MASS-Kobo Headphone Amp. model404

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by seeteeyou, Feb 8, 2015.
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  1. seeteeyou
    The best bet would be sending Masuda-san an e-mail and he'll let us know

    I'm copying the e-mail I received as follows


    The choice could depend on what connectors are preferable


  2. sfoclt
    Thank you.  That is very helpful.  And you really are a living encyclopedia of product accessories.  :)
  3. yates7592
    Has anybody heard or own this portable amp yet?
  4. mrmax

    I have and a couple of others in this thread.
  5. Uncle E1
    can anyone explain why is the 3.5 unbalance output much louder than the 2.5 balanced output?
  6. raypin
    mmm......loving  my 404 (dumped my 395). Pretty powerful portable amp. Out of the unbalanced 3.5 mm., I never get past 8 o'clock for headphone use. It gets too loud too fast. Fine-tuning the volume pot is like a game of millimeters.
  7. HeavenMore
    I put my mk404 on the sale.

    Who are interested in this amp please pm me.

  8. yates7592
    If anyone else wants to sell their 404 drop me a message.
  9. yates7592
    Anybody heard HD800 through Mass Kobo 404?
  10. holmieSG
    Anyone knows how much this usually go for used?
  11. holmieSG
    Hi selling my new mass kobo 404 pls pm me if int
  12. zachchen1996
    Anyone try this amp with the se5 ult?
  13. zachchen1996
    If anyone wants to sell their MK404, please PM me!
  14. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Why the selling?

    Anymore feedbacks on this Amp?
  15. zachchen1996

    ​Oh I'm not selling, I want to BUY one haha.
    I've tried looking online for more impressions on this amp, but they're all in chinese or japanese xP.
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