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Magaosi K5

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  1. Slater
    Guys, I finally got my K5.

    Magaosi must be listening, because the cable I received looks nothing like the brownish one seen in this thread. The one that came with mine is a really nice multi-braided cable, with half copper and half silver-plated copper wires. It has really comfortable memory wire ends (it's one of the "wireless" types, where there is a molded shrinkwrap acting as the memory instead of a piece of embedded wire). I wish more manufacturers would use this style of memory wire (a few do, but not nearly enough IMO).

    Zero issues with loose or faulty MMCX connections, and the sound is great with the included cable. I'll swap out the stock cable with a few other MMCX cables to make sure there's no sound improvement to be had. But the included cable definitely has a thumbs up from me so far.

    I posted detailed cable photos 2 posts below.

    I got the package with no extra bluetooth cable - just the wired cable. I omitted the bluetooth cable to keep the overall cost down, but after reading positive comments about the bluetooth cable I kinda wish now that I had got it (if for no other reason than to use it with other IEMs).

    With the right tips and a good seal, it is definitely a step up from the K3 Pro. The fit and comfort is excellent. The IEM is beautiful to look at - the acrylic is crystal clear, giving a clear view to all of the internals (drivers, tubes, crossover, etc). Very mesmerizing to look at. I got the blue and red color so I could easily distinguish which side is which (the color is only a thin layer on 1 side - 95% of the IEM is crystal clear). I would have been just as happy with the totally clear or black colors as well.

    Oddly, it doesn't respond well to EQ at all - even if I make minor changes in Rockbox, it distorts really bad (which I've never experienced with any IEM). I don't really need to EQ the K5 though - I like the sound as-is, but I was just playing around with the EQ to see how it responded. So the distortion when EQing is no big deal.

    I also don't have any of the hiss some have mentioned - mine are as quiet as a mouse (at least on the sources I have tried so far).

    I'm planning on doing a review of them, but from what I can tell so far I really like them.

    As we all know though, this is a very competitive price bracket (with tough competition). I don't personally have any $150-$200 IEMs to compare the K5 to (such as the B400), so I can't comment firsthand as to how the K5 stacks up to other competitors in the price range. But so far I'm totally happy with the cost to performance ratio, and I'm glad I tried it.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
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  2. Wiljen
    Got a few pictures Slater?
  3. Slater
    Photos as promised (click to enlarge):

    IMG-0759 - Edited.jpg

    Since it seems that I'm the 1st person to get this cable, I can't say for certainty that they are including this in all orders. Until we get more people to confirm, I see 3 possibilities:

    1. This IS the new stock wired cable, included with all current and future orders.
    2. This is the stock wired cable in the "wired only" bundle. And when you order the "bluetooth" bundle, you get the bluetooth cable and the brownish wired cable as others on this thread have posted.
    3. This is some sort of upgrade cable, and was put in my package by accident.

    Also, I don't know if you can make it out in my photos, but the aluminum is engraved with the Magaosi logo where the wire split is.

    The cable is an 8-wire braid from what I counted. It's very soft, flexible, and doesn't have any memory. The insulation is PVC (which is why its so soft and flexible).
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
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  4. 1clearhead
    Same here, I get no hiss and plays extremely clear....no need for EQ. To me, they sound best with the rubber-like silicone ear tips that only Magaosi provides for the K3 PRO/HD.:thumbsup:
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  5. 1clearhead
    ....I would suggest to others here to play the K5's on "low-gain", if your AMP's or DAC's carries this option. They play loud already as it is, but by using the low-gain you get a clear quality sound signature.
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  6. Slater
    Mine included a set of those, but they were transparent black instead of the clear K3 version.

    After tip rolling all of the stock tips included with the K5, I settled on the rubber-like silicone tips as well. They are amazing tips - comfortable, grippy in the ears, and excellent sound!

    Also, on a related note, I FINALLY got a bagful of extra pairs of the clear silicone tips that were included with the K3 Pro. They are the best tips I've ever used, and I've been trying to get extras for a year now. In fact, I bought the K5 at the same time, so that the extra sets of clear tips could ride along in the package for no extra shipping costs.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  7. Slater
    I found this out today when using the FiiO E12A amp. Low gain sounds much better.

    I think this is also why I was getting unusual distortion when I was playing with the EQ settings on my Rockbox xduoo X3.
  8. Wiljen
    They are very definitely hyper-sensitive. I am glad to see the cable upgrade as it desperately needed it. Who knows, maybe my review actually had a positive impact for others. That might well be a first :wink:
  9. Ted Presley
    Well, a nice cable :). You are lucky, I have to buy another for myself :).
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  10. audioIQ
    That cable looks good. I think they're listening to the end user if they've changed the cable. Are you sure you're not getting any hiss? they might have slightly modified the sensitivity perhaps? Its a good thing nonetheless. Mine are sounding better now, with adequate burn in and tip rolling, the hiss is still there though. I've settled on the white rubber like tips, and use them straight out of the laptop or iphone to avoid the sensitivity issues.
  11. Slater
    I’ll double check tomorrow, but no hiss that I ran into during initial evaluation.
  12. 1clearhead
    +1 These ear tips are actually my favorite, as well. :point_right: Very, very comfortable.
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  13. Aevum
    btw, anyone tried to see if the Bluetooth cable has any latency ?

    And you say that they are more or less on the same sound quality and signature as the Sure SE535 ? (with "more or less" underlined)
  14. chaturanga
    Where from and how did you buy K3 Pro stock tips (silicone transparant ones) I have lost one of the tips and I am so much sad. I will be happy to buy 3 or 4 pairs lol :)
  15. chaturanga
    Not only comfortable but also it makes K3 Pro's sound excellent. Especially for low frequencies.
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