MASS-Kobo Headphone Amp. model404

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by seeteeyou, Feb 8, 2015.
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  1. Overkill Red
    Just wondering if anyone has any impressions of the 404 with a set of modded/unmodded HD800s?
    I need a portable solution for the HD800s as I don't have enough fixed room on my desk, and the 404 is on my shortlist (trying to source a used one actually)
  2. mrmax

    Did you mean HD800 or HD800S? I have the latter and i think the 404 is the best portable/transportable amp for it. Very transparent and powerful. Of course a full on desktop amp is better but for the past 2--3 years (yes, i did try it using HD800 non-S) no portable solution has come close to it. Be sure your source is good though since IME, a poor source feeding the 404 will sound poorly with the HD800.
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  3. Overkill Red
    Hey, sorry I meant the HD800.
    My current situation doesn't let me keep a full on desktop amplifier as I keep moving between residences, so I was looking for a really great transportable.
    I'll be using either a modded AK240SS or a Chord Hugo or both, so I should be alright on the source department!
    Currently trying to source one used, I've also emailed Mass Kobo but I'm not sure how good their English is..
  4. mrmax

    I think masuda san knows a bit of english as i saw some posts from his personal fb in english.

    Good luck.
  5. zachchen1996
    I'm selling my mass kobo 404 if anyone is interested! :)
    (sorry for the shameless plug lol)
  6. audionewbi
  7. Meowheng
  8. mrmax
    Saw this a couple of months ago.

    Nordost are expensive, honestly haven’t heard one yet. The opamp, i’ve always wanted to try as the stock is ne5532 i think.

    I’m really curious as well.
  9. audionewbi
    Time to contact the designer, if I do hear back I will post.

    Mass kobo 404 was always in my buy list however like the tera player missed out on the initial price deal.
  10. rq1111
    I had tried Mass Kobo 404 with HD800S but I prefer Hugo 1. Hugo is better than Mojo and 404. Mojo will sounds sibilance while Hugo smooth high treble and airy too.
  11. john1711
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