soul, instrumental hip-hop, thip-hop, deep house, chill-trap, future beats, indie pop, so headphones should be good with these.
    Also like alternative/hard rock, jazz, chillout and etc.

    Owned m50 and m70x a few years ago and it was uncomfortable due to all that sweating during long sessions and too much of isolation, thats why not close-back.

    TL;DR are HD58X's a good choice for a bit emphasized present bass and soulful vocals?
    Or maybe there are some other open(semi-open) headphones that would be better?

    The budget 200$ max, preferably 150$ and below.
    Won't be able to buy an amp anytime soon so the devices would be a PC with relatively good onboard audio (alc1150 and some TI amps) and my phone with a Cirrus Logic codec.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  6. RahulSangal
    According to your wants, I sincerely don't know a more fitting headphone than this. The 6xx needs an amp, dt880, dt990 are harsh, hd599 is bass light. He4xx is not warm and more dependent on amp. So yeah hd58x is the way to go
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  7. nikolay.s
    I listen to the same kind of music using HD58x and I really like it
  8. VRacer-111
    The HD58X s a very good headphone but slightly sterile/cold and fairly neutral. If more overall musical with soulful vocals are what you would like there is something better and much cheaper. You will give up a little in detail, resolution, and speed but will gain much in the terms of subbass presentation, better punch, fuller mids, warmth, and smoother overall sound. It simply draws emotion and soul from a song like nothing else. This headphone is the Koss Porta Pro with Yaxi pads... and all in including the pads will run under $50. The Yaxi pads are a must...

    The HD58X simply sounds thin and colder, with more distant vocals/mids and less impactful subbass compared to a Porta Pro with Yaxi pads.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  9. Mouseman
    I think the Jubliees would be a great match for those kinds of music (although I'll admit I'm not familiar with a few you've listed). The 58Xs are nice and warm, and have a good bass presence, which can be EQ'd to give you some more punch if you need a bit more. I'm not sure if they will ever shake your skull, but I don't listen to much music that requires it (and it usually pushes out other freq's when they do). On top of that, they fit in your price range perfectly, and are a tremendous value for the money.

    With the right source, I'm not sure they can be touched for even close to their price. I've listened to a few that were multiples of their price, and the Jubilees are very competitive, plus I'm not sure I'll ever be able to spend hundreds (or more) on a pair of headphones. So I'm very happy with them and highly recommend them.

    If you can swing it later, they do react well to a little more power (nothing outrageous or super-expensive), so an amp in the chain would make great even better.
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  10. PeteMtl

    I generally agree that the HD58X are great headphones, if a bit cold/sterile compared to let’s say the HD6XX. The two headphones are exceptional, and I’m not even saying that they are exceptional value for money, that is also true, but both headphones are very good in their own personality. I wouldn’t hesitate if you consider these headphones. If you prefer a warmer headphone with better mids, I would also recommend the HD6XX/650. You will loose the bass firmness and extension and the sparkling highs for a warmer mid centric sound, the best there is. I love both, depending on what I listen to and my mood...
  11. VRacer-111
    Only hesistance with recommending the HD6XX for his case is use without external amp, really works best with an external headphone amp. HD6XX still doesn't have the soulful mids of the Porta Pros with Yaxi pads. May be slightly more forward but still basically neutralish and not as full sounding compared to the Porta Pros. Also Porta Pros almost have the clarity of the HD58X, the HD6XX have that slightly 'veiled' presentation that put them behind both the HD58X and Porta Pro w Yaxi pads for clarity. The Porta Pros with Yaxi pads are if you don't care overly much about losing a little technical ability but want to step beyond what Sennheiser can offer with presentation of warmth and 'soul'. The Sennheiser HD6XX are more technical, the Porta Pros with Yaxi pads are more musical. Porta Pros with Yaxi pads are the budget HD6XX alternative with more subbass and warmth that need no dedicated amping.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  12. Sharpty
    Everyone needs a set of porta-pros :point_up_2:
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  13. Tuneslover
    I checked Amazon and read the extensive comments about these Porta Pro's. Most everyone agrees that they sound good but the number of complaints about how easily they break is scaring me off buying them.
  14. Sharpty
    Lifetime warranty doh

    Also people are far more likely to write negative reviews than positive ones, so take what you read on amazon with a grain of salt.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  15. Tuneslover
    I think I'll just use my Beyerdynamic DT1350 for my portable headphones...built like a tank and sounds very good. Quite a bit more expensive though.
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