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Magni 3 Impressions

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  1. Logistics
    I absolutely, agree that having a channel drop out at any given volume is not normal. However, his having too much volume to listen at anything, but the lowest setting (where the channel drops out) is a product of mismatched gear, in my opinion. Your Byron's are in a wonderful position to be destroyed if you ever accidentally, turned you volume yo too high. :)
  2. Hofy
    No. Just ditch the Vali2 if you already have the Magni3. Otheerwise look up to the Lyr3
  3. Nastrahl
    I have both indeed, and I still don't know what to do with them.

    My Vali 2 got a Tung-Sol 6SN7GT New Prod and I still wonder about which I prefer.

    On the Vali 2 tube rolling thread I read a majority or people that prefer the Vali 2 with the Tung-Sol tube over the Magni 3.

    Why do you think I should get rid of the Vali 2 (and should I go for a Lyr 3) ?
  4. Robert Padgett
    Tube vs. solid state. I have both and use them separately for different types of Music. I prefer the vintage (made in the US) Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB which are fairly cheap on eBay.
    No reason to ditch either.
    And to upgrade to a Lyr 3, you are comparing a $500 HP amp to a $149 amp. Like a Ford vs. a Lincoln Town Car. Both will transport you, and both come from Ford, everything else is luxury accessories.
    Lyr 3 is one 6SN7 tube, and his some of Jason's Gee-Whiz in the circuits.
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  5. Logistics
    When I was testing my headphones against the HD 6XX at CanJam on a Modi/Magni stack, I also compared with the Modi/Vali stack, and the Vali had a more musical (read that: greater emphasis on) midrange, but I prefer a neutral sound so stuck with the Magni. If you like jazz or operatic music, you'll probably enjoy the Vali.
  6. JamminVMI
    I have both, and prefer the Vali 2 for all music types, fed by Mimby. But all that says is that we’re all different, and we all have preferences. Find what sounds best to you...
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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  7. eldus
    Well, I still have a recurrent/intermittent hum on all outlets of the house (1950s with 2 year old addition) with the magni 3. My little dot 1+ is just fine. I am curious to see if the JDS Atom (same price) has the same problem at my home.
  8. lentoviolento
    i know that it could sound like blasfemy, but i am using ether 2 with magni 3 atm. and on hi gain i don't feel that autority i hoped since it was supposed to put 3 watt on 16 ohm.
    my lake people was 750mw on 16 ohm but it sounded fuller. it is almost like magni 3 is struggling.also it seems to be harsher. maybe i should burn in before getting rid of it
  9. Logistics
    What are you using behind the Magni? Just curious how strong your source signal is. Are you using a DAC or are you using analog input directly, from a sound card or other source such as a CD player?
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  10. Hofy
    I guess I should ask you what headphones you are using first. I only got rid of my Vali2 because it could not properly drive my 600ohm Sennheiser HD540.
  11. Nastrahl
    I'm using a modest BeyerDynamics DT770 Pro 80 ohm mostly, and a Bowers & Wilkins P7.
  12. Pan Varox
    I see a lot of folks here have DT990 and Magni 3. Can anyone share their impressions?

    I have DT990 Pro and was thinking about buying Magni/Modi combo.
  13. Hofy
    Then you should be fine with the Vali2. Get a high quality adapter and start rolling some 6SN7 tubes. Fantastic sound.
  14. Robert Padgett

    Same hear (sic) I also have both the Magni 3 and I love the Vali 2 for rolling. One-hole, one or two tubes--with an adapter is an excellent combo with Mimby fed by Toslink from network Ethernet source.

    Here are some 1940s ST (Shoulder Tall) type 6J5 tubes in a dual adapter. It seems that this set-up works quite well with the topology of the Vali 2.
    I assume that it would also work on a Lyr 3, but have no experience with that option.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  15. eldus
    I have a little Dot 1+, with upgraded Burson V5i op amp and yugslovia 6hm5 tall bottle tubes. Sounds wonderful. Just wish I had a tube preamp for my speakers.
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